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Jay Ashley Working in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic- Stupidity evidently crossed the Atlantic this week with news that Jay Ashley, accompanied by Aurora Snow, has been shooting scenes in the Czech Republic. Ashley is currently on the second generation quarantine list having worked with Banesca on April 9. Ashley was scheduled to test again May 12.

I hear that the Czech press has gotten wind of it and is ready to blow the story wide tomorrow. Local performers and everyone else connected to the adult industry over there are also up in arms. One particular go between, apparently unaware of Ashley’s status, is taking a lot of heat. I’m also told that Ashley’s in hiding as we speak.

One director under the conditions of anonymity filled in on what was going on. And performer Sandra DeMarco, a close friend of Jessica Dee’s, tells me she refused to work with Ashley who allegedly told everyone he was off the AIM quarantine list. Ashley, from what I’m told, worked in at least three scenes. Ashley reportedly signed a recent directing deal for Madness Pictures but these shoots were for Sin City.

Gene sez: A spoke to a couple of people in the Czech Republic including DeMarco who confirmed the story. I talked to another producer who furnished some information.

Ashley, I’m told came in last week to shoot movies for Sin City and started doing scenes. Aurora Snow was directing so he was there for Sin City, basically. “The word got out that he was on the quarantine list,” the director told me.

“People started really flipping out over here. Somebody called the Czech papers. There’s a few boyfriends of the girl he worked with that are after him right now. It went pretty bad for the guy. I don’t know what he was thinking working under quarantine and not thinking anybody was going to find out. The last I heard he couldn’t get his tickets changes and they had to shut down productions. If I was a local guy and my girl worked with somebody who was on the quarantine list, I’d be pretty pissed off.

“A lot of people who were helping Jay out are a little worried now that their names are going to be dragged into this. They’re worried about the Czech government coming down on them. Jay has pretty much caused a helluva ruckus here right now. Dillion Day is also experiencing some fallout from this because the girls over here don’t want to work with the American guys. I had to explain that Dillion now lives in the Czech Republic. So now they’re pretty much shutting down American productions over here.

“It got really bad here yesterday. It’s blowing up compeletely out of proportion here. Jay’s gone from being an idiot to this shutting down productions. Jay is really fucking it up for our reputations as Americans over here.”

Sandra DeMarco tells me she was offered an opportunity to work with Ashley. DeMarco said because of a shake up of scene schedules she wound up working with Day instead of Ashley. “But a girl that worked after me, did do a scene with Jay,” she states. “The people say that Jay is on the list but that he is negative. But his test is over a month-old. He doesn’t have a new HIV test.”

DeMarco says she knows Jessica Dee very well. “It’s terrible when I heard that. I couldn’t believe it. She’s a good friend of mine and I feel very terrible. I know Darren. I feel terrible for Darren because I worked a couple of times with Darren. Now Jessica. Terrible.”

I asked DeMarco if it was true what I heard that European talent doesn’t want to work with the Americans. “That is true,” she said. “Everybody is afraid. Even Dillion- he lives here in the Czech Republic but he’s American and people are afraid.”



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