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Katie Gold- Dave Pounder Drove Me Crazy

Porn Valley- Had a little chatty-poo-poo-poo with Katie Gold after her appearance on The Wanker Show, , Wednesday night. Katie had some stories to tell, in fact, she told one of them about Dave Pounder on the air but gave me a personalized version. She also game me the real story behind the Chuck Martino baseball bat incident which also involved a very good friend of hers, Shay Sweet.

Katie: Shay Sweet shows up at my house- her face is red from a traumatic experience. She says to me Chuck is throwing out all my stuff [Martino and Sweet had been an item] on the lawn. I told her I’m going to get your stuff. I drove over there. I had a baseball bat in my trunk. I thought I would have to protect myself. Because I know Chuck is one of those kind of guys. So I show up at the house, I grab my baseball bat. I get on the lawn and I’m grabbing all her stuff off the lawn and putting it in the trunk. Chuck comes out. He sees me with a baseball bat. I go, Chuck, you got something to say, say it to someone who’s going to stand up to you. He says to me Katie you need to get out of here before I call the police. He lets me get all of her stuff- I leave and no drama happened. So there was nothing exciting happening. I didn’t actually take the baseball bat to Chuck but everybody likes to say that. Everybody thinks that’s what happened.

Then over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Dave Pounder. I went to do a content shoot with him in Orange County. He drove me fucking crazy like he does everyone he knows. This man knows how to push the buttons, he just wants to. So I let him and he got what he deserved. I punched him several times in the stomach the first go-around. We were supposed to do the shoot, I cancelled but I couldn’t stand him. I couldn’t stand the thought of his fucking cock going inside of me. Then I immediately have this fabulous shoot in Las Vegas for my website content. I’m like okay fine, I’ll swallow my pride and go to Vegas with him and deal with it. He brought another poor good from Direct Models- I forget what her name was. I said okay, great, he brought another girl, she’ll get all the pain. She didn’t. She lives in Vegas so she got to stay in her house with her boyfriend but I had to stay in a hotel room with Dave. We got to Vegas on a Thursday night, crashed, worked all day Friday, crashed Friday. But before we crashed Friday I went to a niteclub and got a little intoxicated.

So we all know that’s a truth serum. So I pretty much gave him the how to and what for, and while I was doing so, Dave had to argue with things that didn’t make any sense. I told him my pussy hurts- no it doesn’t. I can’t even describe what arguments we had. We had arguments about what outfit I should wear or how I should say certain things. Eventually I wound up back at the hotel drunker than shit and ended up punching him in the face and breaking two fingernails. It was actually fabulous. It was the most invigorating moment of my life. Because I always wanted it to happen. He just needed it so bad. The sex scene was no problem, but when he speaks, it’s a problem. He drove me fuckin’ crazy. I can’t even describe how irritating the man is.”

Gold has moved out here temporarily at least until February. “I was living in Ft. Worth with Shay Sweet,” she says. “I wanted to buy a house. I’m going to buy one in Austin where I’m originally from. In order to save up $30,000 for a down payment I have to be out here. I’m looking at February to buy a house. I had probably $15,000 saved up before I moved out here. To get the loan that I want I’m going to have to put at least $30,000 down.”

Gold said she’s missed the business so much. “I lived at home, went to school for anatomy and kinesiology for my massage therapy. I want to go into sports therapy.”


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