Is Donny Long the newest millionaire?

We don’t know who owned PWL at the end but Donny admitted that he owned it and sold it a few times and then had it given back to him because the new owners couldn’t take the heat but now that Donny has dropped off social media entirely, could he have owned it and gotten much more than the asking price of $20,000? Like 50 times as much? If Bang Bros can make $10M bids on arenas, they have more than enough to throw around just for publicity purposes. We hope Donny cashed out as a filthy stinking rich man and is laughing on a beach somewhere with a drink with an umbrella in it. We will miss his humor but he earned it for all the shit he undeservedly took over the years by bitter assholes, faggots, depraved trannies and hookers and whores. A great man, a family man, a trailblazer, a man who stood up for what he believed it. Enjoy your riches, my friend.


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  1. Donny Longs enemies will use this post as a proof that they were right with their assumption about the identity of the owner of PWL because this post contains a confession of Donny Long. But infact it doesnt even matter.

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