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Luke Ford: It’s Not Me; “I Was Gung-Ho for a Long Time; I Thought It Meant Something”

I spoke to Luke Ford Sunday morning. He tells me he’s not the Mr. Big behind Porn Wikileaks, although there was a time when Ford’s very name struck terror in the hearts of performers.

“I read about Porn Wikileaks in the LA Times,” he says. “And I read about it in a couple of mainstream places.”

At its height, when Ford was operating he invariably had the scoop, or some trumped up story that had curiosity seekers putting him as high as 6,000 in the Alexa rankings.

“I had my time in the sun,” he laughs.

Ford, at 42, continues to blog about Jewish life at but that’s it he says. He no longer goes to the porn websites. I gather by the way our conversation goes, about who’s doing what, that Luke would have a bit of catching up to do to get back in the game.

“I haven’t done any porn reporting since I left in 2007,” he tells me.

“I haven’t really kept with anyone. I’ve gone straight.”

Luke and I traded old war stories, noting that the people who most often had their names in the news, are now long gone from the scene.

“It sounds like the party’s over,” Ford muses.

“The party was over a few years ago, only no one’s told the partiers about it, yet,” I comment.

Ford also seemed mildly surprised to learn that Wankus of KSEX had left the industry when he found religion.

“I remember a lot of crazy stories and a lot of interesting people,” Ford goes on to say.

“Buck Adams was always great for a story. Now, maybe once in awhile I’ll hear from someone. But I’m just happy to move on. I was in the trenches too long.”

“I thought to myself you should have made a fortune,” I tell Ford.

“I could have if I had been smart,” Ford concedes.

“I could have made a fortune if I set up deals with people where I wouldn’t write about them and they put money in my pocket. If I had done something like that, I could have made a lot of money. I was gung-ho for a long time. I thought it meant something. I thought all the machinations of AVN had some kind of significance.”

“You can’t come up with a scandalous enough scandal to get anyone worked up these days,” I tell Ford.

“Everyone’s worried about their own survival.”

“I remember from blogging the first year or two that people would be really reactive,” states Ford.

“Then they learned to keep their mouths shut. I think the last six months of 2000 was the last hurrah. People pretty much learned to keep their mouths shut after that.”

I subscribe to the theory that the heads of all the new talent agencies were pretty successful in riding herd and making everyone toe the line. Ford agrees, remembering times he’d get a whiff of scandal he knew was for sure, only to call and have the girl in question deny all. In the wild west days of porn blogging everyone was all too willing to spill the beans.

“Have you figured out what you want to do when you grow up?” he’s asked.

“I still want to write on Jewish stuff and writing brochures for business people,” Ford answers, saying he’s making a living.

“I just want to develop my writing and make a difference in some other arena. I caught a wave. I was lucky.”


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