John Steven Forbush Metro Talent Management extorts Jessica Blaze changes name to LILA LAVAY

I’m in contact with just about all the girls on John Forbush’s Metro Talent site and seems him and Payton Leigh Real Name Sherri Marshall are really doing a number of girls wanting to break into porn. All the Girls dont want to be on Metro talent’s website and or has a horror story to tell.

Seems they all have couple things in common. One being that he cant get them any real work and two they all are being extorted to have there pictures removed and that’s why they are there. Many have been raped or drugged or both by John and some I have recorded interviews of.

I also have an hour and a half of phone conversation between John and an industry insider that will blow your socks off alone with tons of dirt on Payton Leigh. All this fun will be coming out soon so sit tight John and your boyfriend Mike South, you kicked the wrong bull yet again you stupid fucks.

Read this where this girl is lied to and gets sent to do a video with a John bareback with no test for 700 on a hooking job after being told it was a real producer and then John Borbush steels 200 dollars from the model. After being told John wanted 1000 dollars to remove her pictures she decided to just change her name and post this tweet below:



She is still on Johns Site here:



And here she is on her new agents site with a new name:


And here she is on twitter:

gyvtcrcrt gvuyyu


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  1. Anyone who can provide the address where John Forbush stages a so called Poker party where girls are tricked into a gang rap trap house. We desperately need that address.
    We have reached out to many of the talents who either left or is still listed Mr Forbush’s rogue un-licensed and not bonded dangerous front agency however non of the victims so far can remember where the location is because they were roofied drudged and raped both in the trailer and at the poker party house. Each time John or any of his goon squads sounds off John Forbush gets kicked and receives the bull horns.

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