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Julia Ann: Digital Playground Was Too Kamikaze for Her- 2/10/07

Porn Valley- Julia Ann didn’t burn down any buildings in her visit to KSEX Friday night. But Jason Sechrest,, whose program she was on, kind of gave you the impression that she’s murder around matches.

“I love this bitch- I totally do,” laughed Sechrest. “We have the most ridiculous amount of stuff to talk about.” Sechrest couldn’t believe she was sitting on the coach and Julia Ann couldn’t believe it either, wondering what kind of beating she was going to take. Sechrest alluded earlier to a story involving Julia Ann allegedly burning Tera Patrick’s hotel room down and later being at Digital Playground and burning footage of her first interracial scene in the bathroom sink.

Sechrest wondered if she brought any lighter fluid along.

He then complimented her on how good she looked and Julia Ann laughed saying it was despite the wacky reputation she obviously had. Also listening to some of the earlier Xbiz gossip he was dispensing, Julia Ann observed that Sechrest was turning into a vicious queen. Sechrest agreed.

“You didn’used to be- you were this nice boy that worked at Danni’s Hard Drive,” she said. “All you could do was have this picture of Julian on his wall.” Sechrest said he still had the picture but calls it like he sees it.

“You talk about rumor as if it’s fact,” she pointed out. Sechrest denied that saying he uses the word allegedly. From the way she was talking, Julia Ann was lambasting Sechrest for something he said or wrote about Julian and her.

“People talk crap and this is the problem I have,” she continued. “You had nothing to go on. I dated somebody that you knew once. I liked him. It didn’t work out and moved on. You came up to me and actually said I’m sorry you met him.” Julia Ann felt that somehow she became a gossip target after she and Sechrest stopped talking. The subject of that conversation continued vague and Sechrest really wasn’t filling his audience in on what it was all about.

“I have never had any sort of crazy experience with you,” Sechrest told her. “You have always been very kind and maybe a little off balance but never crazy. You’ve totally been the nicest, sweetest girl to me. I’ve always loved you. However, there are so many crazy stories out there about you. I want to go down the list of them.”

To which Julia Ann said she doesn’t really hang out with anyone in the business and doesn’t talk to anybody.

“The only people that I speak to that are my friends are Dyanna Lauren and Christy Canyon. That’s it.”

Julia Ann said she’d be the first person to throw herself under the bus if any of the “crazy” rumors were true about her.

Sechrest brought up a movie she shot with Tera Patrick on location.

“We shot in more than one place- Hawaii and France,” recalled Julia Ann. “Is this the one where I supposedly lit the hotel room on fire and attacked her? Let me tell you, I walked straight up to her and I was like what is this trash?” Julia Ann said if the rumors involved something about her and a curling iron, it’s all the same story.

“She and I – I thought- were friends,” Julia Ann continued. “I was sharing a hotel room with her in Cannes during the Palm D’Or. You know when you plug in your curling iron you’re supposed to have a transformer and an adapter? I bought the adapter kit not realizing there needed to be a transformer kit. I plugged the adapter straight into the wall and, of course, it got too much juice. I went to pick it up and the thing turned to molten lava in my hand. It burned a hole in the carpet. I throw it into the trash can which proceeds to light on fire. And the two of us are running around like Screaming Mimis trying to put it out. There’s your whole story.”

According to Julia Ann she gave Patrick a check for $500 to cover what the hotel charged for the burned carpet.

“It was my curling iron. There’s your whole story. Am I telling the truth? Hardly a blink in sight.”

Julia Ann said at that point she and Patrick were friends and continued to share the same room. Regarding how the story translated once it got out, Julia Ann said she had a conversation with Patrick and surmised it was a product of Digital Playground.

Sechrest took that to mean she had issues with the company and Julia Ann said she didn’t.

“I just decided after France- they wanted to shoot and the kind of shoot is haphazard,” she continued. “Like you just run into a location and all of a sudden you’re doing a sex scene and the owner of the house doesn’t know it. Tera’s trying to keep the owner downstairs and occupied while me and Devon Wolf were having a scene in a hot tub- I could hear her talking down there, trying to keep him down there so we could have our sex scene.”

Julia Ann also alluded to the company’s apparently sneaking another sex scene in where people got married at a waterfall.

“Then we got to France- three different times it was supposed to be a scene with me, Nacho Videl and Hakkan. Every single time we go to start a sex scene at a location it gets interrupted. The wife comes home, and we’d get thrown out of the house. Then we’d go to another location…”

Sechrest assumed this was normal for porn.

“This isn’t normal,” Julia Ann told him. “They’re completely kamikaze by the seat of their pants shooting. I’m not used to that. I was with Vivid. I’m used to having a permit and everything’s safe and cozy-warm. I got home and they turned to my agent and said it’s funny. She sure acted like she didn’t want to be here and he goes it’s funny you mention it because she don’t want to be here. It’s just not the way I’m used to conducting business so I left. And the second I left I went to the Playboy Wet N’ Wild party- I saw Patrick. I go hi. She turned and walks away from me. That was the last time I spoke to her.”

Sechrest then asked if she ever shot an interracial scene. Julia Ann said she shot one with Sean Michaels in an all-white room in a castle in LA and was going to put that in a movie she was producing which Digital Playground was going to distribute.

According to Julia Ann, she was dating “a crazy Sicilian” at the time. Sechrest wondered if it was a guy named Russell Orenstein [of Gallery magazine] and Julia Ann said, no, but that Orenstein’s name was linked to yet another rumor where he was supposed to have beat her up.

Julia Ann said the guy who did it was named Pete and he was an Italian from New York.

“He’s actually in jail for what I understand coercion.” On the other hand, Julia Ann said Orenstein was one of the most upstanding gentlemen she ever met.

“He would never lift a finger to a human being.”

Julia Ann said “Pete” was angry that she was in the industry and she wound up having two different restraining orders on him.

“I feared for my life and everything else. He threatened me pretty severely about it. All I did was reach in and pull out the tape and I destroyed it where he couldn’t find it.” So the rumor about Julia Ann going into Digital Playground and destroying the footage there wasn’t true.

“I always had the footage,” she stated. “I’ve never gone into their place. After I quit Digital Playground, I never even went in there to tell them I quit. My agent went in and told them I didn’t want to be with them. I never set a foot in their place. I’m not confrontational.”

Julia Ann said the rumors about her are assinine and if people want to believe them, she just moves on.

“At the end of the day unless what I’m doing for a living is creating world peace and solving wood hunger, I’m not going to fret about some crap that somebody says about me. I just can’t. I can only do what I can do.”

Sechrest also heard a rumor out of Wicked that Julia Ann allegedly poisoned another Wicked contract girl’s dog.

“That’s an impossibility,” she answered. Anybody that knows me, knows I rescue animals. Animals are my life. I would flip out if I knew anybody hurt an animal. But I don’t know one contract girl whose dog has even died. And, furthermore, I don’t hang out with any of them so I’m not around any dogs.”

Sechrest wanted to know what happened with her and Michael Raven.

“It didn’t work out,” she answered. Asked why she was attracted to Raven, Julia Ann said there was a boyish quality she liked and there was a thing about him that was sweet and fun.

“The first time I met him he was showing me his trailers and he’s so talented that I really appreciated them.” Julia Ann said Raven was charming in the way he reacted to her appreciation of them.

“Did he ever beat you?” Sechrest wanted to know.

“He never hit me,” she said.

“Did he abuse you mentally in any way?” Sechrest added.

“That definition can be really tight,” said Julia Ann. “I think that he and I did wrong. Initially I was very abrupt and didn’t know how to deal with peoples’ shortcomings and was probably harder on him than I needed to be.”

Defining shortcomings, Julia Ann said Raven spent a lot of time editing.

“A lot of artistic personalities are like that,” she continued, “where they tend to dive into something and become a bit of a recluse. And so he’d spend a lot of time downstairs in his computer room, editing and creating music and sound tracks for his stuff. I felt a litle kind of alone. Instead of coming at it from a responsible, mature way, I did a little too much foot stomping and I think it made him feel less man. I would go downstairs and I’d go everybody ignore the man behind the curtain. Because he was just his own little show down there. I didn’t see him a lot.”

“Do you think he’s manic depressed?” Sechrest asked.

“No,” she replied. “I just think he’s extremely creative and dramatic and a lot of those personalities can tend to be introverted. He goes inside himself and that’s where he needs to be.”

“Is that what brought down the relationship?” Sechrest wondered. “Just not being available?”

“I’m sure that had a lot to do with it,” she responded. “Because the more alone you get, the more resentful you get. And the more you say it, the more resentful they get that you don’t understand their certain way. I understood it but it wasn’t livable for me where somebody else might be perfectly okay with that. I can’t consider it abusive. It just wasn’t the way I wanted to live. It wasn’t where I saw the relationship going. This marriage was probably the most important relationship of my adult life because I had to do a lot of personal work in order to accpet it for what it was and then let it go.”

Julia Ann said she misses certain aspects of the relationship.

“It was my first marriage and very important to me,” she adds. “I’m also a very loyal person so when I go in, I go in 110%. And because I didn’t get my own expectations of what the relationship should have been, it hurt.”

Asked what made that relationship different from the one she had with Julian, Julia Ann said she didn’t know.

“Julian was a really great person I have to say. But what you have are two different personalities. Where Michael and I- I think we’e both sort of dramatic and we fed off each other better, longer. Where I don’t think Julian and I had any long term staying power. I think he’s a sweetheart but I felt more secure in trying that marriage because seeing his [Raven’s] previous history with a marriage, it lasted 11 or 12 years, that I felt that he had stronger possibilities of a longer marriage.”

Sechrest took a lot of what she said to mean that Julia Ann was feeding off the drama.

“Drama can be passion,” she conceded. “Drama can be friendly banter.”

“If it was good and it was friendly, why is it over?” Sechrest wanted to know.

“It was like a lot of relationships,” she answered. “It starts out good and friendly and, slowly, you start seeing each other’s faults and maybe shortcomings or maybe differences. I didn’t have the tolerance. And even if I did, it still may not have been something that was right for me.

“Initially I was attracted- how do you describe that person who has his moments of being very, looking very strong and very confident? And other moments of looking very coy and very subtle? He has some very endearing qualities and I like that because I don’t want somebody who’s completely one-sided. That would be very boring to me. I need that excitement. It doesn’t have to be mean.”

Julia is dating someone now who keeps her on her toes in a different way, she says.

“I never had somebody who was so active.” Sechrest referred to the guy as “the senator.”

“There’s all this energy,” she laughed. “And it’s all positive and fun energy.” She said it’s the most fun relationship she’s ever been in. Sechrest imagined that people have to go through a really bad relationship in order to know a good one when it comes along.

“The marriage was a very big loss for me,” Julia Ann admitted. “I don’t like being defeated in something. It really upset me accepting that.”

Asked if she ever wanted to have kids, Julia Ann said she was too much into her animals for that. But she did have an abortion when she was 18.

“I was under- I woke up and it was over. There was too much anesthesia and I had trouble breathing when I woke up.”

Sechrest wondered if Julia Ann ever fucked a former employee at Danni’s Hard Drive named Jonathan up the ass.

“He got married- he had a boyfriend!” she exclaimed. “And I wouldn’t, anyway.”

Asked if she ever fucked a guy up the ass, Julia Ann took a very long pause to consider the question.

“Maybe a finger,” she said. “I don’t ever get lucky enough to date somebody who’ll let me do that!”

“You dated Julian,” Sechrest reminded her.

“He wouldn’t let me do that,” she said. “Hell, no.”

On the subject of Blondage, Julia Ann explained that she and Janine had been best friends from their late teens on.

“We met on the beach- the person she was with at the time was a singer of a band that my ex boyfriend was a drummer in. We didn’t even start Blondage until our twenties. But we’ve been best friends. We did Blondage before we did adult.”

“Did you have sex with her?” Sechrest asked.

“Yes,” said Julia Ann.


“Not regularly,” she said. “We had our moments. We were kind of passionate girlfriends.”

Sechrest needed to hear a funny story about life on the road with Janine, and Julia Ann said there was one but didn’t feel right about telling that story. Sechrest thought there might have been a falling out and Julia Ann said there wasn’t one.

They saw one another recently at the AEE show but only about ten minutes.

Recalling her Vivid contract days, Julia Ann said everyone was very friendly and sweet with each other. Besides her current contract with Wicked, she’s also now doing makeup for them. And because she gets along very well with the girls there said she’s very shocked to hear rumors about someone’s dog.


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