HIV infested homosexual gay child rapist Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial kicks himself yet again POW

Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is HIV positive and was kicked out of porn not even doing 1 fucking scene. Two black males raped and beat him… told him to get out of California and he ran to Athens Greece to get himself some ladyboi cum. He was fucking all the HIV infected homos in gay bars over there and got himself a beard and married it. now he’s made 2 hiv infected kids with her… the first one they tried went stillborn and died. he’s claiming he has 3 kids but really he has two one from his previous wife who kicked his dirt bag ass out as she married a nice pig policeman who wasn’t trying to save her from Edward. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial pimps out his wife and gets more money if she’s pregnant as sexual deviants like fucking a woman with a baby in her womb. This sick fuck’s father is ‘poop boy’ well known shit fetishist in Greece. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial’s father was a rapist released from Greece’s prison system to invade Los Angeles Califonia in the 1980’s. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is a bi product of that filth. You can thank piece of shit Obama for that just search gay marriage and you’ll find more. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is a hiv infected cross-over outed by sharon mitchell. AIM healthcare released his pcr/dna status as he was one of the first in the industry to be caught and banned from porn production. his HIV POZ status ended his cross-over career and he was kicked out of the porn industry entirely even though he never even got to do a real scene. ‘sponge dick poopy pants’ is obsessed with a former failed black porn hooker named Monica Foster. He has attacked and fought online for years with mike south the porn blogger… he has also attacked and defamed the journalistic credibility of another porn blogger named Gene Ross. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial also obtained ownership and abuses Donny’s name on many domains  currently. He also opened a fake Donny Long website which he uses to bash Donny defaming his name and posting more vicious libel and defamation. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is Greek neo communist trash. He’s a fake, rino pretend conservative. he’s actually a leftist marxist piece of trash. This is the type of garbage we don’t need in our country. This punk lives on welfare, the state is paying for his rent along with his father and mother. so the tax payers of florida paid for his hospital bill as he lives in a trailer park… living in his car all day to avoid process servers. He is wanted in broward county courts and he is wanted for questioning in palm beach county by child protective services. He must stay mobile and when the heat gets close he hooks up a u-haul to a rent a truck and he drives off in the dark of the night. He drives 2 late model pieces of shit owned by his father and lives in a dark trailer. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is a deranged psychopath and woman beater. He is a pedophile and cross-over gay porn mope. His hiv status is well known and he uses fake and doctored with photoshop pcr/dna tests. He has been known to have several accounts on twitter and gab. He likes to open illegal websites in the names of his victims and uses them to bash their friends and family online and he regularly violates and godaddy registrants. He is worthless and even his own parents want nothing to do with this sicko. He can’t get a white man because no white man would put up with his bullshit for more then a few months… his exboyfriend said he is one of the worst human beings he’s ever known. He hates him so bad he even gave custody to their daughter so as not to ever deal with his sick ass ever again. That’s how bad it was. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial has a flaccid penis. He was only in the porn industry for 1 week and he claims to have done 1000 scenes… lies. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial did ZERO scenes and that’s on the high mark. He never did 1000 scenes even in all his phpotoshop dreams and he wasn’t in the industry long enough to do such and anyone in the real porn industry knows this is an outright lie. His exaggeration is laughable. Everything about Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is bullshit and fake. false. He even uses gay photoshops made by his buddies on the lame website kiwifarms. Tricked or punked by a kid named josh moon years younger then dumb ass Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial. Don’t be fooled by ‘god long always wins’ tag line because he Donny Long always wins and Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial  ALWAYS FAILS AND KICKS HIMSELF. Just like the one Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial ripped off from charlie sheen… “winning”! speaking of charlie, when he was outed and discovered to be hiv funny thing is the agency who supplied those women was ladirect aka derek hay (ben english). Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial did a nightline story where he admits on video he was having unprotected sex with all the same trannies charlie was doing… exposed by another hiv infected drug addict snitch named jason quinlan. jason was also having sex with all the same woman. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial attacks quinlan, derek hay to this day as they outed him and anyone who exposes his lies gets attacked but it isn’t working that this goes away as even his biggest obsession monica foster is still sticking a fork in his unsheathed flaccid cock… let us not forget the infamous Donny Long who will not stop poking Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial’s HIV infested asshole with sharp objects and has been doing so since 2011 when Eddie started fucking with him. Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial is a sick perverted libtarded delusional weirdo who likes humiliating himself online and all of these people along with sean tompkins and others who will continue to fight back and expose anything and everything about Edward Bernard Przydzial aka Eddie Dzial’s business dealings and his whereabouts. The coward is such a leach he has thrown his own beard and their kids under the bus to cover his ass and his lame lifestyle of nigger-rich fakery. This snoop dog lovin’ faggot has no clue how bad this is going to be when the authorities and school officials finally get wind of who he is when his kids are enrolled in school… this will cost him dearly and he’ll have to keep up-rooting and moving to cover his punk ass because he is nothing but a big mouth COWARD WITH NO BALLS and a keyboard warrior punk that refuses to face anyone. Never fear anything he does or says he’s all bark and no bite and he’ll never bust a grape and if he does his cream pie ass will no doubt be an easy bit of work to extinguish his big mouth as he is all of about 90lbs wet. He’s nothing but a trolling big mouth wannabe bully. Big fake with no guts or balls as he’s nothing more then a screeching monkey swallowing dna banana smoker. Fuck this faggot right in his Greek asshole. Ignore this homosexual pedophile who has no respect for his own children’s safety or his beard and even himself he is a turd on the bottom of your shoe. period.



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