Is AVN Owned By Manwin? Gene Ross Thinks So

I really don’t know who is running AVN.

You’ll never get a real answer from anybody. I highly suspect that it’s Manwin.

People tell that me I’m wrong. That I’m nuts. A Koo Koo bird. But I’m telling you that AVN is owned by Manwin. I’ve been saying it for months, but the notion has been dismissed. There are things that I know have occurred to convince me of this.

When Gene Ross was still with AdultFYI and was still involved in the porn scene before he retired to become a celebrity autograph and memorabilia mogul, he had a meeting. If what he’s saying isn’t true, then it’s a very elaborate story to make up. But it is true.

He had a friend named Michael Fattorosi. Michael Fattorosi is an attorney in the adult business. He is married to the ebony porn star known as Vanessa Blue. He is a fanboy who got involved in the business with dreams and aspirations of setting up porn networks and mingling with the smut elite.

Fattorosi was also involved with or in some way connected to people who were putting up porn stars personal info on websites. I never understood the big deal of this, as all of this information is freely available to any jagoff with access to 2257 records. It was more that the info was lifted from the AIM database and it revealed company owners and porn executives getting STDS and being tested for HIV because they were fucking porn chicks. Never had anything to do really with protecting performers real names or privacy. If you’re even remotely connected to the biz and can’t gain access to this info, you’re either an idiot or a nobody. All that website did was give rise to wannabe tough guy save-a-ho web jerkoffs who thought they were protecting porn chicks and fucksticks who did documentaries on Jesus freaks. Losers that are still around, like a disease that won’t go away.

Like Fattorosi, they are hanger-ons that desperately cling on to anything that will give them some sort of acceptance or relevance in the industry. They are the dingleberries of porn.

Anyway, back to my story.

Fattorosi had somehow wrangled his way into some sort of dealings with Theo Sapoutzis of AVN, doing legal work or whatever the fuck he was gonna do for them. Which amounted to nothing. He was friendly with Gene Ross. Fattorosi and Vanessa Blue would invite Gene over their house for dinner and try to convince him of their importance in the industry. At one of these dinner meetings Fattorosi informed Gene of a barbecue at Theo’s house and invited Gene to attend.

So Gene and Fattorosi went to this barbecue at Theo Sapoutzis’ house and Gene is introduced to a bunch of these Greek guys and other shady looking Europeans. One of whom was a man by the name of Raul Cristian. And along with Raul Cristian were a bunch of Manwin guys. AVN Editor in Chief Sharan Street was there as well.

Now Gene is sitting there thinking, “Hmmm… Seems as if there is some sort of connection here with AVN and Manwin.” Raul Cristian is introduced to Gene as one of the owners of AVN. Raul and the Manwin people discuss bringing Gene Ross back to AVN as an historian. What they were planning to do was revamp the editorial department and revive the history of AVN. Remember, AVN has got 30 years of history.

But here was the problem. They lost or couldn’t find 80% of the archives. The material that they did have wasn’t logged properly. They had footage of the shows before AVN got their deal with Showtime that couldn’t be found. Years and years of footage that no one seemed to be able to locate.

The deal with Gene ultimately didn’t go down for two reasons. One, the amount of work needed to locate or somehow access all of this archival material was far greater than anyone anticipated. And two, word of the barbecue meeting at Theo Sapoutizis’ house was matriculated to the current brain trust of AVN. Peter Warren, Steve Javors, Mark Kernes, Janet Gibson and others talked to Theo and convinced him not to hire Gene Ross.

Subsequently, Gene’s calls to Theo were not returned. So without having the balls to tell him directly, AVN and Theo told Gene Ross to go fuck himself.

Gene and I talked about all of these events that had occurred and became convinced that Manwin did indeed own AVN. What was even more interesting is that Raul Cristian produced movies for both Evil Angel and Jules Jordan. Remember, Jules Jordan was the one who brought Manwin into the production and distribution fold through his association with Brazzers.

So if there are those who think that there is not a very strong indication that Manwin owns AVN, I’ve got a bridge to sell you and it’s known as the George Washington.

Another indication that AVN is run by people who have no knowledge of our business is that they recently had a picture on their photo gallery of a man by the name of Jack Hammer. It was in gallery of a event called The Hollywood Show, featuring Ron Jeremy and a bunch of old bloated pornstars that nobody gives a shit about anymore. Jack Hammer, a porn actor from the 90’s attended this event, hoping to reconnect with the industry after having been recently released from a long stretch in prison.

Now at this event, a photographer from AVN took a photo of Jack Hammer. When that photo was posted in the gallery on, Jack Hammer was labeled as Cal Jammer. Cal Jammer committed suicide nearly 20 years ago. This would appear to indicate that someone with absolutely no knowledge of the history of the business did this. Like someone associated with Manwin, an entity with no appreciation or knowledge of the adult business.

It wasn’t until we ran a story notifying everyone of this mislabeling that the picture was changed from the dead Cal Jammer to the living Jack Hammer. Some five days later. We then tweeted a screenshot of the original shot to prove what AVN had done and to show that Peter Warren , Steve Javors, Mark Kernes and everyone associated with AVN were incompetent retards.

AVN is owned by Manwin. If you look at, you will see that everything that is promoted by them are Manwin entities. Banners, companies, products all associated with Manwin.

If you look at the companies that are still being awarded at the AVN Awards, all have a connection with Manwin, from Wicked on down. Companies that are not associated with Manwin are either out of business or are not producing movies anymore, like Vivid and Hustler. Vivid, Hustler and others who were always part of AVN are now part of the old guard and are no longer relevant and have faded away. Axel Braun, Vivid’s last remaining director, is now with Wicked, a Manwin owned entity.

I told everybody that after the AVN show this weekend you would see AVN cease to exist in its current form. The print magazine will soon discontinue publishing and the website will become more of a tubesite model, exclusively promoting the Manwin brand.

I said it last week. Why fight the beast? If there is money left to be grabbed from Manwin, grab it. They are the ones who are pulling the strings and that’s just the way it’s gonna be. They can try to deny it all they want, but it’s true.

If you notice, everything they post and print in AVN seems to try to counteract what I’ve been saying. From quietly changing the Jack Hammer picture after I posted the story on AdultFYI to writing glowing reviews of Machine Gun Kelly’s performance and “edgy” comedienne Rebecca Kochan and her Jew jokes to saying that the parody wasn’t dead and feature movies were alive and well despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

Everything they say or do is in response to Rob Black.

And if you don’t see it, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya and it’s called the George Washington.

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