In response to grumpy old man, has been fake rocket scientist Mike Strother

Mike South, an old man who lives with his mother, in the cellar, keeps running down Donny Long, claiming Long flunked out of porn but Long has a lucrative web cam business and has the video and viewers to prove it, sometimes drawing up to 10,000 viewers at a time while getting paid to get laid. South’s residence is shown below.


South’s dick doesn’t even work and how is he even in porn? Who is he and what has he ever done? He paid some news outlet to list him as one of porn’s most powerful people and he bought some server passwords and mucked up PWL and harassed its owners until they took it down for a few months just to shut the shithead up. But PWL lives on. He just appears to be a disgruntled old man that wants it to be 1985 again as he can’t move forward. So he bitches and moans in every other article about how he’s glad he is no longer part of the business – except when he poses as a performer so he can trick a girl into fucking him in a hotel room while he shoots it with a camera on a tripod. Times have changed old man and you haven’t evolved so you have been left behind.


What exactly does this failure do because no one reads his blog and he begs his very few readers to donate to keep that shithole going. Lay down and die, old man. South flunked out of science (Says he was with NASA but there is absolutely no record of this) and then he flunked out of porn. The moron even failed at riding his motorcycle and took a face plant that put him in the hospital – which again forced him to beg for money to pay his medical bills.


The fat, flabby old man couldn’t get his dick working to save his life or he could challenge Donny to a cam-off and see who draws more viewers and scores more tips and privates. Donny is always a popular topic during the cam shows (Even with up to 3 hot young girls on cam) and with all due respect to Heather and Britney, they can’t draw the huge numbers of viewers without the porn god.


Go back to the basement, Michael and say hello to your mother, Victor and Johanna when you get a chance.



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