Joshua Luke Broome formerly known as Rocco Reed turns to Religion and regrets his Faggotry

Joshua Luke Broome is a Crossover Faggot that found God like Straight Male Porn God Randy Spears and realized that his Career as a Pornographic Film Actor and especially his activities as a performer in the Gay Adult Industry were a mistake.

He pretends to be straight, denies that he ever had sexual contacts with men in his private life and regrets that he sexually performed with men during his time as a Pornstar in the Gay Porn Industry.

He also admits that allegedly most female Pornstars avoid a male Pornstar who works parallel in the Straight and the Gay Porn Industry what is obviously wrong because most female Performers are Faghags but he at least understands that the reason why some Pornographic Film Actresses do it is the high risk of infections with venereal diseases in the Gay Porn Industry.

I dont know how honest Mr. Broome is but if all Crossover Faggots would be like him the Gay Mafia were much weaker.

I personally wish him a happy life outside of the Porn Industry. He has a real job, is married to a relatively good-looking biological woman and has one child.


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  1. One of the values of Christianity is forgiveness! Lets hope that Joshua whose first name is the Hebrew Original of the Greek name Jesus will be sincerely and live virtuous and not hypocritical like Degenerate Alexandra Melody Mayers.

  2. That’s what all these Faggot and Faghags need to do is repent for their sins, cleanse themselves of that filthy lifestyle they are living in it only brings diseases and death.

    • The most interesting question is why some so-called Gay-for-pay-Actors act as Bottoms while the Majority of them acts as Tops? Bo Sinn, Criss Strokes and Seth Gamble acted exclusively as Tops during their time as Performers in the Gay Porn Industry while Castro Supreme and Michael Vegas acted respectively act also as Bottoms.
      Kyle Mason who is probably a Bisexual also claims that he is straight just like Joshua Broome formerly known as Rocco Reed but in opposite to Mr. Broome Kyle did not regret and is still an active Performer that works now only in the Straight Adult Industry.

  3. Apart from Michael Vegas and Kyle Mason, Danny D and Joey Brass, TJ Cummings were Bottoms. Bottoms have no right to Crossover to Straight!

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