It’s almost AVN time, are YOU on Fagkins hit list this year?

Every year around this time, Fagkins of TFPWL starts calling people out on Twitter for face to face meetings at AVN in Las Vegas, many of them that he claims will turn physical. Many of these people are young females.

So here is a 50 year old “man” challenging little 5’4, 105 pound females to fights because they hurt his little feelings on social media. Remember that he calls a “hate site” when this site does nothing of the kind. We believe that these shows are work for these performers and their livelihood and we leave it alone.

At one time Fagkins is believed to have played American football but so what? There is no evidence at all that he has any type of hand to hand combat training. He is simply a blowhard [Just like Mike South] and a chinless wonder that enjoys making threats to “Say it to your face” at AVN where there will be security guards and cameras and where he knows nothing will ever happen.

Fagkins spends countless hours on cardio machines to keep him from blowing up like a balloon, but that’s about all he ever does in a gym. There are no MMA or boxing skills on this guy and he would never agree to get in the ring with any of the people he calls out for fights. Of course, it doesn’t help that many of them are drug addicts and alcoholics and unable to stand on their feet for very long much less throw a punch but that’s how Sean rolls.

So if you are on Sean’s list, laugh it off and go enjoy yourself knowing that there isn’t one inch of that town that isn’t covered in cameras. One false move by Failkins and he’s on his way to jail. It’s also probably not a good idea for him to be advertising his whereabouts when there are people that are trying to get him served. Pretty soon you’ll be living in a cave like Monica Foster, fagboy.



  1. Let’s hope Sean Tompkins actually shows up to AVN and doesn’t puss out. He seems to be all talk. I hope if he does show up he gets his fag mouth punched.

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