Porn News Product Draws Criticism from London Abused Women’s Centre

UK – from – The Everything to do with Sex show is back and so is the controversy.

The executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre has sounded alarm bells over a sponsor of the show, which includes a vendor that distributes porn movies with graphic titles.

“Porn is becoming more and more violent. It upsets me that this show is being set up in a venue that enjoys tax-free status from the city of London and that the Sexual Assault Centre will once again set up a booth,” said shelter head Megan Walker.

The Sexual Assault Centre was at last year’s sex show and will be at this year’s event, which runs Oct. 1 to 3 at the Western Fair grounds. The centre gives out pamphlets to educate the public about sexual assault, said director Louise Pitre.

“Our presence at the Everything to do with Sex show is public education. We want people to think about what consent is and what it really looks like,” she said.

Titles produced by one of the show’s main sponsors,, are of great concern, Pitre admitted.

“We are not condoning everything that goes on at the show, but we’re there to educate people,” she said. “We give out pamphlets about pornography and we engage youth in a dialogue about women in the media and how young men and women are being influenced by what they see. It’s an important role.”

The online-porn distributor is one of Canada’s largest, said Mikey Singer, of SX Marketing, which puts on the event.

“What offends me more than those titles is people telling grown-ups what they should and shouldn’t be doing,” Singer said.

“We are a 19+ controlled environment. I don’t condone any kind of violence against women, I grew up with a mother and three sisters. I’m more offended by some of the stuff I see on television.”

Walker said the titles promoted by the sponsor, as well as sado-masochism, bondage and other displays at the event, promote physical aggression against women.

“Pornography normalizes sexual violence,” she said.


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