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Jillian Grace Makes it To The Mansion

New York- Earlier this summer a hot young 18 year-old Midwestern babe fresh out of high school named Jillian Grace came on the Howard Stern show with the idea that she wanted to be in Playboy.

The Stern show, in turn, contacted the Playboy people and Kevin Custer, the Sr. Photo Editor did just that- evaluate Jillian’s chances. Custer said Hugh Hefner, however, is the guy who makes the final decisions on who makes it into the magazine or not. As you might imagine, Custer said there’s all kinds of women trying to get in the magazine and some of them are a joke.

Custer’s first impression of Jillian,, was that she had a very cute face though he wanted to see her in a bathing suit. Custer said Jillian was definitely Playboy material, that he would offer her a test and fly her out to Chicago and shoot some pictures of her.

Jillian evidently passed muster and called in this morning to report the latest developments with Playboy. Stern asked her what the shoot was like. Jillian said she did some shoots involving a college dorm set most of which depicted her naked. The report on Jillian is that she’s very comfortable naked. “Everybody was very professional,” she said. “The didn’t make me feel awkward or anything.” According to Jillian, she flies out to L.A. today to stay at the Playboy mansion. “We’re going to be shooting a centerfold.” Stern was obviously happy for her, but Jillian urged caution. “Nothing’s final until it hits the stands.”

“That kind of crap never works out,” laughed Stern at the wonder of it all. Asked if she was going to be staying with Hefner, Jillian said she’ll be in the guest house. Artie wondered how Jillian’s boyfriend in Missouri is going to off himself. His first prediction was that Jillian was going to dump the guy once she got to L.A.

Stern, imitating Jillian’s voice, said she wasn’t going to do that. “But meanwhile I heard the boyfriend’s really pissed at Artie,” Stern said. Jillian said it was more to the fact that Artie joked about him on national radio. Artie replied that it’s the Stern show, expect some joking around. “But wait till he finds out that it’s true,” Robin Quivers needled.

“Wait ’till you’re dating Lebron James!” Artie added. Knowing that she’s from Missouri, Stern told Jillian that it’s going to be a whole different world for her. “You’re going to be at parties every night, famous dudes, you’re head’s going to be spinning.” Artie told her that it’ll be real fun to go to dinner at Appleby’s in Missouri after all this.

Gary said he couldn’t wait till Jillian went to the first party and met Bill Maher. Stern said he couldn’t wait until the boyfriend made a decision to come out to L.A. to live with her because Jillian didn’t want to come home. Gary said he saw that movie. It’s called Star 80. “You guys are giving him a hard time,” Jillian replied sweetly. Asked if she was going to dump her boyfriend, Jillian insisted that she wasn’t.

Jillian was asked if she had a “honey, I trust you discussion” with her boyfriend before she left. Jillian said she’d call him but the hesitation in her voice made it sound like she really hadn’t. Stern painted a picture of Jillian partying and getting drunk. “You guys are making it hard for me,” she said. Artie said the show was all about breaking chops.

Asked what her boyfriend David does, Jillian says he still goes to school and works with his grandparents. “Artie might be wrong,” said Stern covering the snickers. Robin Quivers said it’s very rare but sometimes a girl will stay with her original boyfriend.

“Shall I date the Lakers or my boyfriend?” Stern wondered aloud. Artie then painted a picture of Jillian telling her boyfriend that she couldn’t call him because she was at an awards show with DMX. Stern imagined that Jillian would be included in all the doings at the mansion. Jillian said she was informed to bring cute outfits because Hefner will want to take her out to all the clubs. “Forget about it,” Robin advised her, knowing the boyfriend was fait accompli.

Jillian was told that Tuesday night is movie night at the mansion where Hefner plays first run films for about 20 girls. Stern said wait until Jillian starts getting pressured to do Hefner. The Stern crew continued to razz Jillian about having to go out with James Caan and other celebrities.

“Guess who I went out with?” Stern added. “Fred Durst and all his friends.” Artie said if he were Jillian’s boyfriend he’d start hanging out at Bennigan’s during happy hour looking for a new girlfriend. Stern imagined another conversation.

“Guess who took us out to lunch? Tony Danza and Sonny Corleone…and the guy from Hunter. We just had a whole big conversation with Pauly Shore. He’s bald now, but he’s so nice. Guess who says I have a great personality? The drummer from Van Halen.” Artie envisioned another conversation about all the leg room in Chris Tucker’s Mercedes.

Jillian was then reminded that, if she makes it into the magazine, she’s going have to go on tour of the country promoting it. “And you’ll get to meet cool disc jockeys,” Stern added blithely. “You’ll get to meets lots of morning guys and afternoon personalities.” Robin also suggested that Jillian would have to go to signings where she’ll meet lots of guys like her boyfriend.

Jillian said they’d be doing the actual shoot Wednesday at The West Studios. Stern congratulated Jillian on achieving her dream. “I owe a lot to you, Howard,” Jillian said.

“I think you owe it all to me,” Stern reminded her. “No offense.” When she was told that her head would be spinning from all this attention, Jillian stated that she’s never been to California. With tongue-in-cheek, Stern ventured to say that some of those guys who hang out at the Playboy mansion could probably even get Jillian in the movies. “You’ll be a Price Is Right girl in no time,” Robin told her.

Loaded on tequila, Stern’s prediction is that Jillian’s going to hook up with Paris Hilton “and some dudes.”

“This chick is two years away from an E! True Hollywood story,” said Stern. “After getting on the Howard Stern Show her downward spiral began…” Stern intoned.

“Coming up, David buys a gun,” said Artie continuing the E! gag. Jillian said she hoped her boyfriend wasn’t listening.


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