Jessica Drake has escorted for years!

Jessica Drake has done “privates” for years. Who the fuck does she think she is fooling bitching about Donald Trump hitting her up. And no fucking way did he or anyone else offer that cunt $10,000 to fuck her.

No fucking way. Her rate was $900 for a private. Why the fuck would anyone pay 10 times her worth?

Does Jessica Drake really think that Leta isn’t still around and blabbing her mouth about booking Jessica for YEARS?

And that isn’t her only pimp. Jessica has been with at least three different escort agencies over the years that I know of.



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  1. She’s an attention whore & a Hillary Clinton supporter. Cunts like this is why I feel that Prop 60 should pass. The porn biz went from classy women to women to whores like this.

    What are the agencies? Please make another blog of her pimps and rates. Let’s destroy this bitch & expose her as a hypocrite.

    1. lol, when were porn whores ever classy? but i do agree, they’re at a new low at this point. complete and utter trash. garbage. lower than low. this whore doesn’t have a leg to stand on with these accusations. she probably flirted with trump and tried to get him to make an offer and she’s probably still pissed that he didn’t. a woman scorned = dangerous.

  2. That’s fucking funny as shit. Jessica Drake calls out Donald Trump for trying to pay her for sex when she’s been an escort for years and let’s not forget she is also a professional mistress, as the long time girlfriend of the married owner of Wicked Pictures.

  3. Dear Gene,

    Please send the Long Army led by Porn God Donny Long after this stupid porn whore. Have no mercy on this cunt.

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