Household Items No Strangers to Vicky Vette’s Ass

Porn Valley- Hustler’s Beaver Hunt Contest Winner for the Year, Vicky Vette was a guest on Young and the Curious Friday night. Host Jason Sechrest said Vette was the oldest woman to have achieved that. “She looks so young ,” said Sechrest.

Before he brought on Vette, Sechrest talked about some stories in the news including the DVD release of a Jenna Jameson movie, Wicked Weapon. Sechrest said it’s notable for the fact that it includes a scene between Jameson and Jill Kelly which was the springboard for their friendship. “It was the scene that made the two of them best friends,” Sechrest said. “It’s also fun to see Peter North and T.T. Boy in their prime before they became life support for their penises.”

Sechrest also mentioned the fact that Ashley Blue had been on Howard Stern but had neglected to plug her live show Monday night on . “That’s okay. I hate her. I just won’t pay her now, fucking cunt,” said Sechrest.

Sechrest then introduced Vette, noting that she had done a scene earlier at Jill Kelly’s ranch and had cum several times during the course of the scene. “Almost 100% of the time I always cum,” said Vette. “I love my job.” Vette’s also in town shooting the Beaver Hunt layout for Hustler which is scheduled to appear in the 30th Anniversary issue. Vette said she had to grow her pussy hair to coincide with a 1970’s theme. “The set was all white and they had it lit up with blue light. The scene looked like something out of Miami Vice. They used a lot of mirrors and they had this stud-muffin always in the shadows holding this mirror. I’d be in all these different positions and then they’d always have the mirror in front of my ‘area’ “.

Vette said she also got to meet Larry Flynt at the AVN show. “I got up on stage with him for a little bit while he was doing his signings. He’s really cool. First I gave him shit for making me grow my pussy hair. Then I asked him if he wanted to see it in front of everybody. I actually made the man blush. I didn’t think anybody could do that. He didn’t know what to say.”

Vette said Flynt asked her why she hasn’t been in any of Hustler’s videos yet. Vette said she didn’t have an answer. “It’s a great big huge company and the wheels turn kind of slow,” she thought. In her porn career which just started six months ago, Vette said she’s fucked more guys than the past six years.

Sechrest brought up the controversial Anabolic shoot. Vette said as much as she tries, everyone keeps bringing it up. “I don’t know why,” she said. “It’s not that big of a deal.” Vette said her first scene ever was a d.p. [for Joey Silvera] as well as her second for Anabolic. “I’m sure they didn’t know it was only my second scene,” Vette said. Vette said it wasn’t a big deal for her because she and her husband have been swinging for the past 15 years. “Sometimes we’ll fuck all night long. We’ll have friends over and go to swing clubs. I can fuck for hours and hours. But it’s still different doing it on camera.”

Asked what the controversy was, Vette said she pushed herself a little too hard. “I really wanted everyone to like me and I was brand new to the business. I tried to give them a scene that they wanted and it really wasn’t working out. I had no idea about the whole enema-thing and how that worked. They were telling me all wrong so you can imagine how embarrassing that was.” Vette said since they couldn’t get the d.p. right, they asked her about doing a double-vag. “I’ll try it. I’ll do my best. I’ll give it a shot.”

Vette said she wound up tearing herself. “It hurt and I was bleeding the next day. It’s my own fault. I shouldn’t have done it.” Vette said what happened was that she had 14 solid days of shoots booked and had to keep canceling them.”

Sechrest asked Vette while she didn’t bail out when she hurt herself. “Because I was really trying to do a good job. I was trying to be a trouper, easy to get along with and not be a cry baby.” Even with six months now under her belt, Vette didn’t think she’d be able to pull a double-vag off. “It’s just hard.”

Asked if she ever get it to a guy with a strap-on, Vette said no but that she’d probably get off on it. “I did a Dom-scene for Cherry Box not too long ago. I was really nervous about it. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do.” But after she walked out there and just started yelling and giving orders, it was easy Vette said. “You have no idea what’s inside you. When you open the door you might be surprised.” Vette said she was pretty promiscuous before she got into the business but credits her husband for bringing it out. Prior to that she was always hiding it.

“I was married once before and my first husband was a real prude. I told him once that I wanted to buy a leather bra and underwear. He freaked and told me that I was depraved and everything. I would never have approached him telling him that I love women or anal sex.” Vette said she was living in Montreal at the time. “I used to masturbate ALL the time.”

Vette said she used to find things in the house that she’d shove up her butt. “Then I’d feel so guilty afterwards- as soon as I’d finish coming, I’d start crying. I’d always say I thought anal sex was disgusting. Then when I met my husband Frank, we’d do it, and he’d just put his finger anywhere around my butt and I’d start to shiver and shake.”

Vette said she also likes the idea of outdoor, car sex but doesn’t get off on the idea of a rape fantasy when Sechrest asked her that question. “Not rape, but I do like to be tied up,” she said. “I want to go to one of those clubs where they have those big crosses. I’d like my friends to strap me down and do stuff to me.” Not that she’d want to be hurt, said Vette. “I just want to be teased where I can’t stand it anymore until I just explode.”


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