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Kurt Responds to St. Croix’s “Crying” Game

Porn Valley – “If my eyes were red, that was from something entirely else,” said Kurt Lockwood []. And if you know Lockwood you don’t even have to remotely guess at what he’s referring to by red eyes. Lockwood was responding to comments made on a KSEX show by Steven St. Croix in which St. Croix claims he made Lockwood cry on a Vivid set. []

How one grown man could make another grown man respond to an exposed penis in such a manner poses its own set of questions. But Lockwood has his version of the events that differe sharply from St. Croix’s account.

Lockwood, however, corroborates part of St. Croix’s story in which St. Croix mentions that Lockwood wrote about it in his web journal. “In my journal you will find the exact account he was referring to,” Lockwood contends. “One thing I’d like to make clear is that I tried not to mention any names at all in that account,” says Lockwood. “I tried to tell the story without dragging in any dirt. If he hadn’t mentioned anything, nobody would have ever known it was him. He’s the one who wants to mention all the names. And now he wants to bullshit and tell lies. He should also include the fact that he wasn’t booked to be in the scene.”

Lockwood said the scene in question occurred weeks ago and that he wouldn’t even be justifying St. Croix’s comments with a response had not St. Croix added the crying element to it. And “telling lies,” according to Lockwood.

“He [St. Croix] was playing grab-ass with the girl all day long,” Lockwood continues, although Lockwood refuses to reveal who the girl involved was. “And then when it comes time for the scene he’s not supposed to be in, he decides to pull out his dick and start jerking off while the girl starts to blow me. And then he says, okay, only look at me, don’t look at him. This is the girl I’m supposed to be doing the scene with. He’s like, suck that cock, baby.”

According to Lockwood, St. Croix wasn’t supposed to have been in the scene at all. “He just took it upon himself to pull his dick out and start jerking off.”

Gene: It sounds like St. Croix chewed the scenery in every sense of the word. Why did the director allow it?

Lockwood: I was told the director feeds off of that kind of improvisational energy and that the director- again I’m trying not to name any names here- but the director also wasn’t aware that I don’t boy-boy-girl. If my eyes were red it was probably from smoking something to relax my nerves after seeing such disturbing unprofessionalism going on. I did 350 movies last year. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me once where a guy just decided to put himself into the scene. Just to pull your cock out and start jerking off while another guy’s getting a blowjob, and then telling the girl don’t look at him, look at me, only- I’ve talked to other guys in the business and they were all like, he was definitely trying to fuck with you. He’s known for that kind of shit. If he wants to talk about who’s going to make who cry, we can discuss that in private, me and him.”

Lockwood emphasizes the fact that he tries to keep his journals clean without dragging any names through the mud. “I make my point. But nobody would have known anything except now he wants to bullshit?”

Lockwood said this is his first negative incident with male talent. “All the other guys have been cool to me,” Lockwood continues. “This is the first guy, and you quoted it right, that was a jealous-hater-prick. The thing is he and I did a signing once before. I thought he was an alright guy. Maybe he didn’t take me seriously then. I don’t know what his fuckin problem is. He’s just somebody who’s threatened, or whatever his problem is. Ask him. My main disappointment is that I thought of him as an alright guy and he pulls this shit.”

Why can’t he be cool,” Lockwood continues. “If you’re not working with a girl that day you don’t touch her. Even if I’ve worked with a girl a million times, if I’m not working with a girl that day, it’s professional courtesy that you’re not all over her. At the beginning of the day- in all fairness- she and I were doing a dialogue scene and that’s when they started fooling around. Later on, they found out it was going to be a blowjob scene and they could have chilled out. They didn’t. They kept on making out and playing grab-ass. It carried over into the scene where he was going to be involved in the sex scene whether he was scheduled or not. I never heard of that even ever happening on another set before. It was mind boggling at the time.”

To add insult to injury, Lockwood says St. Croix proved again that he was an asshole in the very next scene.

Lockwood: “We’re both playing playing these casting call agents. And these couples are supposed to be auditioning to be in a porno. The director takes me around to each couple, specifically and goes, I want you to say this and this to this couple, etc. You got it? Great. Action. St. Croix gets up and does my part. Like everything the director just walked me around to say this, he gets up and does my exact part word-for-word. I just had to laugh. The director comes to me and says what’s wrong. He just did my whole part. If you don’t want me here, let him fuckin’ do it all. I’ll get booked on something else.

“But he’s definitely trying to do a little territorial pissing,” Lockwood thinks. “I’m a professional. I don’t have time for this. It’s not about who can steal somebody else’s sex scene.”


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