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IAFD May 31st 2020 deceased list update

*** In the IAFD pornstar Murder death section (Ever early March 2020 AD): ***
* There is now a total of 55 murder deaths (January 1970 – May 31st 2020) as with additions of Sebastian Young’s death, Big Floyd’s death, Tranny pornstar Latoya’s death, Ivor Gold’s death & Adrianna Analese’s death!

– Sebastian Young (real name Joshua Christopher Noles; September 22nd 1982 AD – March 12th 2020 AD) was a pure bisexual male pornstar (leaned very heavily on gay male love than dicking down women) who died of homicide due to being shot by St John county Floridan police officers after a high speed chase near Jacksonville Florida! Prior to death, Sebastian Young was a registered sex offender in the state of Florida that was convicted of mulpitle felonies that included child pornography, beating up his ex-wife 3 times, Battery on a Person 65 YOA+, False Imprisonment, Reckless Driving w/ Racing on a Highway, charged 8 different times for drug, DUI, burglary, traffic & battery charges; and worst of all, convicted of raping his 5-year old biological daughter with the insidious bonus of giving her an STD in mid-2016, mild child abuse while doing the rape & attempted threat of death upon a Florida dectective while investigating the allegations!

Exclusive: Gay Porn Star And Convicted Sex Offender Sebastian Young Shot Dead After High Speed Police Chase

– Tranny pornstar Latoya (real name Cedric DeVonne Walker; June 30th 1981 AD – February 5th 2018 AD) was a shemale pornstar (by sex change surgery before 2003 AD; did only 2 scenes in 2003; After 2003 AD, identified as a “woman”) that was murdered by gunshot in the Extended Stay America motel at 8pm on Feb 5th 2018 Southeast of Jacksonville Florida within the Secret Cove Area!

– Ivor Gold (May 15th 1939 AD – March 1st, 2001 AD) was ex-british straight male pornstar that did 1 sex scene in 1996 throughout his very brief career in the British porn industry! He was murdered in March 1st 2001 AD as a result of a Robbery!

– Adrianna Analese (June 19th 1972 – November 21st 2008 AD) was a biological female pornstar that did a total of 15 scenes (Dec 2006 to Summer 2008)!
She died by murder-suicide with her husband on November 21st 2008 AD within Los Angeles California!

– Big Floyd’s murder death was all due to Police brutality & make him the only straight black male muder death in the IAFD pornstar Murder death section!

* Of these 54 murder deaths in total from January 1970 to May 27th 2020, There are a total of 19 biological male murder deaths, 19 trannie murder deaths, and 16 biological female deaths (when counting in Felicia Tang’s homicide death & absolutely discounting Lolo Ferrari’s drug overdose death)
– 10 out of 16 biological female pornstars (January 1970 to May 27th 2020) occured within the USA [California – 3, Florida – 2, New York City – 1, Pennsylvania – 1 & Unknown – 2]

*** In the IAFD pornstar Drug Overdose death section (January 1970 – May 31st 2020): ***

* There is now a total of 54 pornstar Drug Overdose deaths & actually 61 total deaths if you input 7 more drug overdose deaths (consisting of Electra Skye, Olivia Lua, Devon Davis, Lolo Ferrari, Ami Jordan, Haley Paige & Trixie Kelly)
– The total amount of biological male negro pornstar deaths (Strictly within the drug overdose section, suicide section & Murder section & Unsure; Either purely heterosexual or LGBTQ) is massively alot lower compared to biological male Caucasian pornstar deaths!
– Out of 54 to 61 Overdoses: 8 was of Heroin, around almost 25 was of perscription drugs including opiods, and 5 was of Cocaine!


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  1. IAFD Dead pornstar trivia on suicides – suicide by hanging/self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging

    About 7 biological females in the IAFD dead pornstar list on the suicide section have killed themselves by hanging/self-inflicted asphyxiation (Jan 1970 – July 6th 2020) which are Nancee Kellee, Alex Jordan, Violet Adamson, January Seraph, August Ames, Angie White, and Britney Manson!

    Nancee Kelly/Kelly Jean Van Dyke (June 5th 1958 AD – November 17th 1991 AD) was Age 33 when she hanged herself in Nov 17th 1991 AD at Los Angeles-California during a thunderstorm around Bass Lake, California where Jack Nance (during the filming of Meatballs 4) tried to console her to make Kelly Van Dyke not commit suicide just before they lost the electricity to the phone

    Alex Jordan was Age 31 when she hanged herself in June 27th 1995 AD at her Marina Del Ray apartment inside her bedroom closet which was a few hours after her parrot (her best friend) died & had a psychotic breakdown where she lashed it to her husband Justin Case in her final phone call! She killed herself while her husband was busy successfully setting up a Colorado ski resort &

    Violet Adamson (July 1st 1975 AD – Dec 19th 2010 AD) was Age 34 when she hanged herself in December 19th 2010 AD at Cleveland-Ohio!

    Britney Manson (Sept 29th 1986 AD – February 13th 2012 AD) was Age 25 when she hung herself within Los Angeles-California on Feb 13th 2012 AD!

    January Seraph (January 3rd 1983 – July 22nd 2017) was Age 34 when she hanged herself at San Francisco-California in July 22nd 2017!

    August Ames (August 23rd 1994 – December 5th 2017) was Age 23 when she hanged herself in December 5th 2017 within Camarillo-California after being cyberbullied by the likes of Polysexual Fag Jaxton Wheeler, Crossover Pansexual Fag Kurt Lockwood, Fag Brad Armstong w/ his beard Jessica Drake, Alexis Monroe, Axel Braun & Alana Evans (somewhat) over a Tweet in December 3rd where she criticized an untested crossover bisexual male pornstar who August Ames was originally was scheduled to shoot a porno scene with! Prior to porn, she had a history of mental disorders which was present in her childhood (Her biological parents served in the Canadian military for numerous years & her biolgical mother has a bipolar disorder) & was allegedly molested by her grandpa when she was 12 years old!

    Angie White (January 24th 1994 AD – December 5th 2018 AD) was Age 24 when she hung herself in December 5th 2018 AD within South America!

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