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Jennifer Steele: About Burning Man-update

Porn Valley- Last week, fire eater extraordinaire Jennifer Steele was a guest of Chef Jeff on KSEX, During the course of the interview there was anfunny incident that Jeff writes about on

Jeff: “What’s Cookin with myself and Cytherea was on fire [last Thursday], literally. Jennifer Steele, who bills herself as the “The first slut in porn to breathe Fire While having sex” was one of my guests on what was a memorable show. Jennifer used duct tape to attach a fire torch to my friend the big black dildo, Kobe, she began fucking herself with Kobe with the torch lit. Cytherea was trying her hardest to put out the flame by squirting her ejaculate on it! Meanwhile super hot filipina porn star Annie Cruz kept me company on the couch and joined in with my play-by-play of the fire show.

Just as the two of them were really getting into it, male talent Jack Lawrence walks through the front door and makes his way down the studio hallway which leads from the front door to the on-air studio and the jock lounge, dressed in his authentic firefighter uniform. As he made his way into the jock lounge, Jack began talking on his shoulder walkie-talkie making the rouse seem all that much more real. Jennifer and Cytherea thought that they were really being busted by a real firefighter!”

Gene sez: But before Steele freaked and ran out of KSEX [for real], Jeff had her talking about the upcoming events at Burning Man a week long event which started Tuesday. Bringing Steele, on, Jeff wanted to know what kind of funky stuff either Cruz or co-ho Cytherea may have stuck in their pussies. Jeff was betting the end of a hair brush. And, rue o form, Cruz and Cytheria both had done that.

Meanwhile, Steele, who organizes a camp at Burning Man, explained that the event is a vacation for her. Asked what the event specifically is, Steele said she couldn’t aptly describe it, however; though she does shows there. “I’ve been there for four years and the first two days I spent trying to figure out how I was going to explain it to my friends,” she said. “Because it’s so different from anything.” As Steele attempted to explain it, basically, 30,000 people go out to the Nevada desert once a year, for a week, and build the fourth largest city in Nevada. “It’s called Black Rock City and on Saturday they burn down the three-story man.” According to Steele, the “man” is made of everything from wood to pyrotechnics.

“It’s a really big thing,” says Steele. What got her interested in the event, said Steele, was the fact that there’d be a thousand cavorting fire dancers. Steele went on to explain that her camp is called ‘And Then There’s Only Love.’

“The theme this year is the vault of heaven,” she went on to say. “My camp represents all kinds of love. We have a hug booth for brotherly love. We have a stage to express your divine love. And we have an orgy dome to express, er, to fuck.” Jennifer said there were shows going on all over the place. “But our camp is nothing compared to some of the other camps,” she laughed. Jeff said it sounded like there were shows going on all over the place. “Burning Man is a show 24/7 in itself,” Steele agreed.

Jeff figured with 30,000 people showing up there must be some entrepreneurs in the group. “Is it a commercial event now?” Steele said it never has been. “Your money’s no good there. You pull out your greenbacks, no one will accept them for anything.” According to Steele, the only things you can buy at Burning Man are bags of ice or coffee and tea. “And all that money basically goes to buy supplies.” Steele says she foots a tab of $10,000 to go to the event. “This is my vacation,” she said. Steele said she was asked if she gets paid to do a show there. “No, I’m going out there to have fun, dance with fire and fuck everybody.” Steele said there was also going to be an Eyes Wide Shut party Thursday night by invite only.

Asked if there was any videotaping of the event, Steele said there are some people with media passes. “But they kicked out MTV. They kicked out Playboy TV. They were trying to make it a Mardi Gras show us your boobs type of thing.” Jeff wondered if Steele was going to have anything on her website. “I have a few pictures on my website,” she said. “If you look at the news section, every year, I use some pictures. Most of the pictures are from a photographer that I know. But I have a media pass this year. I’m going to write an article about the sexuality of Burning Man and my experiences. But it’s going to be true to what it is. It’s not going to be a commercialized thing.”

Jeff imagined that there was a lot of sex that would be going on. Steele laughed, stating that it was a week-long event so use your imagination. “They’re not going to go on a vacation and not have sex. Would you?” The music, according to Steel has broad range from Neil Diamond to Willie Nelson. “But you’ll hear a lot of electronic music there,” she concedes. “It’s very high tech out there. You’ll see a lot of art cars out there. You’ll look out into the horizon and say, is that a rubber duck? And then you ride up to it closer and it’s a 3-story rubber duck that opens up into a casino with a d.j. booth in the back and people dancing on top. And there’s shit like that all over the place. How can you not have sex out there? It’s like Mad Max on acid.”

Steele said one of the reasons that you don’t hear too much about the event is the fact that they keep the media out. “To keep it true to what it is.” Jeff speculated on the types of outfits being worn and Steele said she’s naked most of the day. “It’s so hot during the day. There’s a lot of naked people out there and that’s why people think it’s a hippy-thing. Like a Dead Show-type thing but it’s not.”


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