Porn News To Become a Pay Site is going to become a pay site, according to Kurt Lockwood who interviewed with the Sports Swami earlier today. Swami noted that Lockwood, a former MTV personality, came into adult from the mainstream rather than the other way around.

“You go on a few thousand mainstream auditions and you don’t get anything; I guess I suck,” said Lockwood, frankly. “The audition process for mainstream is very grueling. They tell you to be someplace tomorrow at 2 to audition. No matter what you have planned you have to re-arrange and look your best to audition for somebody who says okay say your name, turn to the left, turn to the right. You’re done.”

Lockwood said once you go through that a few thousand times and don’t get your break, you try something else. “I went back to music where I originally came from. That’s where I toured the country with Dee Dee Ramone. I did that for awhile.” Lockwood said he was also dating an exotic dancer at the time who was approached to do adult. “I was her boyfriend and we worked together. Here I am.”

Asked what significant changes he noted in the crossover from mainstream to adult, Lockwood noted that there are still elements of adult that operate like the Wild, Wild West. “It’s a completely different animal than from the music industry. Anyone coming into the industry couldn’t help but be somewhat changed by it.”

Asked how he and Ava Vincent hooked up, Lockwood said, though not a porn fan per se, hers was one of the names he was aware of. Lockwood then re-canted the much told tale of how when he got into the business he was going to be booked in a threeway with two girls, who were his two dream girls. “One of them was Ava but we couldn’t find her. We couldn’t get a hold of her.” By the time the shoot rolled around, it was time to find another girl. Lockwood went to the bank and who was in line but Ava Vincent. “I had never seen a porn star out in the real world, anything, ever before. I’m looking to book her and who do I run into in line at the bank.” Lockwood said he didn’t want to spook Vincent so tactfully approached her.

“We worked together and have been together ever since. We just bought a home in Northridge.” Lockwood said he gets heat from the business for his arrangement with Vincent which allows him roam of the porn prairie while she works with him exclusively. “People always ask me about the double-standard.” Lockwood noted that contrary to what people might think about porn stars, that he was in the top 1% of wage earners in the U.S. “She doesn’t have to work, cook, or clean. All she has to do is exist. I go out and do all the scenes. She doesn’t have to work. She’s a kept girl.” By agreement, Lockwood said on days he doesn’t make love to Vincent, he owes her $100. Vincent, said Lockwood, wants to get her feature dancing together along with her website. “She wants to concentrate on more mainstream stuff.”

Swami complimented Lockwood on his prowess. “You guys are like pitchers. Find one, he’s golden.” Lockwood replied by saying he wish he could clone Swami and send him to the production offices. “Male talent really aren’t given much respect in the business,” Lockwood says. “Rightly so. People aren’t buying the videos for us. They’re buying them for the girls.” Contrary to popular notion, Lockwood said it is difficult to perform and pop on command especially when you have 20 guys looking like Teamsters sitting around on the set. “It’s a lot of pressure. Even guys in the business struggle. We’re paid because we’re the guys who can do it.”

As for his website, Lockwood said he has someone who puts everything together for him. “I tell what I want; I write what I want to write and he puts it altogether for me because I’m no good at that stuff.” Lockwood said his site was going pay but was free for now. “It’s going to move to a pay site because I have all these triple X pictures; myself working on the scene. I have a journal that I pretty much update daily. You log on and I give you my set report of the day, show you some hardcore pictures taken from the set. All behind-the-scenes stuff- exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else.” Once the site becomes pay, Lockwood’s going to be adding webcasts, live interviews with the starlets and other features.

Swami asked Lockwood about the Patti Rhodes controversy wondering whether Rhodes wanted some pickle tickle and Lockwood said no. Lockwood said Rhodes has been trying to get him blackballed in the industry and now he’s got a biker gang/crew who are after him. “They’ve been in jail; they tell their stories about crack in jail and bring loaded guns to the set.” Consequently, Lockwood said he’s been advised to chill out. Lockwood said he prefers to concentrate on the industry’s nicer elements for his website.

Another issue at hand was whether Lockwood ever slapped Aria. Lockwood said while Aria might encourage something like that in the playful/sexual sense, he never touched her in the negative sense. Lockwood said they’re worked together at least five or times since that alleged incident. “Plus I’d be in jail if something like that happened.”



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