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Jayden James, Angelina Armani in New Adam Sandler Movie; Drama on Evil Angel Shoot

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Jayden James posts on God!!! It’s been a long couple of days! But my long days are usually productive days and productive is good for the name!

I got a call late on Wednesday asking if I was busy on Thursday. No. “Good… you’re gonna be in Adam Sandler’s new movie…” Wow! Okay!!! Within minutes, my phone was ringing off the hook with people from production and wardrobe, asking about this and that and giving me all kinds of information. I was getting excited! This was the real deal…

So, I got to bed early on Wednesday, rolled out of bed around 9am on Thursday, took my dog for a long walk, showered, enjoyed my coffee and a little quiet time, and went to set in Northridge around 2pm. I was immediately escorted to my trailer, filed out paperwork and release forms, reviewed my sides, was introduced to my ‘co-star’ Angelina Armani (another porn star, contracted to Digital Playground), and walked to makeup around 2:30.

Not even 10 minutes into makeup, we were rushed off to set for rehearsals. Being that our part required us to be in a jacuzzi the entire time, all we had to do was sit off to the side and wait for everyone else to rehearse their parts. I guess they didn’t see the need for us to rehearse making out and getting naked!

By 4:00 we were back in makeup. The production assistant informed the makeup artists that they had about 20 minutes to make us up before we had to be back at set. Thank goodness they were professionals and were able to get it done! Back to set…

I’m not allowed to give out too much information about the movie, which, by the way, is called ‘Born To Be A Star’, written by Adam Sandler, Allen Covert and Nick Swardson, starring Christina Ricci, Steven Dorff and Nick Swardson.

My particular scene was with, of course, Angelina Armani, Nick Swardson (who, I think, is most recognizable from his roles in ‘Reno 911: Miami’ as the rollerskating homosexual prostitute and from ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry’ at the homosexual brother [‘Butterfly’] of Jessica Biel’s character), and Don Johnson (a well-known actor, particularly for his role on Miami Vice in the 80s).

Allen Covert (who you’d recognize from almost ALL of Sandler’s movies) was directing the shoot that day and he was an absolute angel to me! Overall, the shoot went very well. I was in the jacuzzi from about 4:30 until 7:30. Oddly, I didn’t start to prune from the water, but my feet were pasty-white and had started to swell from the heat of the water. Gross. But it was definitely worth it! And, when Don Johnson and Allen Covert tell you that you did a great job, I think I can safely assume that I really did do a great job! Yay!!!

On Friday I shot for Brazzers… again! I absolutely LOVE those guys! They definitely keep me busy! However, Brando actually shot e this time! He’s a dear friend of mine, but he hardly shoots me. I’m usually out in Vegas shooting for those crews, so it was good to be on set with close friends. We shot a script that Brando and I thought of months ago and just now had the time to do it. It’s a scene for their ‘Real Wife Stories’ site with Keiran Lee, Scott Nails and Avy Scott. As Keiran said: “It’s gonna be had for them to try to top that one!” It was FUCKING HOT!

I spent my Saturday (yesterday) on set. Ugh! I HATE to work Saturdays, but it was for Evil Angel and I don’t turn down DVD shoots. (My goal for the year was to shoot more DVDs.) But, I probably should’ve turn this one down. Originally, I was hoping I’d have an early call time of 9am or so, but my call time ended up being 1pm! Okay… so I was hoping the other girl would already be there and ready so we could be out of there earlier.

Nope. I was the first one there. Whatever. The makeup artist got there soon after I did and she got to work on my face. By 1:30 or so, the director got there with the other female talent (it was a girl/girl scene) who, apparently, is his girlfriend.

First thing they starting doing: Rolling joint, packing bowls, opening beers… WOW!!! For such a big named company, this was sure a lack of professionalism. Don’t get me wrong, smoking is relaxing sometimes, but this is WORK, not a PLAY DATE! I was PISSED! After my makeup was done, I stepped out side to get some FRESH air.

I called my agent and complained while I was at it. They made a call to the director about my complaints and he said they’d tone it down and get to work. Yeah, right! After apologizing to me, they continued! It took almost 5 hours for 2 girls to go through makeup and take pictures! It should’ve have taken more than 3 1/3 hours. I just sat there, grumpy, not talking to anyone. But, when it came time to shoot the scene, I fucked the shit out of that girl! Funny, the director kept telling me how much she loves girls and everything, and she was soooooo QUIET during the scene! Even when she ‘came’… hardly a peep! Whatever. I rocked it! Then I packed up my things and got the hell out of there!

Thankfully, I have today off, along with tomorrow, so I can relax a bit. I don’t think I have another day off for about 2 weeks. But, I’ve got a 5-day vacation with my sister in New York City later this month, so I’ll pack in the work beforehand.


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