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I Don’t Know What Lockwood’s Problem Is”

Porn Valley- This morning I spoke to director Hank Spain who was targeted by performer Kurt Lockwood, in an e-mail posting. Lockwood’s saying that Spain runs “a shady operation” because a cameraman was getting a blow job from a girl Lockwood was scheduled to work with. If you read the scenario as Lockwood depicts it, it comes off pretty much as a porn-as-usual, much do do about nothing situation.

Nevertheless, Spain said he’s tired of putting up with such shit and is seeking legal counsel on the issue. Additionally, Spain says none of Lockwood’s allegations have any merit, that Spain had 3 camera men, 2 make up artists and 2 pornstars who allegedly witnessed Lockwood’s “temper tantrum” not to mention the fact that cameras were rolling during the entire outbreak, according to Spain. “I’ve got everything on tape and there’s so many witnesses.

“Not only is he a liar on all accounts, but he is a pussy,” Spain continues. “He threatened me with ‘the press’ and a punch in the nose, when I told him I would be happy to meet him alone downstairs, he backed off.”

Spain says he doesn’t know what Lockwood’s problem is, except to say that Lockwood is infatuated with the girl – Honey- he was supposed to be working with. “He’s in love with her,” says Spain. “I guess he asked her to marry him. He falls in love with all the talent. Then he saw that she was doing a POV with my cameraman [Dez] who’s hired to be a stunt cock. He works here. That’s what we do over here. We do porn.

“Kurt stormed off the set saying, ‘I don’t do second scenes,” Spain relates. ” ‘ This isn’t what I came over for.’ I said to him, you came over to shoot porn, dude. I said what if she had sex in the morning with her boyfriend before she came over here. Does she have to bring his AIDS test?’ The thing about Kurt, he was going that afternoon to do another scene with another director. How can HE do two?”

Spain said he wasn’t going to have his business jeopardized by “some scumbag” that threatens him. Spain said he had a chat with Lockwood about his idiosyncrasies. “When you work for someone you should let them know about these things so the producer can determine if he wants to work with YOU,” says Spain. “I had no idea that he didn’t do ‘second scenes’ that he didn’t work if someone got a blowjob. And he said he sat around all day? The fucking guy was late- that’s why we went and did it. The guy was late. I can’t sit aound waiting for my talent. He calls me and goes I’m lost. I just don’t understand the guy. I was very polite. I said you don’t have to leave. He said I’m out of here. He walked out and said I’m not working for you, you lied to me. I said lied to you? Am I supposed to give you my schedule and tell you what I’m shooting that day so you can decide whether you want to work here. This is porn my friend. This is what we do over here.

“And then he called and said I want a cancellation fee,” Spain goes on to say. “I said cancellation fee? You should be giving me one.” Spain said he wasn’t going to have his business jeopardized by “some idiot” who comes over to his studio and decides he doesn’t want to work because Spain’s male talent is holding a camera doing a POV. “That was part of the scene,” says Spain.

According to Spain what made the whole confrontation so ironic is that Lockwood was booked that evening to do another scene with Honey for another director, Brittaney Skye. “How is that?” asks Spain.

As Spain relates it, Honey wasn’t even the girl that Lockwood was booked to work with at his studio. That girl flaked and Honey was apparently called. Lockwood was told that there’d be a substitution which meant Honey. Spain said Lockwood was pleased to hear that he’d be working with her.

“He gets here, gets in makeup- he literally didn’t wait 15 minutes before he had his outburst. The fact that he said he waited and waited is a bunch of crap. He went off. The fucking guy went off and stormed out of here screaming. The guy’s got psychological problems.”


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