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Heather Veitch: We Love You So Much!

Porn Valley- Stripper turned evangelist Heather Veitch, was a guest on KSEX this past Monday night. Veitch joined a show in progress that included actor Stephen Baldwin and porn performer Kendra Jade.One of my partners in ministry,” said Baldwin, acknowledging Veitch. Regarding Jade, Veitch said they’ve met and probably should be fighting like crazy but like one another. Veitch also mentioned the fact that she trimmed her nails down for the occasion.

“Because if I roll up on her [Kendra] and try to tell her about Jesus, she might just clock me- so I figured I’d cut my nails down, get a little prepared in case we brawl.”

Before she became an evangelist, Veitch danced for four years and started stripping at the age of 21.

“I did the Vegas-thing,” she said. “I did fetish films, things like that. And eventually about 1999 I had a story similar to Stephen’s which is kind of strange when I heard his story. It was not like some shocking thing that made me change.” Veitch said it was nothing like having a Brazilian cleaning lady make prophesies but more of a fear of Y2K.

“And just being in a place in my life where I really don’t want something to go down,” she said. “So I ended up going to beauty school and by 1999 I just made this secret plan with God- okay I’m still going to strip, I’m still going to do this; I’m still going to do that. But God I really do want to make a change. So I went through this process and in 1999, in September, I graduated and made a full change. And got into church. Veitch said she was about 26 at the time. On the subject of wacko Christians, Veitch said she became one of them.

“I created this perfect little world for myself and I was a judgmental A-hole to everybody,” she explained. “Forgive me anybody who came in my path after that because I was definitely a jerk.” But Veitch thought she had to be that way and that was what it was about.

“A few years later I started finding out that my friends are dying- literally of alcoholism and taking drugs,” she continued. “In the mean time I’m living a perfect life in a perfect home and I’m playing housewife and all this stuff and my friends are dying.”

“You had a real partying crowd,” mused Wankus. “I thought I hung around with partyers- they’re still here.”

Veitch now travels the country and starts ministries. She offered the following explanation:

“What these ministries do- I go to a church, I ask the church, hey, I want to ask you if I send a stripper into your church will you not pressure her? Not judge her? Will you allow her the opportunity to explore a relationship with God?” To that extent, Veitch said she’ll get a real contract from a church and a commitment to have three women stand by the girl no matter what she goes through.

“Because I found out is that often these girls think they won’t be accepted or that nobody will care about them,” Veitch continued. “My goal is to say you know what, if you want to find a church, we’ve got one for you where three women will commit to stick by you no matter what you go through and you can make a change in your life.” Veitch says she also goes to strip clubs and buys lap dances as a gain entry.

Wankus suspected that Veitch was still secretly a freak and was using religion as an opportunity.

“She’s got a scam going on here- I like it,” Wankus laughed.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways, brother,” Baldwin said again as he had earlier.

Veitch went on to mention that she takes a booth at porn conventions.

“We have T-shirts and bibles,” she said. “We try not to be as in your face as other ministries. We try to be more gentle- hey, if you want us, we’re here. If you don’t want us, that’s fine.”

Baldwin then took the opportunity to expand on the idea why he wanted to hit up the porn industry with his message.

“Like you and your wife are really kind of settled and stable where you’re at- there’s probably a whole lot of people that are not,” he said. “Porn is like a serious problem that is causing marriages to break up.”

Wankus said people have problems in all areas, not just porn. Veitch agreed and said she could walk into a church where they had a drug and alcohol ministry. Wankus pointed out that AIM Healthcare afforded counseling and programs in those areas.

Coming from her own experience, Jade said there’s a lot of girls in the business who are in search of relationship with God in a place where they’re not going to be judged.

“There are lot of girls looking for that,” she continued. “And you know as well as I do if you walk in with blond hair and big boobs, a lot of people are going to judge you in a lot of places- and whether or not you’re diving in head first, it’s really cool that there’s a place for girls in this business to go to.”

Veitch said when she attended church she realized she was being judged.

“Here I had left the industry and the minute something leaked out that I was a stripper, wives were trying to keep their husbands from me and I had all these rumors going on about me,” she said. “I knew that something needed to change. So my ministry is not just directed towards the industry.”

For his part Baldwin said he was at a place in his life where something was missing.

“And God changed me,” he said. “I think there’s great potential for people who even listen to this show right now that are in that same place- they’re at a place where they wish it [porn] wasn’t a part of their life but they don’t know how to get away from it. I believe God can be the answer to that.”

Again, Wankus wanted to know why Baldwin’s beginning his ministry with porn.

“People feel the same way in grocery stores, people feel the same way working at an airport,” he told the actor.

Baldwin explained that his ministry would also be going to rock n’ roll clubs.

“Because we love you guys so much!” Veitch added, offering the rationale about porn..

“Because you watched Barbara Walters, that’s why,” Wankus chuckled.


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