John Stephen Forbush the lying scumbag scammer suitcase pimp that setup Dave

I was checking my submitted post today and one post particularly caught my eye. Seems John Stephen Forbush from Metro Talent agency has sent in a huge load of crap article written Mike South style about Dave that clearly came from John Stephen Forbush.

Since I am not Mike South that just post total bullshit lies I decided to call around and gather some info before approving this post.

Talking to some people in the industry about John on the phone today I have gathered up a lot of info on this scumbag.

First off John Stephen Forbush is buddy buddy with Mike South and one of Mikes sources of bullshit, no surprise there. This would explain Mike’s meaningless attacks of lies about Dave.

Seems the big thing to talk about first though is the whole shooting incident where John claimed Dave shot at him outside Dave’s home. Seems that this was all a setup and there is no truth what so ever in the story. I cant get into to many details as of yet about the court case going on but I can tell you about John Stephen Forbush and his history.

First off lets start out by showing you who he is currently paying money to and supporting which the whole adult industry hates:


Yup that’s a paid banner spot linking to John’s Metro Talent on none other than anti porn and failed at everything in life and porn Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers website pornnewstoday. So for all of you that hate Monica and or have been attacked, libeled and slandered by her, know that John is funding her attacks.

Moving on to more fun info.

John Stephen Forbush current address:
5712 Shirely ave Winnetika ca 91356

Can someone say mailing letters time? Someone call Donny Long!
Wonder who the home owners/Live In Property owners are ?
They wont be happy to know that a two time failed cop killer and hitman exists in the trailer parked out back who just happens to be a child rapist and it is true he is a child rapist. Clearly evident to a reasonable person John S Forbush lives in and on the premises and the Land Lord’s 13 Yr old daughter told her parents John forced his well over 300 lb fat body on her groping her and worse. Just like a true back page pimp hookery addict that he is was able to talk his way out of the accusations of the 13 year old. Because good and naive folks would never believe child rapist exists.
There is much more details coming in on John Stephan Forbush pandering activities deserving.
His pimping activities include but not limiting to, gang raping of a female with down syndrome, who may be on his unlicensed and not properly bonded rogue so call agency website. Notable is this mentally challenged girl is fronted as a “porn Star” on the site for over two years now however not a single adult scene can be found anywhere of her.
Not sure but I think this is the girl in question:
I have confirmed this rumor that John has been pimping out a girl with down syndrome and from looking at this girls pictures she even looks to have down syndrome and she has not been in any real scenes. Now from what I know this is grounds for rape charges and is no different than pimping out a minor cause this girl can not make her own decisions.
Now to move on with more fun about this wonderful “agent” in our industry lets look at the real name .com made for John
Yup all that shit is fact and verifiable online.
Another story I heard about John from one of his xgirlfriends in the biz that he use to pimp out is that he was molested by his step father and step brother as a child and she knows this because one day she smacked him on his ass and he went ape shit beating the shit out of her and he got charged over it but she never showed up to court, her name is Natalie. Apparently John has issues about his ass being touched from when his step father and step brother use to rape his asshole.
So this homosexual, fat, criminal, cop killer, hitman, suitcase pimp, child rapist, and lying scumbag needed to be outed and exposed and what better place to do it than! Please follow me @generossisback
and check back for more fun.
Check out how in the police report he calls himself a “pornstar” another is “dishwasher” and another is “unemployed”.
John forbush 2012 arrest employment PORN STAR(1) CgAAG1Z9s1SEBplvAAAAAE3Uu3Y843 - Copy


  1. OMG I saw this fat pig at a Go See. His Shirt was half unbuttoned with his gut hanging out and over lapping his waist area. He was foaming at the mouth and breathing heavy.
    Its the same guy I later spotted at the grosser store during a voter drive. I knew there was something fishy when he began asking questions of a personal nature. More to come on this and the mail fraud soon on his wiki page expected soon.
    We have the Name of His Step Father and his step brother who raped him rather severely without the decency of providing Fatty Buckler anal lube which he proudly calls “bum butter”
    His Step Brother and step dad didn’t even provide a towel to wipe away the remnants of their horrific performance away from his mouth,double chin and his bum area.

    John we hear has graduated from slowly moving the taught in his head to his hands and severely deformed penis which he is so ashamed of to commit more rapings of under aged boys and girls and bestiality. Fliers will be handed out to the neighbors of his Father Donald and his step kin folks the next time he conspires or runs his diarrhea mouth

    John S Forbush should have an Icon on PWL with a large elongated African American penis inserted to the central area of his esophagus in order to open the breathing tubes even the bronchial sacks which is larger than his ape like scrotum.

    Each time fat ass open his mouth he will get spanked like an ape at the zoo and man handled like a rag doll

  2. Donny after never saying anything bad about you. I wonder why you would do so about me. There’s no reason for it. As far as a “setup” your new business partner Dave who plead out to shooting at an inhabited vehicle also has felony convictions. I text you on your 305 number which you refuse to answer. Remember I worked for Scott in the past another man who never bad mouthed you. Also I’m not paying Monica Foster a dime, nor did I make that banner, the site doesn’t get as much traffic as you think neither does your site, and you can stop pretending to be gene ross, your not gene ross and gene ross is not back. Your porn “god” Donny Long so don’t try to be a poser and impersonate Gene Ross, I can tell by how you misspell words, use the word faggot, accuse people of being pedofiles, or child rapist Donny I want you to remember I never had said anything bad about you.

  3. Donny Long, listen, hear me out, you know all the time energy and other bullshit you spend is a waist of time you could be CEO of a big business now instead of fronting yourself off as gene ross and taking money from Dwight Cunningham or running your revenge porn site that just gave my computer a virus from the popups which I am reporting to google as malware. Your posting lies about people online, extorting girls for removal fees. I have to thank you for your backlinks you have increased my seo rank, but beyond that Donny what could I do to make you happy in life? You seem like a broken human that needs some mending.

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