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Hef Butt Fucks Without Condoms-update

Porn Valley- Everybody’s got a fuckin’ book. And Jill Ann Spaulding was on Howard Stern Thursday morning flogging hers Spaulding’s book is about orgies and unprotected sex at the Playboy Mansion where Hugh Hefner allegedly keeps “slave” Bunnies and watches gay movies in the nude.

Spaulding, who carries double- D saline implants, also touts herself as a professional poker player who specializes in Texas Hold ‘Em. Stern wondered whether Spaulding was starved for attention with the size of her knockers. “Of course,” she laughed. As far as Stern was concerned, Spaulding could be completely full of shit about her Hefner stories. “I don’t know you at all.” Spaulding’s gain entry to Playboy was, according to her, a celebrity shoot she did for being a poker player. “I’ve been playing over ten years.” Spaulding claims to be one of the most famous women poker players in the world.

Hefner originally came out to deny all of the things Spaulding talks about in her book, but Spaulding is now claiming that he has since recanted. Stern begged to differ. “I worship Hef and what he’s accomplished is unbelievable. He gets seven-eight chicks in bed and the guy’s, like 80.” Stern quoted Hefner as saying that Spaulding’s was an attempt to get attention. “This sounds like another woman who’s trying to get her book published and she’s using my name,” Stern quoted Hefner as saying.

Spaulding suspects that Hefner first made his comments not having read her book. “I think now hje has. Now he’s promoting his book along with mine.” Spaulding admits that hers is a self-published book. “All the money goes to charity.” Spaulding explains that the charity in question is a crisis center for battered women and children. Stern asked the inevitable question, and Spaulding said she wasn’t knocked around either as an adult or a child. Stern said he couldn’t believe that.

Asked if she was a millionaire from poker, Spaulding said she was. “But mainly for clothing stores,” she said. “I have two clothing stores in Mesa, Arizona.” Stern wanted to establish the fact that Spaulding was invited to the mansion because of her celebrity as a poker player. Spaulding said she sent Playboy a picture and they put her on the party list. Spaulding claims by the first party, she was invited into the sacrosanct bedroom. “I went to his birthday party and then I wrote him a couple months later saying I’d like to see him sooner than the next party.” In the meantime, Spaulding said she had done some research on a couple of Hefner’s “official” girlfriends. For her part, Spaulding said she wanted to become a Playmate in like fashion. “I didn’t have sex with Hefner,” says Spaulding who claims she was in Hef’s bedroom when he had it with other women. “There were 12 of us.”

Spaulding says Hefner definitely takes Viagra. According to Spaulding, Hefner’s 5-6 inches when aroused. Spaulding said she was a little surprised by that figuring that with all the money, Hefner might have had that looked at. “He might have added something,” she laughed. Stern said as far as he knew money can’t buy you length. Stern asked Spaulding to go through the drill. Spaulding said she would write a letter indicating when she’d be in L.A. and that she wanted to hang out. “I show up on a Wednesday at 2 o’clock. By ten we’re out dancing with all the girls. Hef gives me a big hug holding the side of my breasts.” Spaulding said that picture appears on the cover of her book.

According to Spaulding, Hefner asked her to come upstairs with her girlfriends and join in a party. Spaulding say she’s kissed a woman in the past but has never had sex with them. According to Spaulding when she got into the bedroom, a girl came up to her and said she had been assigned by Hefner to take care of her. Spaulding said she saw pajamas beautifully ironed. “She gives me the pajamas and says you have to wear these, you have to take a bath. She starts running through the rules.” Spaulding said she took her own bath but that the girl was in the room with her watching. “She went in the tub with me.” Spaulding claims that Hefner [wearing a bath robe] then took pictures of them together in the tub. Spaulding then showed Stern the pictures as proof but indicated she did not get it on with the girl.

Stern wanted to know the part when Hefner gets naked. Spaulding said it was adrk and Stern said that was probably a good idea all things considered. Spaulding said it was pitch dark and techno music was playing. Spaulding said she was told by her bath tub companion that they would pretend to have sex but that no one was really bisexual. Spaulding was told that Hefner likes the show. “You have to pretend that you’re getting it on with one of the girls. They’re all faking it. It’s hilarious. Spaulding said by the time she’s led into the bathroom, the other girls are gathered around Hefner’s bed with their vibrators. Spaulding was also presented with her own. Stern suspected that the girls were getting off with the vibrators. Spaulding said she wasn’t pretending, that she was getting off. “Of course.”

Spaulding said she also noticed two big screen TVs featuring men-on-men gay porn. Stern asked Spaiulding what she made of that. “Did you say anything to Hef?” Stern also wondered who created all these regimented rules. Spaulding said Hefner does. “Each girl has a command and a ranking, too.” Stern said that’s how vampires do it. Spaulding said by this time Hefner was completely naked. Stern asked if he was gross.

“His face looks good,” said Spaulding. “But down here is like all really white [and wrinkled].” Stern imagined that Hefner’s face has been pulled back explaining why he looked good from the neck up. Spaulding said Hefner looked really attractive with clothes on. Stern wondered if the idea of making love to Hef was repulsive. “With unprotected sex anything would be repulsive,” Spaulding replied. Spaulding claims she didn’t, but the other girls had unprotected sex with Hefner. “One right after the other.” Stern wondered about birth precautions and Spaulding said she imagined that Hefner couldn’t produce by this stage of the game. Spaulding also claims that no one who participates in these orgies are tested. Stern figured at Hef’s age if he gets AIDS, what would he care. “But I’m surprised that the girls don’t care.”

According to Spaulding, each of the girls takes a two-minute turn, each mounting him cowgirl-style. “I know that they want the stardom and the fame but they could care a little bit more and worry.” Spaulding said the whole scenario was so mechanical. “It’s like the only people having fun were on the gay porn film.” Spaulding said she didn’t take a turn but wasn’t asked, either. She was told it was a big honor and she replied that she was playing hard-to-get. Another thing, Spaulding said, was the orchestrated cheering. According to Spaulding the girls are encouraged to yell out, “Fuck her, daddy.” Stern thought it weird that Hefner likes to be called daddy.

In the hierarchy of girls, Spaulding said Hefner has a special one who gets fucked in the ass at the end, signalling that the party’s over, with Hefner proclaiming that he has his dick in her butt. [“Everyone disappears- that’s the end,” says Spaulding.]

The main girl, says Spaulding, also has the job to towel off the others. Stern asked more about the gay porn-thing. Spaulding said Playboy’s Bill Farley has the job to research the vids. Spaulding said, from what she knows, the ritual occurs Wednesdays and Fridays with bedroom attendance mandatory.

Regardless of the matter of gay videos, Stern said Hef was the man, at least that’s the impression he gets. But Stern doubted whether Spaulding would ever darken the pages of the magazine. She claims her book is positive, however.


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