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Bisexual Britni writes: Before you get all excited about it, and start telling me what a firm Republican you are, and how you’ve always been a Republican, always VOTED Republican, and your mother and father were Republican, picture this: a world without sexual expression or sexual innuendo in the media. A world without a gratuitous breast flash integrated into the flimsy plot of a bad horror flick. A world without Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Nina Hartley, Hannah Harper, Jenna Haze, Gina Lynn, or any other sweet, accepting, vulnerable nude woman staring at you provocatively from a calendar or video. No more free twat pics on the internet that you copy to your desktop as wallpaper, burning the memory of the untouchable nymphette’s sweet honey-hole into your brain for the next lonely night.

Bush has publicly announced several times (and I don’t know if it’s because people don’t pay attention or don’t listen or – GASP with revulsion – don’t CARE what happens, but no one seems to know this) that he will BAN PORNOGRAPHY IN ITS ENTIRETY if he retains the presidency. On top of that – and I don’t know where you picked this magazine up, but – he plans to ban strip clubs from existence, also. Everything that encompasses adult nudity, sexuality, and… well, fun, he is trying his damnedest to eliminate entirely.

Is this someone we want in office? The biggest office, with the most powers no less?? You’re probably saying, “Yeah, that sucks, but what about JOHN KERRY? Maybe he sucks too.” If that were true, I wouldn’t be writing this article. John Kerry seems to have an actual PLAN for every goal he’s trying to accomplish. He’s been in battle himself, unlike certain other candidates who prefer to send others out in his place, and received three purple hearts for his courage. He has a handle on the domestic and foreign affairs presently occurring and knows what he plans to do to regain our much-needed allies and defeat the necessary enemies. He has acknowledged the fact that Bush has confused his allies and his enemies, and he plans to repair that damage.

I could go on and on, but the main thing is that John Kerry is capable of making this country better, safer, and freer. And that’s what America stands for: FREEDOM. Let John Kerry take us there….

I have been in retirement for a year in protest of Bush’s horrifically pointless, power-hungry, puritanical and impractically harsh strike on the adult industry. He attacks nudity in every form, sex in every form, and what is humanity without these things? I resigned in protest of his so-called “Amber Alert” law, which was disguised as a child protective legislation for lost and kidnapped children.

Everyone signed it, as it was designed to deceive good-natured lawmakers into believing that they were implementing justice and safety for innocent children. What they didn’t know is that the injustice behind it was uglier than GW’s motives for Iraq.

The Amber Alert had 5 percent child protection legislation, and 95 percent persecution toward pornographers, actors and actresses in the adult business. It was also quite geared toward producers (which I’ve been known to be, on several occasions) as it delineated sky-scraping penalties for the misplacement of a 2257 (which is the “model release”), and enormous punishments directed toward what they call “obscenities”.

The Funny Thing About Obscenities: nobody knows what one is. What happens is that you go to court, and spend a ton of money on your defense from an “obscenity” (which could be as simple as spreading your vaginal lips in a picture – seriously, just ask Becca) and you bankrupt yourself trying to defend whatever bit of your website or video the prosecutors think is immoral or disgusting (and you have to defend yourself well, in order to avoid the newly ramped-up sentences —though most of the time, it’s just about financially breaking you, and they don’t even care about the principles of morality at all), and then you can go to jail for a long time, or go back home with practically nothing at all. Obscenity, the practical joke of legislation. It’s subjective, so you can’t avoid it, and they can charge you with it at any time. This is what my FREE AMERICA has devolved into.

Help us stop this trend of regression, and keep sexual expression alive. If you help elect John Kerry, I’ll be glad to show my fans just what I can do, once again.

Love,Bisexual Britni


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