I can’t stop LAUGHING ? at Monica Foster

Monica Foster

Look at her! I can’t believe she actually thought that she was good enough to make a successful living in porn and Hollywood. What does she have to offer? NOTHING! She’s not attractive nor has she ever been. She didn’t have the “talent” nor the “goods” to become a model of any kind. Yet she traveled to California from Florida with big hopes of success in selling her body! WTF? Who lied to her that she could have been successful?

On top of all that, she still is holding out for a rich white man to marry her so he can pay all of her bills! She couldn’t attract them in her 20’s, so what makes her think that she can do it pushing 40?

Monica Foster needs a reality check, yet she’s either too stupid or just lives in fantasy land. How many hot men on Twitter compliment her on her looks? None! Just fat and broke black men.


Monica Foster

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