Live-in Prostitute, Alexandra Mayers begs for human interaction on Christmas

This is too funny not to keep making fun! Live-in prostitute, Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster, did a couple of YouTube videos on Christmas night, the last one being a LIVE webcast sharing her thoughts about the porn industry as usual. The webcast prior to her LIVE webcast, consisted of kissing Sean Tompkins ass. Anyway, at 3:00am, Monica Foster just needed human interaction to discuss her thoughts about the porn industry, which she FAILED to succeed in.

Obviously she had enough energy and time to make these videos when she was “supposedly” spending time with her family, which we all know disowned her years ago. Most people end up going to bed early at night on Christmas because they get up early, open gifts, spend time with family/friends, and overstuff themselves. Yet Monica Foster had enough time and energy to make a video to kiss Sean Tompkins ass some more and then broadcast LIVE at 3:00am because she felt the need to share her thoughts about an industry that she wasn’t good enough to succeed in.

Once again, Monica Foster had proven how pathetic she is, yet she feels that she had the right to make fun of others.


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