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Jay Ashley: Aurora Snow and Roger T. Pope – No Way, Jose

Porn Valley- With Aurora Snow also on the other end of the line, I spoke to Jay Ashley Thursday night regarding a story being told by Skeeter Kerkove. Skeeter has been claiming that Aurora fucked porn critic Roger T. Pipe for good reviews. Ashley also dismisses Skeeter’s story about Aurora allegedly fucking T. Pipe in POV scenes for some mythical website.

Skeeter’s been claiming all along that Aurora’s given him this information.

Ashley politely suggests that maybe someone else, other than Aurora has been saying this. But it isn’t her.

“Skeeter seems to have a fixed idea about how things went down between Aurora and Roger T. Pipe,” I tell Ashley.

“Where did Skeeter get his information?” Ashley wants to know.

“Apparently from Aurora,” I tell Ashley. “Every time I quoted Skeeter he kept saying Aurora told me or Jay confirmed it.”

“Aurora never speaks to Skeeter unless I’m standing right there with her,” explains Ashley. “Or unless she’s on set with her agent. Never has she spoken those words to Skeeter. She’s friends with Roger and his wife and his children. She would never say anything like that nor would she do anything like that. She has yet to fuck anyone to get anywhere in this industry. She didn’t fuck her way to her awards. She earned it. She didn’t fuck her way into a contract. She earned it. She didn’t fuck her way seven years through this industry. She earns everything she got.

“It’s really offensive that anybody would possibly, remotely think that she would fuck anybody just for press,” Ashley continued. “I don’t know whwre Skeeter got his information. I am offended by it, but I’m not angry about it because I look at the source. I just don’t understand what personal gain that information would get anybody. I don’t understand why he’s saying what he’s saying. And I haven’t been able to get him to answer his phone. Like I said, I’m not angry about it. Skeeter’s got a lot on his plate.

“He might be confused about the person he’s talking about,” Ashley suggests. “He might be mistaken. And I’m not saying this in any bad way. I’m saying this in a polite way. I like Skeeter. I wish him no ill will. But the fact this comes out is no shock to me because I don’t see where it came from. As far as her or me saying anything? Completely incorrect. And when her fans starting e-mailing her saying, hey, Skeeter’s saying this- why? We jumped on the phone right away.”

“Putting this politely, there is no credibility or authority in his story,” contends Ashley. “There is no substance. He can’t provide proof of his information. If there was this scene, hell, I’d have a copy of it. But it never happened. I met Roger several times. He’s a good guy. He loves his wife and kids. He’s not about all that. He’s really not, and it’s not cool.”

“Why would anybody want to hurt somebody like that? It’s ridiculous.”

“What I do know is that I stopped all my bullshit with everybody a long time ago,” says Ashley. “I’m 36 years old. I don’t want the issues. I don’t want the trouble. But where I do have to stand up is when it involves my girl or my son. And my son’s not in this picture. But my girl is. No, it did not happen. It’s not true.

“So this whole POV scene is a pure flight of fancy?”

“Yes it is,” says Ashley.

“Skeeter went so far to say that Aurora showed him the link to that website.”

“Really?” says Ashley. “Give it to me. If he has the link then he should provide it. I’d really like to see that. I would pay to see that.”

“4.95 on a download, Jay.”

“I’d double his cost if he can get that to me,” muses Ashley. “If it existed I’d have a copy of it for her site. I understand that Skeeter bringing up certain names gets people listening. Like I said, I’m not mad at him. I think what it is, he’s thinking of someone else. I just talked to Skeeter the other day and he spoke nothing of this to me. Absolutely nothing. He was very complimentary to me. I thought we’re cool, we’re cool, we’re cool. Then I hear this.”

“Understandably so, when he was with Bridgette, what would he do? He’d be like a miniature pincher up on his toes barking. Unfortunately that puts me in an awkward position. I want to work for Skeeter. I like Skeeter. He likes my work. But he got my girl involved and I can’t turn my back on it.”


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