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Jesse Jane in Tickle Chair

Porn Valley- Jesse Jane was in the Howard Stern tickle chair this morning. But before she even got there, Jane confessed to her relationship with Tommy Lee to a chagrined Stern.

As you might expect, Stern was all over Jane with the lavish you’re pretty comments. Stern still can’t get over all the good looking women that are going into porn. ‘It’s kind of crazy.” Stern told Jane she could be doing something else- like finger nails in a Korean salon. Stern also confessed to have not warched any of Jane’s movies [all 8] but plans on it. Jane said she’s been doing about 5 movies a year. “Keep it low.” Jane’s been in the business almost two years.

Stern wondered why Jane was in porn. “Give me the real answer.” Maybe it’s not the real answer but Jane said she loves sex. “I’m honestly a real nympho.” Jane explained that her first scene was a girl-girler with “no limits”. Jane said there were two camera crews on it, including one from Family Business. “They were following me- are you okay? Are you sure you want to do this? I’m like, c’mon, let’s go. You’re holding it up.”

Stern thought Jane might be screwed up from her childhood. “No rape, no molestation?” On the contrary. Jane says she had a great childhood. Jane’s parents are in Oklahoma City and, according to her, they both know that she’s in porn. “My dad wasn’t too happy at first- he’s a military guy. And that’s pretty much all the military boys that watch porn- he doesn’t want them to come up, hey, this is your daughter!”

Stern wondered how you tell your parents you’re going into porn. “Did you have an inkling that this was going to be your life calling. Were you a bad girl in high school?” Jane said not real bad. “There’s no easy way to say it- so I just went home- I was like, hey, I’m moving to L.A. I’m doing porno.” Stern was curious what she did before porn. Jane said she never danced. “I used to do Hawaiian Tropic modeling but that’s about it. I was Miss Oklahoma City. Then I won Miss Park City, Utah.” Stern observed that they get the hottest chicks for Hawaiian Tropics.

“The problem is where do you go if you’re a hot chick- if you’re not tall enough to be a model, and you’re not into acting. What do you do with being hot? I guess you go into porn or something.” Jane agreed that there’s a lot of girls who can’t hang. “I hate the girls who fake it on screen. You can kind of tell with the movies.” Jane then offered an imitation of a fake orgasm. “Oh, please!”

On the other hand, Jane said she loves sex and is “really into it”.

“I always get in trouble because I never think that cameras are on me- I’ll just go into a different position- they’re like hey, the camera wasn’t positioned for that. Stop!” Listening to some of her audio, Stern wanted to evaluate whether Jane was making an honest commitment to the porn industry. “Or is this somebody who’s posing.” Artie Lange offered a crack about listening to Jane was like Brando doing Streetcar Named Desire. Robin said at least it wasn’t sing-songy like the Taylor Rain track often played.

Robin Quivers joked about the guy in the scene faking it. Taking that cue, Stern asked Jane what she thought of the male talent. “Be honest- aren’t the guys in porn really gross? Be honest.”

“Most of them are,” Jane agreed. “I have a very short list of guys who I’ll work with.” Stern wondered if Lexington Steel were on that list. Jane said she hasn’t worked with Steele but has worked with Barrett Blade, Evan Stone and Eric Masterson. She said she’s worked a lot with Masterson. “And I just found these new boys in this movie I just shot- I don’t remember their names. Like Jean something.” Jane stipulated that she has to be attracted to the guy. “I can’t fake it. I’m sorry. I have to be into it.”

Asked if she had a boyfriend, Jane said she was dating and was into chicks. Prior to getting into porn, Jane was the regional training coordinator for Hooters an modeled for Hawaiian Tropics. Stern offered surprise about the Hooters information. Noting that she worked in the south, Artie said Hooters in the south were like the Playboy mansion. Jane said she made great money at Hooters but it was an every day job as far as she was concerned. Porn has offered her more free time. “And you get to travel to places like Bora Bora and Tahiti- who doesn’t like that?”

Stern, citing some other porn sources, said girls in the industry don’t get paid that much. “I do,” Jane laughed. Stern asked what she made per movie. Jane said she was on a salary. “I make six figures,” she said, noting that she makes five movies a year and gets paid for magazine layouts. Stern assumed six figures meant $500,000. “Not that much,” said Jane. Stern wondered where Jane made the rest of her money. “Or do you live on your porno income?” She said she did but hasn’t started feature dancing yet. “I’ve been approached but I don’t think I’m ready until maybe next year.”

Stern wondered if Jane ever hooked at all. “If a guy wants to pay you for sex- has anybody ever offered you money for sex? Jane claims she was at Anna Nicole Smith’s birthday party and some guy offered her $10,000 for an hour.

“For an hour of what?” Jane asked him. “He’s, like, for sex. I was, like, ugh, no. I don’t think so. I was so offended, actually.” Stern pointed out that Jane gets paid on film so what was the difference. “Were you offended that the price was too low?” Jane said she wasn’t offended by that as much that it was almost “like a hooker offering.”

“Porno is my job, but I’m not a hooker,” she said. Stern didn’t see anything wrong with hooking if you’re in porn. “You’re getting paid either way for sex.” Venturing the subject further, Jane said it was just as important to her if the guy had a “clean” look. “I don’t sleep around in my personal life because I’m always worried about the diseases. I’m never worried about getting pregnant because I had an emergency hysterectomy. In porno you see their tests- oh, you’re clean.”

Asked what the hysterectomy was all about, Jane said she had cervical cancer. In her whole life, Jane figures she’s done 11 guys. “I’ve been with more guys in my porn life than in my personal life.” Jane said there were four guys in her personal life of which a couple were long term boyfriends. “And there’s one that I’m dating and playing with right now.”

Asked who that was, Jane said it was Tommy Lee. “I’m so breaking up with you,” Stern said. “I was going to ask you out on a date but forget it, now. Tommy Lee? How cliched is that?” Jane said he was awesome in bed. “He’s such a sweet guy and full of energy- I like that about a guy.” Stern said that could get real annoying. “Ever see the sex tape with him and Pam? He’s in her face every three seconds.” As Stern continued to complain, Jane reasoned that she needed someone to do her. Because she’s been busy traveling of late, Jane said they don’t get together that often but she doesn’t consider Lee a “boyfriend.”

“Hell, no, I don’t do boyfriends yet,” she said. Jane also mentioned that she pleasures herself a couple of times a day – with a vibrator. “I travel with my lipstick vibrator,” she said. “And what’s funny, is half the time I put it in my makeup case- my purse and it goes through the little screening thing at the airport. Of course it goes off. They grab my lipstick and I just die laughing. Why is your lipstick going off? Because that’s my vibrator.” Jane said her vibrator was back in her hotel room and she used it both last night and this morning. Asked what she thinks about while masturbating, Jane said hot chicks. Stern suggested that maybe she’s Bi.

“I am Bi,” she said. “Definitely Bi.” Asked if she got into weird stuff in her personal life, meaning that she brought home girls to Tommy, Jane said not with him. “I had one of my girlfriends over at his house one time- I was so shocked.” Something Jane said got bleeped. Translating it for purity, Stern said the girl got naked and jumped into bed with Jane and Lee. “And Tommy doesn’t do her? He just did you in front of her? And you two messed around- you and the girl.” Jane revealed the other girl to be Cassidy, a former Vivid girl. When Jane told Stern that she weighed 108, he said, “That’s hot.”

Jane also mentioned that she lived a bit of everywhere, being an army brat. “Like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas…” Jane said she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 17. She started messing around with girls a year later. Stern was more interested in those details. “I met her in a strip club,” Jane laughed. “She was a dancer there. She was a cute little blond and had blue eyes. There was something about her that screamed sex. I was, like, hi. This girl was all up, on me.” Jane went home with her. “I always thought girls were attractive and stuff but I never was, like, oh, hey, let’s go to bed together. For some reason I went with the flow- let’s do it.”

A caller-in expressed dismay over the fact that Lee always gets the hottest chicks and Stern noted that Jane didn’t have a “messed up plastic surgery face.” Stern advised Jane to leave her face alone but noted that she had the boob implants. Another caller-in asked Jane if she liked anal. “I’ve tried that but it’s not my preference,” Jane answered. “But I’m a trouper- I’ve tried.” Stern then made a deal with Jane- that he would allow her to plug whatever she wanted on the condition that she slip into a bikini and get in the tickle chair. Jane said she didn’t want to because she didn’t shave. “I forgot.” Stern pleaded. “What do you think, your ass is sloppy?” Jane was assured that this wasn’t porn and no one would notice if she hadn’t shaved, that it was done in a long shot.

Asked if a lot of celebrities have hit on her, Jane said a lot have and that Britney Spears was among them. “I’ve met Britney Spears. In fact I wanted to sleep with her really bad.” Jane said she was really good friends with Spears’ manager Larry and Adam. “There have always been rumors about her and I hooking up. Which we haven’t” Stern said he’s heard those rumors of other porn stars, as well. “But it never happens.” For her part, Jane thinks Spears is hot. “I think she’s very curious,” said Jane. “I’m not sure if she’s been with a girl.” On the other hand, Jane turned a face on the prospect of doing Paris Hilton. “I think she’s hot but I wouldn’t want to sleep with her.” Asked what the difference was, Jane said Hilton doesn’t give off the vibe. “She’s really pretty, but Britney Spears gives off the sex energy. I like girls who give off the vibe of sex.”

Jane also denied rumors that she’s had sex with Justin Timberlake. Jane said that’s just a rumor. Pauly Shore has also hit on her. When asked if she did Mike Tyson, Jane said Tyson was at the AVN show. “He was, like, come to my hotel room- I’m going to bang you. You’re, like, right. He was so straight up. I was, like, yeah, no. Dude, no, I don’t think so.” Even after she said no to Tyson, Jane claims his manager continued to try and make it happen. “I don’t know if you know what no means- I don’t think so,” Jane told him. Stern asked about Vin Diesel. Jane said he saw him the other night. “He was so hot.” But she didn’t think Diesel was “like that” and that’s why she didn’t go home with him. Stern translated that to mean he was gay.

“I don’t think he’s GAY, but I didn’t get the vibe from him,” said Jane. “But I would have had sex with him. He’s one of the guys that I would jump in bed with immediately.” Stern again wondered why Jane didn’t take him up on the offer. “I don’t know,” she answered. “I was a little drunk at first. I was with somebody else at the time.” Stern reasoned that if Diesel hit on her, he’s not gay.

“He might be Bi,” she ventured to say. “Vin Diesel, no way,” said Stern. “So many people that I know say he’s totally gay,” replied Jane. Stern suggested it’s people who are jealous attempting to convince her not to go with him.

Stern then kept pressing the tickle chair issue. “Let’s have some fun.” Jane offered a compromise about wearing a school girl outfit, noting that she didn’t have panties on. “I don’t like panties- I’m a bad girl.”

Stern was all for the school girl outfit. “If you need help getting changed, I’ll help you.” Noting that Jane was 5′ 3″ it was suggested that Tommy Lee’s penis was bigger than her. Stern thought Jane, made the right move with the school girl outfit. Noting that commercial time sells for $100,000 a minute, Stern gave Jane all the opportunity to plug away.

“But the only catch is you can’t plug until I start tickling you.” Squealing and giggling, Jane managed indecipherable plugs for movies and websites but never one for her DP Tonight Show, even though Stern gave her one last chance tickle-free. “You did the tickle chair like a pro,” Stern, however, told her. Jane said one her fantasies is being a school girl. “And somebody pretending to be the school teacher and I’m failing the class- I can help you get an A.” Jane said she’d like to be bent over a desk. Stern said he’d gladly spank her ass.

“That’s not all that I want,” giggled Jane. “That’s not all my fantasy.”


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