“Judgement Proof” Monica Foster Boasting On Twitter, Compiling A “Hit List!”

Lifelong loser Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers, is unfazed by being $167,000 and change in the hole after libeling and slandering her way to a loss in court to Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza. In fact, she is boasting about how Randazza will not see a dime and perhaps she is correct as she doesn’t have a pot to piss in. Perhaps a lien could be placed on her parents retirement accounts and homes. She is, after all, claiming to live at her mother’s address in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Whatever they need to do to squeeze the money out of her, they should do. She mocks the court and the attorney’s so go after her family!


Perhaps Tristan Stadtmuller Twitter @blue_balled could chime in below and give us more information about what could be done as not only was he dragged into a worthless, time wasting mediation session by her but he has followed her case with Randazza closely. Could they go after her family’s money? Is she barred from traveling until this is paid off? Could she lose her access to the internet or even be thrown in jail with the mocking she is doing at the attorneys and the court? Will her future job prospects be affected?


Foster has also compiled a “hit list” of sorts and is threatening to murder particular people who have made a fool of her. This coddled little suburban broad would last about a day in jail before she started crying for her mommy. She’s not gonna lay a hand on anyone. She’s gutless, she’s a coward, she’s worthless and weak but let me tell you all something – Girl or no girl she’s fair game if any of you see her on the streets and she attacks you. You’d just be defending yourself and those of you north of 6 feet tall and 175 pounds would maul this tiny 5’5″ 150 pound telephone tough guy although not as easy as a few years ago when she was under 150 pounds. Her ballooning weight would mean it would take around 3 hits to get her knocked out instead of one.

Folks, let me tell you something, when people have to start making physical threats @ other people over the internet that just means they have lost the argument and they should just concede and move on. The only assholes that want to escalate things to a physical level are those that were outgunned on the intellectual level. Give it up, admit you were owned and move on. This woman can never do that and digs herself a deeper hole every time. So be it. Let things get worse for her. We’ll sit back and laugh.


  1. The court can put a bench warrant out on Foster if she keeps up her shit. The courts are aware that people like Foster exist and so when they keep pushing the buttons, the court will then put a warrant out for her arrest. I’m not familiar with Deerfield, FL, but if the court puts a warrant out on her, the cops in that area can pick her up. Las Vegas won’t extradit her, but Foster will still have a criminal record and arrest record.

    She’s lying her ass off living in Florida. She fucked up when she had her mediation with me. This idiot applied for a TPO on me and accepted mediation when the she denied it the first time and I stood in front of the judge alone. Foster fucked up because now she’ll have to pride proof that she traveled from Florida to Las Vegas to go to that Discovery conference at the Randazza law firm then travel back to Florida and travel back to Vegas to meet me in mediation.

    Here’s the thing, if Foster really did live in Florida and she’s as broke as she says that she is, Randazza could have paid for her travel! Another thing, she could have applied for a TPO against me in Florida and I would have had to either travel there or appear via phone to defend myself. She couldn’t apply for a TPO here in Vegas unless she was a resident.

    As Donny Long keeps saying, Foster keeps kicking herself.

    Can the court reward Randazza Foster’s websites and YouTube accounts, they can if he ask for it. The court can also order Twitter to ban Foster from the website. The court can also order Google to remove Foster’s websites and shit from their search engine.

    Foster lives in Vegas and if a warrant gets issued against her, she’ll be arrested and could face up to 15 years in prison. Foster thinks that she’s immune. Randazza won’t collect a dime from her, but he can eventually get a warrant out on her. You can damn well bet that warrant will go all over the Internet.

    It’s all going to take a while, but this legal system in the US sucks! But it will happen, we just need to be patient.

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