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Lack of Education Down South Still Aparent

It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity and clear immaturity that exudes from many people in the adult community.

Mike South’s report on a visit from actor Steven Baldwin is a perfect example of not only a rebel without a cause but a small minded loud mouth who doesn’t understand that while his media forum may allow him to throw shit against the wall with disregard to facts and other opinions, other mediums don’t present themselves that way.

KSEXradio is a place where guests appear to introduce themselves to fans of adult. They are allowed to promote, discuss their beliefs and in general, the format is presented in a fun, light-hearted broadcast where the hosts are instructed to allow fair expression while not restricted to also offer their own opinions.

That said, had Mike South listened to the entire show, he would’ve noted that at the start of the show, Tyler (Faith) and I set the stage for how the evening’s format was going to be presented. We basically announced our roles as “moderators”, people who have enough experience in the adult industry to offer our opinions, all while leaving the facts and hard rebuking to the panel of guests more knowledgeable in those areas.

It was our job as hosts to keep the show moving and give everyone a fair shot at their thoughts and views.

How Mike scored the interview 3 Baldwin, Wankus,Tyler & KSEX 0 is absolutely absurd. And his comments that we made porners look bad is even a bigger joke.

Mainstream America is always looking for another excuse to confirm their views on the adult business. The mothers of this country who spend more time watching Barbara Walters and Fox News are completely convinced that porn people are the scum of the Earth, disease ridden, drugged out and evil. And when adult stars or personalities get the rare opportunity to prove their legitimacy in front of mainstream cameras, frequently the mainstream viewing audience is privied to a foul mouthed, low class sound byte that not only misrepresents our industry on the whole, but takes us three steps backwards in the fight for our rights.

That said, while a professional, fair interview was the gameplan, we still addressed his issues, his views and his ridiculous recent public behaviors. We held nothing back. We didn’t miss any news and did our research. Unfortunately, the Christian Pit Bull that was suppose to arrive at KSEX turned out to be a cuddly poodle who didn’t want to get in the pit and go head to head, moreso, wanted to just be pet. In other words, no matter where Tyler, me or the guests went…he didn’t lose his cool. He didn’t get upset. He didn’t chastise us or put down our careers, he merely said it wasn’t for him. He claimed to hate pushy Christians and vowed to not be one and that all he wanted to do was spread his new love to those who want to listen.

Even with such a passive presentation, we still dug at him. We still pushed him and we still did as best we could to get him to frankly be a better guest and he responded like a little kid the first day of class in a new town.

Now. You tell me how you would have done any better than we did? It is of your opinion, that as a moderator, I should have just started going off on him when he WASN’T disagreeing with most of our lifestyles? When he agreed that we have the right to our opinion, as he does his, I was then suppose to attack? Perhaps when you’re sitting in an outhouse in Atlanta, listening to the show on Georgia dial-up, it’s easy to be a better host but in our opinion, while we didn’t get the controversial crazy side of the guy we wanted, we still hit a home run for the industry. A mainstream audience is going to see a group of people that represent the adult business by acting professionally, speaking clearly with intelligence, wit and a good sense of humor. That is a success for us, not a failure.

We didn’t cower to his beliefs. We disagreed nearly the whole show. We weren’t apologetic for anything, we made it very clear that we have a right to do what we do and our panel of guests had an argument ready for any side of the business he took issue with. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, he didn’t go after our career choices, our productions, our stores or products. He told Tyler that he was okay with her choice to perform sexually. There’s no point in yelling at the impression we all had of him once it’s apparent that he was not going to play along. All you have there is a one sided fight where your guest is smiling and appearing in control while you take him to task with no obvious point from the audiences perspective.

And tell me how the following comments from myself or our guests last night would give you the impression that we were “star struck” or kissing Steven’s ass:

*When he wouldn’t sign the model release yet was watching the show in the green room while waiting for a solution to the problem, on-air, with him listening I said, “tell him it’s a Federal Law and I don’t give a fuck who he is. If he doesn’t sign it…he can go home.” Moments later I said, “I think it’s pretty pathetic that a guy who is supposedly coming into the porn community to “save” us all, is refusing to appear on camera. Seems to me that’s someone who isn’t all that confident in his beliefs.”

*When he finally came on-air, we downed the typical Christian approach and I told him that I thought his public protesting was an attempt to garner more attention when his acting popularity slowed.

*We told him that his bookstore protest was ridiculous, how stupid he looked and how his objection to the availability of adult material was completely uninformed. We also got him to claim that he will NOT protest any other stores and that the reason he was so involved in the one that made recent news is because it was in the heart of a residential neighborhood in his own hometown.

*I brought up an alleged incident where he was accused of stalking Monique Alexander to which he didn’t deny but I didn’t feel pushing the issue was necessary because the supposed wacky porn star infatuation happened well before he claimed to have found Christ. In other words, he made no bones about what kind of scumbag he was in the past. He’s talking about how he’s a changed man now.

*I accused him of trying to “infiltrate” our world and force his beliefs on us when he should just mind his business. When he claimed that he was only here to spread the word of GOD, I quickly responded that he’s not spreading fact, he’s pushing assumption, fantasy and here say, having no actual, factual experience to merit his stance.

*He asked me hypothetically if I could walk in his steps and face my maker at the end of time and be accepted into an afterlife of glory and ultimate satisfaction, wouldn’t I do it? I responded, if I knew to be true what he preached, yes, but I then responded, “however, if I follow your faith, your beliefs and your unproven hopes only to find it to NOT be true at the end of time, I’m gonna be pretty goddamn pissed off that I missed out on all those Tyler Faith blow jobs.

*He claimed the need to share his beliefs and impose it on us because they are his passion. I responded that my love for should also be allowed to be shared being that it is MY PASSION. When he said his passion will give me the ultimate satisfaction, I reminded him that gives many people the ultimate satisfaction as well.

*Heather the stripper turned evangelist claimed to go to strip clubs to send her message. She admitted getting lap dances so she could talk to the girls one on one. I immediately called her a scam artist. I laughed and told her what a great little thing she had going there as it was obvious that she secretly loved chicks and used the name of GOD as a way to get freaky. Then called her a freak three or four times in a row after every point she tried to make.

*Baldwin said there are many people in porn who are not settled in their lives or with who they are. I gave examples that people in every career have this problem.

*When he claimed to want to go into every career field to spread the same message, I asked him why he started with porn. He danced the issue. His response was pathetic. I pointed it out. I made it clear that he didn’t give a good answer.

*Someone made reference to religious folks who come door to door. I asked Heather the converted stripper how she would feel if I went door to door pushing the latest Team Tyler productions. She danced. She squirmed. She kept trying to change the subject. Steven grabbed the mic from her and made an attempt to save her and I looked at him and said, “I just asked her a question, she didn’t answer it, the last time I checked it was my name on the sign on the wall….give her the mic back.”

*I supported his rights to his beliefs all while at the same time instructed him that it’s a two way street and that we have the right to do what we do to.

*He told a random story about Adam and Eve and I followed it with, “How did we get here Adam did Eve, then, their kids did each other. We’re all a product of incest and you say the porn world is twisted?”

*When he was getting nowhere in his attempts to convert new starlet, Regan Reese, I mocked him and VH-1 for trying to pull a fast one, getting that typical, tearful lost girl for their show…only to be surprised to have someone who could carry her own and was proud of what she did.

*After an attempt to turn the show into bible study, I put an end to the annoying back and forth by reminding him that he was preaching an interpretation and kept mocking his past drug use as the reason for the “visions” he was having.

*Tyler and I presented guests that were ready to counter any attacks with hard “facts”. Unfortunately, he didn’t attack. He didn’t accuse and he didn’t judge. I even pointed out that Kendra Jade was more of a problem than he was as she seemed to be agreeing with Baldwin more then anyone else.

If you listened to the right show Mike South, you would’ve most certainly realized that while it wasn’t the wild fireworks display we all hoped for…it certainly wasn’t an embarrassment to the adult industry. And in the end, KSEXradio, Tyler and I had one goal. Provide a forum for all to express themselves. Offer our own opinions and use the responsibility of being personalities on-air to help best represent the industry. That is what we did.

And when the show comes out later, and if it airs in close context to the way it aired on KSEX, you will not see us claiming that a mainstream editor screwed us up. You will probably receive a press release of how proud we are that KSEX was able to contribute to a positive presentation and face of adult. We will be proud to be one of the few peeps in this biz that were given an opportunity like this and didn’t screw it up with childish bashing and blind hatred.

And in closing Mike South, while it was so nice of you to tell us on your website how bad we were doing and how we dropped the ball, and being that you’re a regular call in guest on KSEX, can you tell me how with all of your opinions on all the things we should have been asking, why you didn’t call into the show yourself and ask them?


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