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KSEX’ers Comment on Selena Flap

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Chef Jeff posts: Thought I’d chip in my two cents on this one… It seems we have a simple difference of opinion here, as far as Wankus and Selena go…

As for me, let me tell you how I feel about KSEX, KSEX Games, Shows, Promotion… has proven to be a great source of publicity for girls in the porn industry. Talk numbers of listeners all you want. Your name, as a porn star, does get out there when you appear on KSEX. Many adult news websites cover the events and shows at KSEX. Selena did send out a great weekly newsletter which promoted her KSEX show. This helps her own personal promotion as much as it helps KSEX attract listeners. I always admired the fact that she put extra effort in to promoting her show.

Try running your own radio station. All radio stations work the same way. Guests appear for free, they get publicity, the radio station sells ads. DJs get paid. KSEX has always paid me, each and every time, on time, never bounced a check. Yes, on Howard Stern, you get in front of a massive audience, but you’re not on Howard every week for 26 weeks are ya? I’ve been on KSEX for 2 and a half years. It’s been great. is a great way for girls to get noticed. YOu can’t argue with that.

As far as the KSEX Games, you know, it really was a fun event. I think that it is very fair for KSEX to tape and sell the event on VOD. I was not involved in the production, nor was I invloved in the event in anway. So I don’t know much about the cost of the event. But I am sure there was a substantial amount spent to put the event on.It’s only fair that KSEX be allowed to recoup their costs.

Perhaps girls did not get paid for this event. But again, publicity has a value too. And it’s NOT like being cast in a porno. I didn’t see anyone having sex on camera, I didn’t see any blow jobs or pop shots. I saw a bunch of porn industry people, men and women alike, playing games, representing their companies, everyone having a good time.Every time I talk about the KSEX games on my show, I always mention the girls names. Guage in the bitch fight, Katja Kassin in the Nipple and Slide, Tiana Lynn in the Topless Potato Sack Race etc etc. The KSEX games gets so much publicity, it’s my personal opinion that it is very much worth the porn stars and the porn companies to have their names involved.

I don’t know much about DVD deals etc. But regardless, the girls did have fun, the girls did get lots of publicity. KSEX does in fact generate plenty of publicity for it’s guests. It’s more than a fair trade.

I dont know the details of Selena being fired, I can’t really comment on that. But I can comment on Wankus as a boss and station manager. Wankus has done nothing but help DJs and porn stars who have shows. He helps them develop their shows, develop a format. He teaches them how to do a good radio show. Most porn stars who have shows, don’t know dick about doing a good radio show. Wankus helps them.

One fact that people sometimes forget. Is that is the only place where porn girls can get this kind of free publicity. Being on KSEX means your name gets out there more and more, all it costs is an appearance on the show. And being on KSEX is fun and the KSEX Games were fun. It was a picnic, it was private and if KSEX and want to sell a DVD then great. If the girls don’t like not getting paid, then don’t come next time. But I for one think that it’s a fair trade. Publicity for your participation. You cannot buy the kind of publicity for a porn star that is available at

Katie Morgan posts: Hi, Im kinda not sure where to start…

First to Selena… DO NOT claim to be a “spokes person” for porn girls. You speak for no one but your self. The rest of us are quite capable thanks. You are not defending any one, because no one else decided they had a problem after the fact. This entire fight is YOUR fault for being ignorant of the facts. EVERYONE knew that the games were going to VOD, it was ADVERTISED before it was even shot.

Of course the movie companies have to pay wholesale for the tapes, did they pay for the cameras, the film, the editing, the duplicating, or ANY other expense that goes into making a movie? No they didn’t. YOU were HIERED by the movie company, NOT by ksex. Everyone else understood that. Some girls worked for companies that decided to pay their girls, (mostly for insurance that they would come) and others did it for free, for fun, and for publicity.

This was NEVER put out to be a “not for profit event”, it WAS put out to be fun, and good for publicity, and FILMED. While I DO believe that Wankus spoke to you about the games FIRST, you AGREED to work for DVSX, I was there, I didn’t see “team ksex” on your uniform…

I had two girls from my agency playing for different teams, one was paid by the company she played for, and the other was not. BOTH had a great time, and BOTH are happy with the out come.

As for you’re getting fired… DUH! I can’t imagine how that happened…. If you work for ANY company, and you sit there writing pissed off emails to your boss about something that is YOUR OWN FAULT for WEEKS, I should HOPE that you would get fired. I can’t BELIVE it took this long! You know Selena, it’s a DAMN good thing you found porn, because with your attitude, you could NEVER hold a mainstream job.

You were NOT wronged, you were ignorant, and that’s no ones fault but your own.

I REALLY don’t appreciate your implication that you “don’t even know if you’ll get paid for your shows”. Once AGAIN I must point out your ignorance, because had you been sending in your invoice at the end of your pay period, you would have ALREADY been paid. This is another thing that you have to do in the real world. See on set the nice man HANDS you your paper work, and does all the filing for you. 🙂 Isn’t he nice? But Ksex is a REAL job, and you have to turn in a timecard… Say it with me TIMECARD, wasn’t that fun.

You have been UNBELIVABLY RUDE, and all you’ve proved to everyone (AGAIN) is that silly porn girls get confused. That is WHY you shouldn’t speak for others… YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

To Every one else… I have worked at Ksex for LONGER that Selena has been in the industry. I have been female talent for four years, and I have been managing girls with Nasty Modeling for almost two years. As someone who DOES know better that Selena, let me say, Ksex is a GREAT company to work for. They DO help with publicity, sorry Chico, but they do. They are VERY FAIR HONEST AND FUN, but it is a REAL job. There are some GREAT shows to listen to and there are ALOT if BIG name stars to watch. So I would HOPE that you can all chalk this up to a misunderstanding, by someone who has blow it WAY out of proportion.

Ksex is great, the games were fun, and all it takes is one mouth attached to an angry confused person to start a fight about nothing.

Sorry if I was rude, but this is MY ksex family she’s slaming, and MY girls she’s speaking for. That is SOOOOOO not cool.

Quasarman writes: I was trying so hard to refrain from tossing in my two cents….dammit.

I co-hosted a show with Gauge on KSEX for over a year. Only recently did I have to resign because I simply didn’t have the time anymore to commit to doing a weekly show. I had never put in an invoice for payment for any of the shows I participated in because I was doing the show for fun, not money. Immediatley upon my leaving the station Wankus presented me with a check for every single show I had done to the penny. This is money I viewed as irrelevant and I never would have asked for it. In my opinion that makes him a stand-up guy.

As far as the KSEX games are concerned, I co-hosted the event with Ginger Lynn and we both had a blast. Truthfully I would have done it for free even though I was paid a nominal fee. My main objectives were to drink, crack jokes and show some love to AdultDVDEmpire by being a part of the event. Indeed, all of the companies involved got to see their names and logos in multiple press releases on multiple web sites and most importantly, on the home page of AdultDVDEmpire in the weeks leading up to and after the event. Everyone involved knew that this was going to be a downloadable event FOR PROFIT. Hell, I even paid the $7.95 to watch the goddamned thing!. I guess I’m just a sucker.

As far as making a DVD of the event and selling it FOR PROFIT I say “Who f@#$ing cares”. Does anyone really believe that this title will be in direct competition with the next volume of “One in the Pink, One in the Stink”? Not by a long shot. If Wankus shot a bonafide porn flick featuring many of the hallmarks of porn valley’s top companies and didn’t pay the girls because of the alleged “promotion” they’d be receiving he’d be a complete asshole and anyone who participated in such a project would be an idiot. The one time that Wankus DID make such a movie (Sexual Frequency I believe is the title) he DID pay everyone involved their rate without argument

If the KSEX games are released on DVD and it becomes a hit (in porn that generally means somewhere in the vicinity of 2500 pieces) should Wankus then disperse the profits amongst everyone who participated? The return on your average porn flick is about enough to pay your employees and make another movie. How much do you think everyone would get? Something that perhaps has not been thought of by any of the parties involved is that a DVD of the KSEX games could potentially be sold by “legitimate” retailers such as Fry’s and Tower Records due to it’s innocuous, non-explicit content. This means that there’s a potential for Joe Schmoe to pick up a copy of the DVD along with a Dust Buster and a Tim McGraw CD, take it home and suddenly know who Red Light District and DVSX are.

If Wankus sells this thing to HBO for a million bucks I’ll be the first one looking for a royalty check but let’s look at the reality of the situation. Some good companies got some free publicity and everyone involved had a good time. If Wankus makes a few bucks, I won’t be losing sleep over it. and besides….. I signed a release!!!!

As far as exploitation of the girls in the biz I have only this to say …. you can pay a girl a thousand bucks to have 50 sex offenders cum all over her for a Bukkake video, you can pay a girl a few hundred bucks to be endangered and humiliated on, or you can pay a girl cab fare to gargle the urine of someone like Max Hardcore. I suppose because they got paid SOMETHING that this isn’t exploitation. Some will say that these girls new what they were getting into and agreed on the price. Let’s look at the KSEX games… no random semen in mass quantities, no double anal from homeless men and no urine to digest AND everyone agreed to do it for free.

I guess the moral is that it’s okay to sell your soul in humiliating circumstances as long as the money goes into YOUR pocket but it’s “exploitation” to have an afternoon of fun and games and promotion with a “potential” profit going into someone else’s.

Above all else is the irrelevancy of whether ot not KSEX provides genuine “promotion” to the girls in the biz. I know that I’ve personally hired 3 girls who were guests on my show and several other girls who were guest on others. Does that equate to “Howard Stern” caliber exposure? Absolutely not, but it gave a few girls some duckets in their pockets. Hell, the first time I heard the name “Selena Silver” was because of reading a recap of a KSEX show.

I have no idea about the listenership of KSEX but no one is forced to host shows, no one is forced to participate in events, no one is forced to do a fucking thing!!! so why not let the chips fall where they may. KSEX will either grow and prosper or it will wither and fold. Only time will tell. In the meantime, R E L A X.

Selena I think you’re great and you’re a tremendous performer but I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that your husband wrote the initial diatribe in this thread and that he’s the one who’s truly pissed because he feels that he missed an opportunity to make even more money off of you.

Forgive my candor.

Cytherea posts: Hi there Selena. Boy what a mess this has turned into. As you know, I am an employee of KSEX and a friend of yours. I cannot comment on the conversations that took place between you and Wankus because I wasnt there. All I can do is tell you what my perspective was and is regarding this topic.

I was a late edition to the KSEX games. I was part of the Wicked team. I was told from the very beginning that I would NOT be paid for my participation. All of my dealings and preparation for this event took place between myself and Wicked. I had no dealings with KSEX. I was also aware that the events were going to be edited and possibly released. I looked at this event as I look at all KSEX events. Good promotions for me.

I believe that KSEX has always been a good avenue for me to promote myself. Lets be real, we all get good press and have a hell of a lot of fun. That is why we all keep coming back and showing up. I certainly dont need the $20.

Why dont I see the same amount of outrage directed to AVN. Every year they sell thousands of copies of their footage from the AVN AWARDS show in Vegas. I dont believe that anyone is paid and they clearly profit from our bodies and work.

As you know, I stay out of everyones business but when you call for a boycott of KSEX, you are taking eyeballs off of my show and therefore affecting my career.

I have always heard that you were one of the more intelligent couples in all of porn. For you to claim now that “I didnt know, I wasnt told, I was lied to, I didnt understand, etc, etc, etc.” seems a bit unbelievable. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

I have problems with Wankus and I am sure that he has more than one problem with me. But he and I handle our problems where they should be handled IN PRIVATE. This is not an appropriate forum.



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