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Joanna Angel Talks about The XXXorcist

from Adult star Joanna Angel is back in a new film based on the horror classic, the Exorcist.

Joanna Angel is just your typical all-American girl. She has a few tattoos, loves Rock and Roll, graduated from Rutgers University in four years and loves apple pie. Oh yeah, she also likes sex-a lot. The 25-year-old alt-porn queen likes to get freaky so much, she launched her own adult website in 2002, which has been successful since the day it launched. Angel has been so successful, in fact, The New York Times profiled her in a feature two years ago. Since then, members have been making a beeline to sign up at her website/porn company, Angel’s latest film is a timely homage to famed horror film The Exorcist (titled the XXXorcist, naturally). Crave sat down with Angel in Los Angeles recently to get the skinny on the film, which is out next week, and more.

Crave Online: So what can you tell is about the eagerly anticipated XXXorcist?

JA: Joanna Angel: It’s a spoof. It’s basically about a possessed girl who has a priest come and cast the devil out of her by having sex with her. Then my Mom is really concerned so she comes in and then I get her possessed too-then we all start doing it! It’s hot. There are three different endings on the DVD.

CO: Did you try and match any shots/scenes from the original?

We did. It looks pretty similar for the budget we had to shoot with. The room we used looks really similar. We built a set and used some of the same effects.

CO: What effects in particular?

JA: When the bed starts rising-we did that. There’s a part in the movie when my head starts spinning around. It was actually very expensive. We got a head cast made-it was one of those things before we made the movie where we all said “is this worth the money?” In the end, I decided if I’m going to make this film I’m really going to make it.

CO: How is business at Burning Angel lately? Is it hard separating your job as “the boss” and acting in your adult films?

I JA: It’s a lot of work. It can be gratifying though. It’s strange because in addition to owning a business I’m just talent in movies sometimes. I have a contract with Hustler to do a certain number of scenes per year. And sometimes I show up on set and the other girls are complaining and their tired or whatever, but the days I’m on set having sex, that’s like vacation for me! That’s the fun part of my job. It beats what I usually have to do, which is allocating budgets, answering emails etc…

CO: Do you still enjoy running

JA: That’s where it all started for me, so yes. The thing about the web is, it’s not exactly the most glamorous thing. But the good thing about the Internet, is that anyone can start a company. It’s made the playing filed level for young entrepreneurs. Ten years ago, if I wanted to start a porn company, I probably would have to get a meeting with a big company and go from there. It’s just like music-now you can have a band and make a Myspace page and immediately start getting attention these days.

CO: I heard you used to be a rock promoter…true?

JA: I was a young promoter in college, putting on shows or whatever. When you are trying to get the word out about a new band or a show, you hand out flyers. And that’s what we did in the beginning. I handed out flyers for Burning Angel at, like, every show I could go to. I went to a lot of festivals from Tennessee to New York just getting the word out.

CO: What concerts/fans to you target/market to back then?

JA: I used to be into hardcore, so bands like AFI, Poison the Well and 18 Vision. I’m not that into that scene as much anymore…I listen to indie rock now but I still like the Misfits. In the last few months, I’ve had like this weird revival of listening to bands I was into in High School lately…bands like NOFX and all that.

CO: How did you first get into the adult business?

JA: My roommate in college was like “Hey do you want top start a porn site with me?” I said ok. It was really just an idea at the time-I didn’t think it was going to last. It was so weird…the first day it went up…I was never used to getting a lot of attention. When I was in college, I was kind of funny looking. I was not used to being the center of attention at all, but the day that site went up, it was like everywhere I went, it was all anyone could talk about. Granted, that’s not all everyone was talking about in the world, but in the world that I lived in, it seemed like that’s all anyone wanted to talk about. That day, 4/20/02, I was really high as well! I remember finding my roommate that day and saying ‘I don’t think this is a good idea.’ He said we started something and we have to keep it going. I had some kind of weird epiphany that day and I realized I made a choice to do this and I really need to do it.

CO: So you owned it?

JA: Yeah totally. I would have looked like a fool if I backed out then. It was not like the whole world was talking about it, but that’s what it felt like to me.

CO: Since then, Burning Angel has become a success. Is it still gaining lots of members?

JA: We’re doing really well. We’re not millionaires or anything yet and there are certainly bigger sites out there. But we have employees, over 130 girls on the website. To me, it’s always been my goal to have this be my full time job. I’ve done that and I’m only 25.

CO: Do you think there is less of a stigma now in porn because of Paris Hilton’s tape and society in general becoming more accepting?

JA: I definitely can say at least for the punk and hardcore music scenes, you get exposed to a lot of things. It’s better now than it used to be for sure. The first band we interviewed on Burning Angel got kicked off of their tour just because of the interview on our website. People used to get offended, but now it’s more accepted. It’s strange to think about 18-year-olds thinking about “when I grow up I want to be on Burning Angel.” That’s weird because I didn’t have that when I was younger I didn’t have that. Now it’s just a part of alternative culture. I think that’s good-I hope I was able to make people a little more open-minded. It always bothered me when I was younger in the punk scene that you were either a tough girl who had no sexuality or a slut.

CO: And you enjoy your work?

I do! I can’t speak for every single person who does porn, but I always make sure the girls on Burning Angel are having fun. I won’t hire a girl unless I know she wants to do it-and not just for the money. Of course we pay everybody, but it’s not going to be good for anyone if a girl does porn just because she needs money.

CO: Thanks Joanna!

JA: No problem! Everyone go see XXXorcist…it’s great.


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