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Jack Venice Rape Trial Turns Up Third Suspect

Pullman, Washington- A third man may have been involved in the alleged Sept. 12, 2007 rape and burglaries on College Hill.

In the third day of the Christopher Jack Reid trial, both the defense and prosecutor grilled a key witness who was with Reid and Kyle M. Schott for at least part of that night.

Colin Davis, a former WSU student who lives in Pullman, told the jury he went home before 2 a.m., leaving Schott and Reid outside Stubblefield’s. He said he went to bed and did not see either of the men again that night.

“We were going back in Stubblefield’s and I decided to go home,” he said. However, he said his memory of the night is foggy from drinking. Upon further questioning, Davis said he was “next to positive” he went home, but not 100 percent certain. He said he could not recall if Schott called him later and asked him to come back out.

“I know I went home that evening. I recall leaving them and I’m pretty sure after that,” he said. “I’m as sure as I can be.” Davis said he was good friends with Schott, but they did not discuss Schott’s arrest or criminal charges in the weeks after that night. Schott has since pleaded guilty to third-degree rape and second-degree burglary. He will testify against Reid, who has pleaded not guilty to second-degree rape, first-degree burglary, two charges of residential burglary and one charge of attempted residential burglary.

Davis has not been charged with a crime, but he agreed to give Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy and Pullman Police Det. Greg Umbright access to his cell phone records. While on the stand, he agreed to meet with Umbright on Wednesday evening to further discuss his testimony.

Davis said he met Reid, a 26-year-old adult film actor, in line at Stubblefield’s. Reid bought Davis and Schott drinks and the three drank together for hours. Davis said Reid told them he was in town to find girls to have sex with him on-camera. Davis said he does not recall many details about the night, such as his clothing, because he did not expect to be asked about them later.

Davis said he went home early because he had class Sept. 13. He missed those classes.

Later that day, Davis, Schott and friends went to a Moscow bar. When the friends noticed Schott’s newly shorn hair and shaved face, they joked that he was the bearded man who’d been named in the attacks. Davis said Schott did not discuss what happened after he left that night.

“You weren’t the least bit curious about what happened to your friend, with the porn star?” defense attorney Chris Bugbee asked. “You went home that night thinking the fun was all over?” Davis replied that he went home because of his classes.

Before Davis took the witness stand, forensic scientist Lisa Turpen gave her testimony.

Turpen, a Washington State Patrol DNA analyst, did DNA tests on some of the evidence in the case. Those tests included a condom wrapper and tampon found in the Kappa Alpha Theta bedroom where the alleged rape occured. She also tested a sexual assault evidence kit, or rape kit, completed Sept. 13.

She found DNA on the condom wrapper from the victim and two men, she said. The complex mixture of DNA did not rule out the possibility of more than three individuals.

She said both Schott and Reid could have contributed to the DNA on the condom wrapper. However, forensic statistics show one in three Americans would also test as potential contributors. Therefore, DNA tests could not conclusively pinpoint or exclude Schott or Reid, she said. An Ohio DNA analyst, who also tested evidence, told the jury she found male DNA on the victim’s tampon string. The amount of DNA was too small to identify a contributor.

Other witnesses Wednesday included law enforcement, a bartender who served the men at Stubblefield’s, a man whose house Schott and Reid partied at and a man who met Reid at Munchy’z earlier Sept 12.

Dozens of potential witnesses could still testify.

As Whitman County Superior Court Judge David Frazier ended the proceedings for the day, he reminded Tracy and Bugbee that the trial is scheduled to end Friday.

Tracy said he should be able to finish presenting evidence, including witnesses, by the end of today or early Friday.

Tracy and Bugbee agreed to begin preparing final instructions for the jury.

“Once we get all the evidence in, I’d like to get through it quickly,” Frazier said. “I do have a case scheduled for Monday.”


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