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Insult was Boogie Nights…

Porn Valley- The insult was Boogie Nights, the injury Wonderland. But Laurie Holmes is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore!

Paul Thomas Anderson’s fictional take on ’80s porn and drug culture in the San Fernando Valley obviously gets its inspiration from the thirteen-inch wonder that was John Holmes, the big banana of adult cinema, who even flaccid put most other men to shame. Holmes never needed the prosthesis that Boogie Nights’s Mark Wahlberg donned for his climatic final scene.

Artistic license is one thing, but when Hollywood purports to tell the true story of “Donkey Dick” Holmes and his alleged involvement in one of Southern California’s bloodiest mass murders, feathers are going to get ruffled. Those feathers belong to Laurie Holmes, married to John Holmes until his death from AIDS-related complications in 1988, also known as the ’80s porn star Missy Dawn.

“That movie Wonderland came out and I went through a lot of depression after that,” remembers Holmes. “It was horrible because it was so wrong. There was no justice in that movie whatsoever. I know that Hollywood likes to be artistic, but you don’t portray somebody as a murderer when they’re not.”

Wonderland stars Val Kilmer as John Holmes and dramatizes his fall from grace. He went from being one of the industry’s biggest stars, reportedly making up to $3,000 a day at his peak, to a debilitating cocaine addiction and petty thievery. That life of crime led to involvement with a violent gang of drug-addicted criminals and alleged participation in the Wonderland murders, from which the movie gets its name.

Laurie Holmes is currently the sales manager for Hollywood Adult Video and approached her boss with audiotape of John Holmes revealing who he believes is responsible for the gruesome killings. The Real John Holmes: The Wonderland Murders Exposed, available at, features the super-schlong getting it on with Seka, Ginger Lynn, and, naturally, Misty Dawn, among others. But the selling point is the never-heard audio track of Holmes being interviewed by the ghostwriter for his now out-of-print autobiography Porn King (the book can be downloaded for free on

The audio is rough, distorted, and hard to discern, but it’s an invaluable portrait of John Holmes defending himself from the grave. It plays while a slideshow of Holmes on porn sets or casual in the beatific California wilderness flashes on the screen. “You hear John a lot, but people don’t hear John being John,” notes Laurie Holmes. “It’s a unique thing and I thought it would be cool. A little justice for John for a change, because they really cremated him in that movie Wonderland and it wasn’t right.”

Laurie blames Holmes’s first wife, Sharon Holmes, and his young girlfriend during the time of the Wonderland murders, Dawn Schiller, who were reportedly paid $100,000 to participate in the movie, for the film’s distorted perspective. “They were both scorned women,” she says. “I believe they’ve been very jealous of me through the years, because John left everything to me. A paid advisor on any movie set, you know, they have their agenda.”

The audiotape ends with Holmes revealing whom he believes was responsible for the Wonderland murders, one of the notorious Wonderland gang members, David Lind. According to Laurie Holmes, Lind was a drug-money collector and as violent as that job description would suggest. Club owner Eddie Nash, indicted in 2000, admitted to ordering the hits on the gang that broke into his home and stole money and drugs. But while in the movie version of the crime John Holmes is portrayed as the snitch who led Nash’s enforcers to the Wonderland hideout and possibly even took part in the grisly slayings, Laurie paints a different picture.

Laurie Holmes says that Lind was a police informant with a long record yet little actual jail time. She believes that the LAPD is covering up for Lind. “It was interesting how they made David Lind look so innocent in the movie,” she notes. “They made him come out almost like an angel–a Hells Angel anyway,” she laughs.

There are more audiotapes of John Holmes, and Laurie Holmes is contemplating the best way to bring them out to the public. It’s part of her quest to re-brand the man she fell in love with.

She first met Holmes after he was released from an eighteen-month stint in prison for contempt of court. “He was on drugs again,” she says. “I started doing drugs with him a little bit. I didn’t really do drugs. I was more into money,” she laughs. “But I really liked John.”

Laurie Holmes talks about one night at Holmes’s house when she refused his offer of a mirror full of cocaine. “It makes me feel funny,” she says. Holmes then disappeared in the bathroom for a four-hour freebasing fit. When he finally emerged from the can, Laurie Holmes says her husband told her, “This makes me feel funny too. I’m going to quit.” She adds, “I had a big factor in him quitting.”

Things were getting better for Laurie and John Holmes toward the end of his short life. “They made it sound like John was the king of porn, then there was Wonderland and he died,” she says. “He had gotten off drugs, which I really admired. We got a production company going together. Everything was going good.”

Laurie says that she and John were one of the first in the adult business to try to organize AIDS testing. Those attempts failed. She says the test was expensive and not very good. Also, at that time the players in the industry felt the test was an invasion of their privacy.

“We all got tested and were negative and went on with making movies.” Laurie’s claim is in stark contrast to the perceived belief that Holmes continued to work after learning he was HIV positive. “[John] made about six heterosexual films. One year later his heath was failing him and he was positive. I saw this man go cold turkey, and it wasn’t pretty, but once there he was like a kid again. He was just so fun. His smile was so warm. He loved people. I used to watch him every time a fan would come up to him. I would drop back and let him do his thing. We had a whole bunch of midgets come up to us in a mall once,” she laughs at the memory. “They wanted his autograph.”

If Laurie Holmes gets her way, more than just the vertically challenged will be clamoring to get a piece of porn’s famous Johnny Wadd


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