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Jessica Drake to Fluff n’ Fold

Porn Valley — Jessica Drake and husband Evan Stone were guests of Jason Sechrest’s Young & The Curious Show Friday night. But before he brought Drake and Stone out, Sechrest during his weekend news segment, reported that Ashley Blue’s boyfriend Johnni Darko was signed to an exclusive by Evil Angel. “What their press release doesn’t tell you,” said Sechrest, “is that Manuel Ferrara was pining over that position and is incredibly livid that he didn’t end up getting it. In fact he and Darko are not speaking at the moment.”

Sechrest introduced Drake and Stone as perhaps the hottest couple in the adult industry, noting that Drake, a contract girl for Wicked had just gotten off a shoot titled, Highway. Sechrest asked Drake why she signed with Wicked. “I was considering signing with another company,” she said. “Almost a year ago.” Sechrest asked the name of the other company and Drake was reluctant to name names. “Another company I had done a couple of rather large movies for,” she was willing to say. Sechests’ guesses were Simon Wolf, Vivid or VCA. Drake was being of no help, however.

“I was willing to sign but at the very last minute I got a couple of phone calls,” Drake continued. “Brad Armstrong called me. Jonathan Morgan called me. I ended up talking to Steve-O. He was like before you do anything, come in and talk to me.” Drake said they chatted about having what was important to her. Sechrest asked what that was. “Being promoted,” she said. “My own toy line; getting to do my own website.” Sechrest was also very complimentary of Daniel Metcalf, Wicked’s publicist who tipped him off about Drake’s project Highway. Drake agreed that Metcalf had “really good energy.”

Drake said Highway, which also features Stone as a male co-lead, is a work in progress. “We just shot three days in the desert.” Sechrest took time to note that many members of his website were also infatuated with Stone. You’ve got a huge penis, man.” Stone said Sechrest’s fans were welcome to write him at [email protected]

Stone said he had hoped he had a huge gay following, that he was cool with appealing to both sexes. Drake described Highway as a Thelma and Louise-type feature. “Stormy wrote it. She’s an incredible writer,” said Drake. “She wrote a movie for me called Suspicious Minds and it was a comedy. It was seriously funny. It wasn’t porno funny. It was funny-funny.” Drake said she plays a waitress who finds her boyfriend cheating on her. “I go to shoot him. I think I’ve killed him. I’m on the run. We’re trying to get to Mexico. It’s a really intense, great movie. We’ve got this old, old car that we’re driving. There’s guns and bad guys like Evan and lots of sex.”

Drake said they shot three days in the desert last week. “Let me tell you how cold it’s been out there- 35 degrees. The second day of the shoot it rained all day long. But I didn’t have sex outside in the rain. I have before.” Drake said Michael Raven was directing the feature and that she has great working relationship with Raven. “I think he’s incredibly gifted in what he does. In executing his vision, he’s the best.” Drake said she worked for Raven a lot at Sin City but they never dated.

In a discussion of the mating dynamic, Stone also mentioned that the couple had a girlfriend, Delorean. And among big features, Stone said he’s done another Dinner Party for Adam & Eve. “That’s very exciting.”

Sechrest suggested that both Stone and Drake would be perfect for their own KSEX show and wondered how crazy the two got in their private lives. Drake said she’s so boring in her private life but will occasionally submit to a double penetration. Drake said her favorite thing usually involves a threeway with Delorian.

“And we all sleep in the same bed. We have this biggest bed that we could possible get. We had to special order it. It’s us and our two dogs.” Drake said the bed takes up a whole room. “We had to special order sheets for it.” Drake mentioned the last time she was on Jason’s show she did it with Delorian and Jason McCain. Sechrest said McCain just got nominated for Best Actor in the GayVN’s.

Stone said he gets the question all the time about how he handles two women in his life. “Don’t you think if I knew the secret I would have done this 12 years ago? No, I don’t have a girlfriend. My wife has a girlfriend.” Stone, however, does get to fuck Delorian. Sechrest suggested the only thing Drake’s missing is a gay houseboy. Drake also mentioned that her goal in life is to have sex with Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. “But he won’t return my phone calls,” she said. Sechrest said he was of the opinion that Gale was straight. Drake said she didn’t care what he was. Asked if gay sex turned her on, Drake said it depended on what the guys looked like. Drake said her thing is two random, hot gay guys that she would happen to walk in on. Sechrest suggested that he and Drake troll gay clubs looking for little boys.

Drake was asked if she ever lived out her gay fantasy. Drake reminded Sechrest that she was supposed to come to his hotel room and watch. “Remember?” Drake said it was like two years ago at an AEE convention when Sechrest was with another guy, Tiger, but they wouldn’t let her in the door. Sechrest recalled the relationship as being 40 minutes of passion. “It was like this whole love-passion crazy thing for 40 minutes and, boom, it was over.”

Sechrest remembered the guy as being masochistic and had tattooed stripes up and down his butt, thus earning his name. Sechrest also remembers Tiger having serious issues. “He ended up moving to Las Vegas but no one can find him. We can’t find Tiger to save our lives. He let me beat the shit out of him while I fucked him.” As Sechrest painted the sexual picture with Drake fanning herself, he said he was so sorry that Drake didn’t get to see any of it.

Jason took a call from his mother and Drake later agreed that Stone’s mother was cool in the same way. Stone said he once got a call from his mother during the week, thinking it odd, because she usually waits to the weekends. “We had a conversation that goes about 20 minutes and she goes, by the way, have you stopped doing porn? No. What are your plans for the porno future? Well directing and all this other stuff. She goes, well, you’re being safe. I go yeah. She goes I support you in everything you do and I love you.” Stone wondered who it was that tipped her off and Drake said she discovered it was a vicious ex-girlfriend who ratted him out.

Stone, turning the tables, asked Sechrest about his plans to direct. “Let’s not jinx anything, shall we?” said Sechrest, noting there was a couple of things in the works including the fact that he was going to be naked in GQ for an upcoming Men of Sex Talk Radio issue. For his part, Stone said he produces about one show a year.

Drake noted that she was going to wrap up her Highway movie for Raven over the weekend [past]. “After that I’ve got something coming up that’ll be so incredible. I had sex in a Laundromat once. A long time ago. It was a real turn on. I’m getting to do an entire movie in a Laundromat called Fluff n’ Fold.”

Drake said Brad Armstrong who wrote it, is directing. “I’m going to have so much sex in this movie.” Drake said she’s going to have four scenes in a movie that’ll probably windup up 40 pages long, huge by porn standards. Drake said her Laundromat experience occurred in high school when she was 15. “It was in an apartment complex. The guy that I was going out with lived in the apartment. We couldn’t find anywhere to have sex. And we ended up in the laundry room. I love a pile of warm, fluffy towels. It smells good; it feels good.”

Regarding her website, Drake said Stone is very much involved in the project and is always taking pictures of her behind the scenes. Sechrest also asked to see Stone’s dick which is always hanging around his knees, according to Jason. Except in the desert,” said Drake. “It didn’t hang quite so low.” Sechrest observed that Stone’s balls are huge. And, as has been noted on this site in the past, Stone has the biggest balls in porn. Sechrest thought the whole idea of Stone’s balls was ridiculously hot. It’s massive. I didn’t know you had such huge balls.”

Stone said he usually hears the comment, “Evan, can you move your balls? We’d like to see the hardcore.”



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