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Immoral Girl of the Week Tara Lynn Foxx – 58 Seconds of Paradise

Porno Dan@ writes: Every now and then in porn a young girl who is born for porn comes along – Tara Lynn Foxx is just that girl. Tara Lynn Foxx is only 18 years old, yet she has much sexual energy and passion in her scenes as anyone we have seen in years. Tara has bleach blonde hair, natural firm size c tits, big bright eyes, a nice thick ass that you want to bury your face in, and perhaps the tightest pussy in porn.

The best part of about this super hot nymphomaniac is that she doesn’t limit herself to just doing boring vanilla boy/girl porn, she does it all. When I say she does it all, she really does it all! She does blow bands, gang bangs, anal, and double penetration. She doesn’t care what color the cock is she will stuff it into that tight wet pussy of hers. When we shot her for our Porn Star Tweet Movie we were all very impressed by her performance.

How tight is her pussy? Well today she made me cum in 58 seconds. Yes, that is correct 58 seconds. If you are wondering how I know this my fellow derelicts at Immoral Productions timed it, and that is how fast she made me shoot my load all over her sopping wet pussy.

Tara Lynn Foxx is most definitely our type of girl. We can’t wait until we release our Porn Star Tweet Movie DVD so you too can check her out. In case any of you are wondering there have been two Immoral Girls of the Week that I have not fucked off camera. Thank God Tara Lynn is not one of them.


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