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Kimberly Kole Interviewed

Porn Valley- Breasts and all, porn newcomer Kimberly Kole stopped by The Wanker Show Monday night. Kole who doesn’t have a website as yet was urged by Wankus to get something going as soon as possible.

“Fans love it and they like to keep in touch with you,” he advised her. “Nowadays you’re not going to be a millionaire with a web site but you can definitely make a lot of extra money.”

Wankus asked Kole if she has a MySpace page. She doesn’t.

“Do you know how to operate a typewrite?” he laughed. But during a break later in the show, Wankus got her an address.

Kole, described as a shy-type, lives in the Denver area although she grew up in Nebraska.

“There was nothing to do,” she said, noting that she lived in a town with a population of 1300 and that there were 59 students in her graduating class.

“I was glad to get out of there,” she commented. “I didn’t do anything. I was a stay at home kind of girl.” She didn’t even fool around, she says.

“I had a boyfriend and I didn’t kiss him until I was out of high school.” From high school Kole went into the military [army] and was stationed in Hawaii.

“I lost my virginity on the beach,” she said. “His name was Tom Cruz.”

“Did he look anything like him?” Wankus asked.

“He was Puerto Rican,” Kole laughed, saying that she basically did it to get it over with. Kole also made it sound like she wasn’t getting any great action either there or in Denver. Co-host Rebecca Love suggested that maybe Kole was intimidating guys.

“A lot of times a shy girl can be taken as a bitch,” noted Wankus then asking her, “At what point in life did you start enjoying sex?”

“Probably the last couple of years,” Kole replied, indicating that she’s been single and hasn’t been seeing anyone serious. Kole didn’t seem to have “a type” when it comes to men outside of them being nice guys. Kole likes dirty talk, particularly degrading talk and enjoys a librarian fantasy or two where she plays the librarian. Kole mentioned that she likes having two guys at a time and that she was once with two football players. Wankus probed.

“If Tyler [Faith] dated Lawyer Malloy and everyone else, you can do this,” Wankus told her. Kole was afraid of getting in trouble.

“Unless you were on the team bus you won’t get in any trouble,” he told her. With a little coaxing and pulling his name out of a hat, it was determined that it may have been Jevon Walker although Kole was neither confirming nor denying. Walker’s name has been linked with other porn stars in hotel scenarios that leave a lot to the imagination. Obsviously talking from experience, Kole said a bunch of football players like having their salad tossed. Kole also observed that football players tend not to last in the sack very long. And Wankus assumed then that Walker, hypothetically speaking, was a two-pump chump.

Asked how the two-player scenario happened, Kole explained that she was with a guy friend at a bar.

“We were talking about how I hadn’t had sex in a long time,” she explained, noting that this guy owns a limo company that chauffeurs players.

“Two of the players were at the bar and he says my friend hasn’t had sex in a long time,” Kole related. “We went back to their place and it just all unfolded.”

In her porn role, Kole does boy-girl and g-g scenes. Wankus asked if she fooled around with girls on the side.

“Not really,” Kole replied. Also on the anal question, Kole doesn’t do it on screen although she’s tried it a couple of times in her personal life. Kole suggested perhaps with the right guy.

“The right partner can introduce you into enjoying anal,” Wankus added. Love said she’s had some great anal and that she has to ask the guy she’s currently seeing to do it. Otherwise, she could only recall him taking the initiative one time when they were in the doggie position. Wankus started talking about how anal isn’t so taboo now with it becoming common.

“These modern day high school girls are giving up their ass, not their pussy so they can keep their virginity.” On the interracial issue, Kole said she was slowing down on that. Plus she didn’t like the fact that producers tend to “dress you ghetto” in those types of movies.

“Unfortunately everyone has to stereotype shit,” Wankus agreed also wondering if Kole would do a bukkake for “a good surge of cash”. Kole didn’t think so. Wankus commended her noting that the trouble with the new girls is that they don’t know how to say no.

“They think they have to say yes to everything because they think they won’t work again,” he said.

Before she got into porn, Kole was doing graphic design and office work. She worked for a regular magazine in Denver. She said she had been thinking of doing porn a year before she made the jump. Kole said she pretty much got into the business on her own, that she sent some pictures around and followed up on that. The first scene she shot was for Blue Moon. It was a girl-girl scene, and Kole described it as her shopping in a furniture store and meeting another girl. She couldn’t remember who she worked with.

Noting that Kole had a classy but shy personality, Wankus was curious how she felt the first time.

“I was really nervous,” she said. “But I was more intrigued. She was all over me. I was, whoa! I got into it.” Asked if any directors have gotten rude or pushy with her, Kole said none so far.

“Usually when you work for a big company there will be some cocky, award-winning director,” Wankus assured her. Wankus brought up a movie he did for Wicked a couple of years ago in which he wore a chicken suit.

“I did a scene and forget I was supposed to get blown in a chicken suit. Stormy was going to blow me,” he recalled. “The director on the set was being a complete fuckin dick- Jonathan Morgan- who now we’re friends and it’s all good. Back then he was treating me like shit and I’m not a performer. After I did my stupid chicken suit thing I’m supposed to go in another room and drop trou in a chicken suit, get a hard on with the director yelling at me and being an asshole. I said to Stormy you’re cool if I don’t do this, right? It’s too much for me. I’m not a male performer. People don’t realize how hard it is for the guys.”

Kole’s family doesn’t know what she’s doing, under the belief that she’s modeling. She thinks they wouldn’t believe it at first even if she told them. Wankus assured her that a scene in some form or another will wind up on Playboy TV, and she’ll be ID’d that way.

Wankus brought up softcore scenes and Kole said she’s done a few.

“They showed a cock on NYPD Blue once,” he said. “Just so you know the law in broadcast, after 10 pm you can do whatever you want. You can go on ABC News after ten o’clock and say fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. But most people choose not to.”

During the course of the interview, Rebecca Love, who was displaying her yammers, mentioned yhat she was going to have hers reduced in size by a cup. Right now she’s a double-D.

“It’s your trademark!” Wankus said sounding disappointed. “Jessica Rabbit- that’s who you are.”

For her part, Kole could see herself staying in the business for awhile, and Wankus applauded her for taking the right steps so far in developing her career.


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