Joy Villa vs Monica Foster

Monica Foster

On the one hand, you have a nice looking, talented, smart and clever woman and on the other hand you have an angry, ugly, bigoted, bitter witch so there really is no comparison here but we wanted to post this for people that want to know how to correctly market themselves. One of these women did everything wrong while the other did it the right way.

This artist, Joy Villa, is so clever that she found way to get her music to the top of iTunes and doubled her Twitter followers in only a matter of hours. Monica Foster has kicked and screamed and cried for attention for years and no one ever listens. She has just released a single and her way of trying to market it is to post bigoted remarks @ certain groups and races all over social media and attack the President and First Lady. Well as you can see, no one will support such a person. They will support the opposite. And Foster will find herself in jail eventually having never made one dime off her ugly looks or terrible music.


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  1. Foster has tried to sabotage me starting with when she harassed the producers and the cast of “Live Nude Girls”, she deleted all those tweets but I have them. When she found out that I got hired to direct a short film, she contacted the EP and slandered me in an attempt to get me fired. When he ignored her, she contacted the sponsors and told them that I was embezzling money. Foster tweeted that she did in fact contact them, she then deleted that tweet.

    Foster has tried so hard to sabotage me and ruin me, but she keeps failing! It’s going on 3 years that this cross eyed monkey has stalked me! She discredited herself when she was too gutless to appear before a judge with me over a year ago. Court mediation hasn’t helped her not one damn bit.

    Apparently, she thinks that buying a dot com with my name on it is supposed to help ruin me. Let’s see, we all know that she did it, so now she’ll never get the cops on me for a damn thing because I’ll show them that and that’ll look very bad on her, especially when I show them the Google blog that she had made for it. She’ll never take any kind of legal action against me, because that dot com will be used against her. What’s funny is that she linked it to that post that she did on me on the dirty, even after Nik Ritchie made headlines that he admitted that his website had been used for cyber bullying.

    The great thing about her, is that she’s so full of jealousy and hate that she’s too stupid to think logically! She’s an idiot!

    No one tries to sabotage her, even though she claims that she’s a victim of stalking, because she has no potential when it comes to music, painting, etc!

    I’m glad that I met her in person though, she is physically unattractive and when I saw her walking down the street, it was funny seeing her power walk in high heels. She doesn’t know how to be sexy at all!!!

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