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Jameson Supports Quarantine Period

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Jenna Jameson, the world’s best known adult film star, says she will campaign vigorously for tighter self-regulation of the XXX movie industry in order to head off the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among adult performers.

“The fact is that the adult industry as a whole has been remarkably free of STDs and HIV, considering that sex is what we do for a living. We must do even more to prevent it from taking root among performers,” said Ms. Jameson. “The incidence of HIV in the adult industry is far lower than in the population as a whole, and we need to adopt stricter restrictions for our industry to keep it that way. I think that any performer coming into the United States from abroad, including American nationals who have worked outside the country, should have a ‘quarantine’ period in which they must wait at least 60 days before beginning work again in the adult industry.”

Ms. Jameson made her remarks as the industry reacted to reports that male actor Darren James had tested positive for HIV. She said she endorsed a 60-day moratorium on producing new films to assure that there are no additional HIV positive cases. “ClubJenna has pushed its productions until the 60 day window has elapsed and we can be assured that the outbreak is contained. We strongly urge the rest of the industry to follow. This is our industry and our livelihood….please help to ensure its safety.”

She added: “I fully support the efforts of AIM (the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation), which has done an incredibly good job in bringing awareness to ways people in our industry can protect themselves. If we don’t get behind AIM in every way and make sure we have air-tight self-regulation, then you can be sure that the government is going to step in and start doing it for us, and that will be a major mess.”


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