Performers celebrating the sale of PWL and the “Elimination of Donny Long” don’t realize he sold by choice and got paid

We’re not saying Donny owned PWL but everyone else always says that and are mentioning him all over Twitter when they talk about the sale and nothing anyone says will change their mind. People are celebrating and congratulating Bang Bros but Bang Bros did not force PWL out, they bought them out. They said that as clear as day in their statement on the homepage of PWL. So whoever did own PWL just got paid handsomely for it and sold by choice. Why are Bang Bros being congratuated when the former owner is the one who just made thousands? The former owner also made it known months beforehand that people would need to start donating or it would go up for sale as he was sick of the hassle and didn’t have time for it. No one was “eliminated.” This was simply the owner selling to Bang Bros who bought for publicity purposes and doesn’t care as much about performers names being leaked as they are claiming. Stop patting yourselves on the back.


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