I am Alexandra Mayers and I am not afraid of you!!!

I will hunt down every single on of you raciest African hating mother fuckers. You will feel my wrath if it takes my last breath. You won’t ever shut me down that is a promise. I will contact the worst of the worse on the net and pay them whatever it takes to shutdown your pathetic little site.
Never fuck with a angry black women. You post my address everywhere lets get it on or are you afraid you pathetic fat whites who all look the same.
You wish you had the talents that I have. I am a published author, singer who has hundreds of followers on my radio shows.
You will never silence me.
You are a bunch of hating white cowards.

NOTE FROM MOD: Ok since I do believe this post is really you Monica I will play along! As you wish 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida failed hooker life failure Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers, criminal failed school teacher faghag Joan Rucker Mayers, 2 time DUI child abusing failed hooker Victoria Violet Mayers and homosexual with AIDS Ivan Leacock Mayers are all going to get there very on forum section now. HERE CATCH http://www.adultfyi.com/forum/forum/quiet-waters-deerfield-beach-mayers-terrorist-family/

Funny you went private on your twitter again you coward failure but hey we all know that wont last long as you just cant STFU and you cant live without our attention as you crave it since your faggot father ran off and didn’t give it to you.




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