“I’m not going to be ignored, Bobbi…” Monica Foster finds new victim to stalk after being ignored on Twitter

XXX Performer Bobbi Dylan has unfortunately stumbled on two of the biggest pieces of shit in and around porn in recent days in Mark Spiegler’s paid bitch boy and Alexandra Mayers hooker name Monica Foster. Sadly for Bobbi, she did nothing to Foster except wisely ignore the mentally ill prostitute when she solicited Bobbi to be her AVN correspondent in January in Las Vegas.

Mayers lives in Las Vegas and if she wants a correspondent for the AVN she should get off her lazy cowardly ass and do her own dirty work. She has crapped on just about everyone in the business and doesn’t have the balls to show up there and do it herself so she wants someone else to do it for her – free of charge of course as Mayers has no money. Sadly for Mayers, performers that are in the business have to be at that show for work and have no time to help silly internet trolls that are up to no good.

If Mayers’ site was as big of a deal as she makes it out to be with her bragging about it getting mainstream attention, she should be able to get a press credential for that show and attend for $0. If Mark Spiegler can create a very poor PWL copy site and hire some fan boi to run it and get him credentials than literally anyone can get a credential. This probably is not an option for Mayers as she’s got no balls to run her mouth to anyone’s face and must do it behind the safety of the computer.

Mayers would really be out of her element in a setting like that and would feel like even more of a piece of shit in a room full of women that are not only more beautiful and younger, but more talented in the bedroom. Mayers is just plain bad at sex and there is evidence on any tube site. A life size doll would be a more exciting and probably a cheaper fuck.

And so Bobbi Dylan has taken the right steps in ignoring the attention starved failed hooker. She just must be prepared for a prolonged attack by a jobless, very lonely, very bored and depressed piece of shit that hates to be ignored and wants to make sure she can make the life of everyone who ignores her miserable.


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