How Marc Randazza helped Monica Foster

Monica Foster

Despite all the shit talk and slander and stalking/harassing that Monica Foster has done to Marc Randazza and his family, he truly did help her out. Monica Foster, who is a very well documented stalker and future psycho murderer, violated the protection order that Mr Randazza had on her on a daily basis.

The protection order was granted with a 6 month extension. How Mr Randazza helped Foster out was that he didn’t file criminal charges against her.

It would appear that Mr Randazza gave Foster many chances to STOP & move on with her life. Foster, who thinks that she can slander & stalk people & get away with it, keeps pushing the buttons which proves her insanity.

Legally, a person doesn’t become classified as a stalker unless they get arrested and charged or they violate a protection order placed against them. So technically, Monica Foster is considered by court documents, a stalker.

The protection order states that she refrain from harassing Mr Randazza and his family, which she did not do. Foster then made a photoshop picture of Mr Randazza’s daughter engaging in a gang bang. This is why Monica Foster will NEVER stand in front of a judge accusing anyone, especially Tristan Stadtmuller, of stalking her nor will she EVER bring the police involved.

Instead, Foster will only utilize MEDIATION because she won’t have to prove anything and she can play victim without the mediator having to believe her, and there isn’t any law enforcement present like in the court room.

Mr Randazza truly did help Foster out by not filing criminal charges against her. Even though he won the summary judgment against her, the case against her remains open and her actions will cause her to lose her shitty websites and what little had has in life. Of course she’ll just blame racism and that fraud, Desi Foxx, will continue to support her.

P.S., the courts and police don’t classify a person as being a stalker when they fire back and do the same shit to Foster and Foxx that they started. Which is why Foster won’t stand in front of a judge nor get the cops involved against one of her alleged stalkers that she started shit with by defaming them.

What a fucking retarded loser!!!!


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