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LAPD’s Anti-Gang Unit Arrives: So Focused Party Ends in Disaster

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Los Angeles- Zander Kane writes: So Focused party gets shut down by LAPD after unidentified male tries to get to close to adult talent. Party that was supposed to be exclusive but had more gang members attending then anything remotely close to an exclusive group of party animals.

So on Friday May 23rd, The entire crew took a very long but interesting ride from Los Angeles to Lancaster, if you don’t know how far Lancaster is from LA, It’s about 66 miles and a two hour car drive.

So Focused Entertainment was supposed to have the most kick ass party to ever come out to Lancaster/Antelope Valley. The party was hosted by Chrystal Knight of the famous Playboy TV program Night Calls 411 Live. She did not arrive and according to So Focused, she had canceled.

How on earth can a girl that you supposedly paid to come out a day before the event cancel 12 hours before your party??? We smell something fishy already and we had not even gotten to the party yet.

So, we invited a handful of people to come join myself and the AIP crew, since we had our logo on the flyer and according to the So Focused team, they had promoters all over LA County passing out 16.000+ flyer’s to lot’s of college campuses and other areas that had groups of teenagers and young adults.

So, after a handful of head aches all of us kind of wondering if it was worth it for us to take the two hour drive up to the party location. We had everything settled with the company and that was a wet tshirt contest as well as other cool give aways.

On the day of the party, we had 6 people with me as we drove up to the party and when we drove up to the place, we knew we had expected way to much from the So Focused team as they said they moved the party from a Mansion to a club because they had outgrown the mansion location.

When we arrived, we did not see a line of beautiful girls wearing Lingerie or horney tguys wearing pajamas. What we saw was 6 members of the Anti-Gang Unit and a few girls wearing a little to little clothing for there body type.

The only light that, we could see was Dakoda Brookes chilling inside and getting her little booth set up. So Focused got her to bring a lot of photos and magazines to sign and sell to the 50 people who attended this exclusive, upscale VIP party.

They also said that there would be an open bar for the AIP crew and a handful of guests that got invited informed us that they would rather go check out the Highland party.

So to make a long story short, the party was pretty much dead from the time we arrived to the time we all got kicked out. The lack of open bar for most of us and the one DJ compare to the three DJ’s that had been advertised on the flyer, pretty much was DOA from the time we arrived.

Then, with 6+ members of Anti-Gang unit cops in full on tactical gear could not stop some of the guy guests from taking it to far with one of the parties only VIP guest Dakoda Brookes had one of the guys follow her into the bath room and Dakoda’s entourage/Security was nowhere to be seen during this spectacle. Then she informed me to go find one of the guys in her entourage, when I arrived back, Heidi and Dakoda was on stage behind some speakers when I heard one of them ask for help.

I don’t think, that I have moved as quickly as I did that night to drag a specific guy of the stage and I was holding him until the cops got to him as he was screaming at me to let go.

She also had 9 of the 10 DVD’s that she brought stolen from her table. According to Dakoda, she only sold one DVD and the rest was taken from her table.

After that scene, the cops shut the party down and we all got informed that we had to clear out.

Dakoda then got a secret service kind of escort to her limo that was waiting for her outside. Then the driver got bitchy and was giving us all problems even though our job was to now get Dakoda to her limo and out of the area as quickly as possible.

Ryan one of the off duty cops pretty much stood by her car until she was on her way. If this was not enough problems for one evening, we later found out via phone that So Focused had not paid for the limo that was taking Dakoda and her entourage back to the valley. The driver from Fly Limo’s was driving crazy enough for the cops to pull the limo over somewhere between Lancaster and LA.

So to end it all everything that could go wrong did and So Focused did not have a clue how to throw an exclusive/VIP party.


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