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Katie Gold Promos Surfer Girls

Porn Valley- Katie Gold who appears in Surfer Girls from Shane’s World was on The Wanker Show, recently. It was on the heels of a press party organized by Shane’s World to promote the feature. Gold said she had a blast at the event. “We were all wasted. It was like a re-union from Hawaii [where the move was shot]. We drank most of the time we were out there. It was a good time. Lots of Mai-tais going around.”

As was noted, Gold got to fly to Hawaii. “A bunch of cuties went out there,” said Wankus. “Teagan and you and Brittney Skye and Naudia Styles.”

Gold said it was a great crew and great chemistry. “I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of girls- a great time, great personalites. As soon as I walked through the door we were all fucking. As soon as I got off the airplane they called me up to the room. The girls had been there a couple of hours having a good time. They just pulled me in and we went at it for three days. Whoever passed by just happened to fall into the mix. It was unreal. We fell in love over and over again with all the surfer boys on the North Shore in Oahu. We wanted to pack them all up in our suitcases and bring them home with us. But it was a blast and I’m sure all the guys had a great time, too.”

Asked if she got to do some surfing, Gold said, “I stood up on my first try. This was a big, long board- sharks. Of course when I first got there I was a little nerve-wracked. But the surf instructors made it all worthwhile.” Gold also said she had a website, that should launch June 1.

Gold’s been in the business on and off for seven years allowing for a hiatus here and there. She doesn’t want to direct, she says.

“I don’t want to be in charge of all that. That’s a little too much drama and what not for me. I’m good with coming and going.” In addition to her website, Gold said she’ll be feature dancing and taking care of her fan club. “I don’t envy our directors or the people who are in charge of our groups,” she said. “It’s a lot of responsibility and I don’t want to piss anybody off. If I had to deal with that I’d be screaming all the time.”

Gold didn’t even want to address the issue of life beyond porn other to say that for supplemental earnings she does “massage therapy.” Asked if happy endings were involved, Gold said she didn’t know but that it depends on the person.

Gold talked about how she got into the business with Shay Sweet. “We were dancing in Dallas,” Gold recalls. “This little short old man came up to us and told us about the business. He showed us pictures, and we were a littlestandoffish at first. I told Shay about it and all I had to say was Hollywood and we were on the bus. And he was our manager for about a month. And we got with World Modeling and here we are today.”

Gold said she and Sweet have enjoyed good careers. “We both got a decent head on our shoulders. We can manage our business just fine.” During the quarantine, Gold was doing Internet photo work. “AIM is doing the best they can,” Gold said at the time. “They’re doing a pretty damn good job.”

The subject got on Teagan who’s also from Texas and in the Surfer Girls movie. Gold predicted that Teagan’ll do very well in the business. “I’m all about that girl. She’s a good girl.”

Gold herself is from Dallas. Given an opportunity to tout, Gold also touted Katie Gold Cock Star from JM Productions which came out earlier this year. “I did my first d.p.” Gold also likes the Violation of Katie Gold which she also did for JM. “It’s a really great line from them,” she said. “Most of the Violations are great but I had a fantastic time on mine.”

In the feature, Gold plays a jeweler’s wife who falls asleep. “I had my Ivana Trump big feather boa robe-thing on. And all these chicks came in, in all-black and had masks on and stuff and attacked us. There were feathers flying everywhere from my big boa robe. It was hysterical. And I totally got raped on the stairs. At the same time, you can’t rape the willing, but I did my best to act like I was terribly upset.”

Given the desert island option, Gold said she’d prefer to be stuck with the hottest girl. “If I had to live with a person the rest of my life, it would be a woman,” she said. Asked who would build the hut on said island, Gold said, being from Texas, she was pretty crafty. “I can handle it. I’m a redneck girl. I can do it.”

Quoting Teagan from the press party, Wankus said the girls in the Surfer Girls movie were divided into redneck “hickey” girls, blond bombshells and California girls. The hickey girls are the ones who would pull up on the beach in a trailer. “Exactly,” said Gold. “All our shit in trash bags thrown in the back.”

Gold was asked to recount an instance on set that she wouldn’t like to see repeated. “It was a guy,” she said. “We went away from Los Angeles to do a shoot, on a road trip. He had worked with all the other girls in our crew and I guess I was the last go-around. It just wouldn’t happen. He couldn’t get hard at all.”

Gold attributed his condition to pharmaceuticals. “It made him limp the whole time.” Wankus suggested the guy might be friends with Scott Fayner. Gold said she didn’t know Fayner but suggested that, if that was the case, he should quit now while he was ahead. Gold said the situation was very irritating in that the male performer wasn’t kicked out sooner. “They just kept giving him chance after chance after chance.”

There were six girls in the cast, according to Gold, and the guy couldn’t get wood with any combination of the girls. When her turn came, Gold said she pulled out every trick in the book. “I’ve been in the business a long time and know how to handle these situations. I know how to jerk him off. I pulled out all my tricks.” Gold said the guy’s last name was X. “Do a little research.”

Gold said the guy managed to cum, somehow. “I don’t know how- his dick was limp and he came.” Wankus suspected that the guy’s dick might have looked like dripping piece of Fettucine Alfredo. Gold said, surprisingly, the guy got paid. Wankus said he would have paid for him to go to rehab.

For her part, Gold says she’ll do anything to help out a guy during a scene. “I pamper their egos and I’m all about ’em. They’re all beautiful men and I have a great time with all of them. We don’t usually have a hard time unless you’re doing something outside our industry that’s prohibiting your hard on. That’s your deal.”

Gold said Peter North has always been her favorite male performer. “He’s very professional and all about it. A good-looking guy. I always have a good time with him.” She rates Felecia her favorite among girls. “She and Alexandra Silk. There’s a tie with those two girls.”


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