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Hey Buddy: Know Where The Aladdin Is-update?

Porn Valley- Autumn Rayne who’s fast becoming the adult industry’s fairy godmother is at it again. Autumn, who plans a working trip to L.A. the beginning of September and will be on KSEX,, among other things, writes me to say that just weeks before her trip to Porn Valley, she was also tinkering with the idea of going to Internext to do some shoots etc. “I get an email last night from a guy that wants to shoot some B/G work possibly more,” says Autumn. “So we exchange back and forth and he SEEMS to have it together…UNTIL… he starts mentioning a teen series he is doing that involves girls 12-16 dancing around in thongs, micro bikinis etc. Can you say Child Pornography??”

Rayne says the guy was even dumb enough to email her from his work email. “Needless to say I contacted his employer and jointly we are waiting to talk to the FBI. I am disgusted that this crap still exists. We must do all we can to stop illegal filming of minors,” she says.

> By the time Labor Day rolls around, this may become known as The Summer of Love II and KSEX the Love Shack. That’s because Wankus, in another attempt to mend a fence, is apparently going to have Ben English of L.A. Direct Models on his program next Monday night with hammer, nails and wood. To one extent, Wankus has already offered up the olive branch to Dale Dabone who had been the target of several Wankusian snipes in recent months. Dabone, at the invitation of Wankus, was on KSEX last week, and what differences there seem to have been between the two men, were greatly diminished by Dabone’s charm and candid sense of interview. The erudite English, likewise, gets the opportunity to present his case in what has been more or less a behind the scenes scuffle which has resulted in L.A. Direct girls appearing on virtually every KSEX show but Wankus’.

> On the face of it, the gossip item about Frank Meyer leaving AVN to become a producer at Comcast’s G4 network, might not mean much. That is, until you realize that Meyer was the architect of the disastrous Teagan Presley news story last week on which wrongly reported that Presley first announced her signing on KSEX last Wednesday night which she did not do. When called on it, Meyer’s story was then changed to there being a rumor about Presley signing with several more changes incorporated that afternoon to concede that AVN basically couldn’t get a handle on the simple story one way or another. Finally, after a week, AVN had the story up this morning that Presley, indeed, went over to Digital Playground. Guess the press conference last night was the dead giveaway.

Posted also on is the statement that Presley doesn’t have a boyfriend. Not exactly true. Presley has an SD who’s a well known producer/director in the business whose name has been kept under careful lock and key. In recent weeks, however, Presley did mention on KSEX that her roommate was Kevin Moore. It would also seem that Presley’s nomination and eventual selection as Best New Starlet is now pretty much a shoe-in.

But, wait, as they say on the infomercials. That’s not all. In recent weeks, AVN’s Mike Ramone reported on good authority that John Stagliano, in an exclusive, told AVN that he was set to do a stage version of his movie Fashionistas which is to open Sept. 2 at Krave. “A 450-seat nightclub in the Desert Passage Shopping Center on the Vegas Strip at the corner of Harmon Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd.,” Ramone writes.

Which sure as hell beat the scoop we got that Stagliano’s show was going to open at the Aladdin. When we were all but ready to concede moral victory to AVN on a relatively minor issue, a story has now come out on another website quoting Vegas promoter Wayne Bernath as saying that Stagliano’s show, which Bernath is promoting by the way, is set to open at the Krave Nightclub AT the Aladdin. And, unless the Aladdin is now located in a shopping center at the address Ramone reported, our suspicion is that the intrepid staff at the mag with the three initials may have gotten it wrong again.

>I spoke to Aria who was in New York. She’s taken second place in the Nationals and now has her bodybuilding pro card. Her next big goal is to do the Ms. Olympia. “Now I can try to start making money and get sponsorships and everything else,” she says. “I’m pretty stoked about that. I’m pretty surprised. That was only my sixth show. To get your pro card on your sixth show is pretty impressive in the fitness world.”



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