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Lupe Fuentes Talks About “Super Poosey”

Back story:

from – As porn movies continue to grow in budget and blur the line between controversy and mainstream, Lupe Fuentes is “super.”

The star of the latest big-budget sex flick, “Super Pooosey,” the 23-year-old Colombian/Spanish starlet portrays a feisty, tough good-bad-girl in a film that oh-by-the-way includes several hours of naked interaction.

The trailer for “Super Pooosey” was announced on the Howard Stern show and already has tens of thousands of views:

“People are not sure what they are seeing; is it porn? Is it a mainstream movie? When everyone finds out what this really is, I think they are going to be very surprised,” said male porn star Evan Seinfeld, who is known, himself, for playing biker gang leader Jaz Hoyt in the HBO prison drama “Oz.”

“Lupe is a superstar who transcends mainstream to hardcore.”

But perhaps most noteworthy about this tiny bag of tricks is how far she was willing to go for one of her fans. Last year, a man named Carlos Timmeron was traveling from Venezuela to Puerto Rico with a Lupe Fuentes DVD in his luggage. American federal authorities arrested him in San Juan on suspicion of child porn possession, because Fuentes is so small (4’9″) and looks so young. The man spent several months in jail awaiting trial, but when Fuentes found out, she flew to San Juan, with a lawyer, and testified that she was over 18 when the film was made, springing Timmeron and possibly saving him from decades in jail.

Fuentes sat down for a chat with Blast last week.

BLAST: Where and how did you get your start in the business? We heard you stared performing abroad?

LUPE FUENTES: I started in the business in Spain when I was 18. I was doing mainstream modeling and artistic nudes. I had a boyfriend who was a director, and I was offered a lto of money to shoot some hardcore porn — a lot of money! My teen site was blowing up on the web, and I was an instant success.

BLAST: What is the porn industry like in Spain?

LF: The industry in Spain is realy small. You cannot do much to become a big star in Spain. Most of the business as we know it is in the USA, mainly in L.A., where I live now.

BLAST: Tell us a bit about your personal life.

LF: When I’m not on camera shooting porn, I am really a kind of traditional teenybopper. (laughs) I live in L.A., spend a lot of time working on my site and chatting live for my official website. Also I do a lot of press and interviews, on Howard Stern, in magazines etc. I shoot for wicked pictures and of course my own production company, ilovelupe.

BLAST: August 2009. San Juan. Tell us the story.

LF: A man named Carols Timmeron was arrested when he came into the country from Venezuela with a bootleg video from my website, and the customs police thought it was child pornography. He spent nine months in jail, and his lawyer got him out on house arrest. The public defender contacted me and said the guy was a big fan and was in jail because the court thinks I am underage.

I flew down to San Juan and testified in the federal court room. All the news people were there. The prosecutors freaked out, because they usually win all their cases down there. I verified that I was 18 when I made the videos. He was set free, and we all walked out together. It was nice to help a fan. I love my fans.

BLAST: We hear you’re a classically trained ballet dancer. How does one go from “Swan Lake” to having anal sex on camera?

LF: I grew up doing ballet and synchronized swimming in Spain. Of course, modeling too and dancing at the parties, but I was always very sexual. The first time I saw a porn video, I was with a group of friends, and I was about 15. I watched how everyone was so turned on, I was like “I want to do that. I want people to watch me fuck!”

BLAST: Tell us about “Super Pooosey,” your latest film.

LF: “Super Pooosey” is my first mainstream movie that I am staring in and producing also. I love these kinda movies, in between classic Russ Meyer and modern “Grindhouse,” with some retro sexy! I love acting and modeling. We have 70 thousand views of our trailer on YouTube in just a few days. It is really exciting for me

BLAST: Do you enjoy the acting and “mainstream” elements of the film? You’ve done FHM magazine and Howard Stern — Do you want to do more mainstream work?

LF: I love porn. I love mainstream. I love to work and be busy in general. I just shot with Terry Richardson last week, and I am constantly trying to branch out and do more different and exciting things.


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