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Holly Halston Says Almost Nine Years and No Noms

Florida- Holly Halston sends one of her latest pix to me. She’s looking pretty good. And I’ve always liked Holly Halston, anyway. That’s because Halston says what’s truly on her mind and she isn’t blinded by the bullshit and the false glamour of the business.

Hard to believe but Halston, who’s going on nine years in the business, says she’s never been nominated for an AVN award and this year is no different.

Even with the fact that AVN has a new MILF category and Halston feels she’s one of the pioneers in that genre, that would seem to be the obvious omission. At least where she’s concerned.

“Exactly,” Halston agrees.

“I was the first real MILF in this industry because I started out with kids before there was a MILF category. I started young as a mother of three. I don’t like the title. It’s kind of disgusting. It’s a cheap marketing technique and it’s actually cheapening our industry. I don’t believe it’s adding to it.

“But there’s guys out there thinking oh we’ll sell the idea of a bunch of older women getting banged. I think that’s a disgrace to our industry. Instead of being looked up to as sex icons, now it’s become just a dirty little secret and the story lines are getting further and further from what they should be- a drunken mother fucking the daughter’s husband. That’s pathetic.”

“That doesn’t happen in real life.”

I had to beg to differ with Halston on that point, that it probably happens more often than not.

“Well, it’s nothing that should happen,” she replies. “If it does, I’m sorry for that poor girl because it’s just not acceptable. I’m playing a role because it’s a job. It’s acting.”

“I’ve been shooting a lot and started shooting stuff without Troy about six months ago,” she further reports.

“I’ve shot pretty much for everyone now and still can’t seem to get any nominations,” Halston’s saying, including the fact that she listened to people and begin shooting with other male performers thinking this was the way now to go for her.

Halston says it still bothers her- not as much now as it did- that after all these years in the business she’s never been acknowledged for an award.

“Not even Best Starlet Coming Out of the Closet; or Best Woman Who’s Now getting Fucked By Everybody Else,” Halston laughs. “I couldn’t get anything. Nothing.”

“If AVN would just tell me who I need to suck their dick, I would be more than happy,” Halston continues.

“Everyone knows all the nominations and all this crap are all paid for. Just tell me how much it is, I’ll sign up and we’ll just take care of business. It doesn’t really matter to me any more.”

“Even my teenage daughter’s pissed,” Halston continues.

“She’s like, mom. You don’t have any nominations. Why are you going this year? Well, it’s because of the fans. The fans are really the ones we care about.”

According to Halston, there’s no one in the business now that she hasn’t shot for. Including her early years when she had done a bunch of projects for Michael Raven and Wicked.

“But never a single nomination,” she sighs. “Fans love us, but the industry people are afraid of us.”

Asked why she thought that was, Halston declares, “Because I’m good. I’m better than all the rest. It’s not a conceited thing. I just know the facts. I don’t try to be anything but myself. I love my family, I honor my country and I just do the best I can for the fans. I don’t whine about it. I just get the job done.

“I don’t have a ‘no’ list; I don’t have a guys or girls I won’t work with list. I don’t complain. I just get the job done.”

Halston also tells me that she feels she “wasted” her time doing the We Are The World Shoot for Amber Lynn. Considering that the project got in the middle of a verbal fist fight, Halston may have been right. Halston recalls how on the set a woman from AVN wouldn’t stop talking to her while she was trying to concentrate for a scene.

“I was there to shoot a scene and I don’t want to talk about my business ethics while I’m trying to shoot a scene,” says Halston.

“I’m focused on sex, not whether or not I believe companies should be made to use condoms in all their movies. Talk to me when I’m not shooting a scene and I can sit and deliver my opinion on how Halston Productions goes on that particular topic. To be perfectly honest, I think condoms should be used for all sets. I think it’s something we should be using but not something that should be mandatory. It should be on the talent. Not the company, the talent. Unfortunately there’s a lot of companies that won’t shoot with condoms.”

While she has her opinions, Halston’s also willing to concede that this is an argument no one’s going to win.

On the Pachard project, Halston shot a scene with her husband for Brad Armstrong.

Stephanie Swift was also there and she and I did some trade content- we shot a girl-girl together,” relates Halston.

“We shot for a cause that we were led to believe was for Henri Pachard,” she continues.

“We thought this would be a great way for us to donate our time and to give a truly explosive, nail-biting scene. That’s what we gave and the scene turned out great. It was awesome. Too bad there was too much drama and immaturity involved in the whole project. Now I won’t let my scene get seen. There’s no model release from me or my husband.”

Halston said she’s heard about the political issues from both sides of the fence, but didn’t care about them.

Halston says she’s been dealing with a thyroid condition as long as she’s been performing.

“And I’ve never gotten anyone to donate to me. No one’s done shit for me. It’s all on my own. I’m self-made and no Joe Blow’s giving me money to fuck them. I am self-made.”

Halston and I then get on a discussion about Max Hardcore soliciting legal funds.

“We all jump into this industry and accept the responsibilities,” she comments.

“The liabilities are ours. It’s not for each other to step in and stand in for one another. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. I’m sure no company said to AVN what about Holly. She deserves a nomination. She gave us eight years and all these movies. But no one gives a fuck about me. They don’t give a fuck about anybody. They care about themselves.

“The only person in the industry that’s done anything for it is Larry Flynt. He took a bullet for all of us so we could have freedom of speech.”

[Try making that argument to a Florida jury that just sent Max hardcore up.]

Flynt did it for the constitution and it’s something we should all be standing up for, as people, not as the porn industry,” continues Halston.

“It’s something that every citizen should be willing to stand up and be willing to take a bullet for. It has nothing to do with porn. If we want to say fuck we should be able to. If we want to have sex, we should be able to have sex or take photos of it. As long as there’s consenting adults, let’s do it.”

Halston explains that it was a business decision for her to wait to shoot with other male talent.

“Someone could argue that your insistence upon exclusivity might have hurt you early on,” I tell her.

“Aaaag!” she comments.

“I just did something no one else had ever done. I did what everybody said could not be done. I shot the most movies with only one male co-star. Nobody else will ever have that. They can put anyone into the Hall of Fame that they want. Then can give all their awards. But the facts are when you look at all the numbers and compile all the movies I’ve done, I am the only woman in this industry to ever shoot for eight years solid with one male co-star. And I’ve shot 600 movies with one fucking dick.”

Halston says her decision was not based on rumors that there was trouble in the household.

“There’s nothing,” she says. “Don’t read into it than there is. It’s not Hollywood. It’s not a soap opera. It’s called pennies and dollars. But fans still want to see us. I did it because I was ready to make that move in my business. He’s heading into directing and I still need to work on the talent side. And this made sense. It was the time in our life. The kids were old enough to understand. It just made sense professionally. It was not about a personal decision.”

Halston said she’s had a great time shooting with the other male stars.

“And there are some gifted, talented young me in the business,” she adds. “I’m glad to be a part of that and I’m going to continue to shoot. I have a good five years left in me.”

Halston says she shoots what ever comes her way.

“As long as the script is good.”

Halston continues to live in Florida and says she’ll never leave. She was coming out to Porn valley about two weeks a month. Now it’s about four or five days.

“I try to shoot two scenes a day if possible,” she notes.

“The rest of my time I’m putting up content for my own site,

Halston mentions that she had some problems with Azure Entertainment over that.

“That took some time but we’re completely self-owned,” she says. “We have our own billing and everything’s run through Halston Productions. According to Halston, the problem with Azure was they weren’t handling updates.

“They had boxes of content they weren’t putting up,” she says.

“Nor were they giving us any of the funds the site was making for three years,” she alleges.

“For three years they would send a check occasionally for $200 here and there. Looking at all of the billing, they were making plenty of money off of it.”

Halston says there’s a lawsuit right now.


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