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“Kenzie marie back the hell off my sister Mahlia”

The Mahlia Milian [pictured] story which began with an e-mail solicits this response:

Sexy Lil Thing writes: Mahlia [Milian] is taking the advice of a few and knowing that these are all lies and doesn’t have time to sit around reply i’m stepping in to defend my sister N law, she’s not worried about atm, shy love or you Kenzie.

She has no reason to ever steal from anyone she drives a 2009 lexus IS250, has her own credit cards and a very good job so if she was a thief I’m working in the wrong field. Having talked to a few girls via myspace i’m going to again prove you wrong.

Since i’ve known mahlia which is about 8 yrs now she has always been a tmobile sidekick chick she has one cell phone the same sidekick lx that you have she doesn’t and never did have a sprint phone and sweetie your a dumb ass if you know there was an account made in your name and the phone isn’t turned off so instead of accusing her find out who has the phone.

If there was all this stuff ordered why wasn’t this handle when it was done? I can answer because there wasn’t you have nothing from mac with her name on it she always goes in the main store down in fashion valley because they match it to her skin tones which tend to change during seasons.

Britney may be your bestfriend but I have talked with 2 other girls who said you told shy that britney was doing coke shy sat around one night after a shoot and said you told her, the next day in the mall on her birthday is when all this got started I have also talked to the young lady who was there and she confirmed that yes all you guys sat in the food court and discussed what had been said you didn’t want morgan to know because I guess she would’ve made an issue out of it.

A few minutes later you talked to shy she then called mahlia and wanted to know what was going on and some other stuff trying to clear her name when she was telling girls stuff because you also told mahlia the things shy said about her. Being pissed off on her birthday mahlia left the mall and you called shy trying to clear your name because you knew it was going to start something shy then went to the house later and set up a meeting for the next day that never happen and even after this there was no problem between you and mahlia I do agree with hearing shy said all the high gossip is what started this but if she is an agent what’s discussed with her shouldn’t be told.

Shy was the one who said she didn’t think morgan had cancer .WOW mahlia doesn’t puke she has always said she would never diet for anyone she is a size 5 nice natural shape and is a beautiful girl i’ve seen your pics and yes you do look like a tranny but it was on many of these gossip type sites so don’t say shit that is untrue because she would never want to be a size 2 you may be a 32-25-32 but look at her 34-25-36 which is all REAL how about you take your hair weave out oooooppps your bald under so you can’t, take your fake boobs out which by the way is the worst job i’ve seen and all the make up you packed on and then talk.

I had to talk with a few other girls to get this but your defending kimber when a few months ago you trashed her name because you said she left you high and dry and if i’m right it’s the reason you moved into shy’s house because kimber left without telling you, hadn’t paid rent and the landlord kicked you out. Watch who you talk to because people will lay shit out to clear their name and that’s why the girlies are talking!

Our family is very close but I just warned you to back the fuck off and don’t try to say i’m making threats just letting you know your digging a bigger hole in this mess. By mahlia not talking doesn’t mean a thing her mind frame is staying stress free doing these next 7months but that doesn’t stop her family, friends and people she has worked for defending her and i’ll be damned if I sit back and let you trash her name so for the last time LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE, don’t post anymore shit about her or this issue let it be handle but the real pro’s and not some meaningless porn agent.

If this was true she would be in jail and not working and enjoying her days, we will be going in this week to talk with the officer in person and we have some hard proof which the lawyer has said not to state until after her name is cleared this week that she wasn’t involved in this scam so sit back and wait because in less then 48hrs you’ll be looking dumb then you can post all you want.


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